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Flexible building design, Taylor Family Digital Library

Text of Sadler designing librariea21stcentoct2013

  • 1.Designing a flexible envelope of infrastructure to future proof the Taylor Family Digital Library Shawna Sadler Technology Officer Taylor Family Digital Library University of Calgary The Flexible Envelope

2. 3. New Library Reno 4. Its hard to CHANGE the library building 5. Whats Next???? 6. Its going cost more. 7. Lining up furniture and electrical outlets Adding more furniture electrical outlets Adding more electrical outlets to respond to reality 8. Challenge to architects & engineers How to build a completely flexible building, for real life, not just an intellectual exercise. Libraries are buildings that will change all the time, great opportunity for architects and engineers to design something really thoughtful and have impact. 9. 10. Bohemian Bookshelf 11. Thank you for the wonderful images!!! 12. Images continued 13. cc33e98af862c6712e28719bce7a60d3.jpg