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The Rise of Hitler World History Mrs. Sadler World History Mrs. Sadler

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Text of The Rise of Hitler World History Mrs. Sadler World History Mrs. Sadler

  • The Rise of HitlerWorld HistoryMrs. Sadler

  • Totalitarian RegimesPower in hands of a dictatorIdeology that addresses all aspects of lifeControl of Media/Censorship/PropagandaTerror and Fear - Secret PoliceCult of PersonalityIndoctrination of Youth

  • IdeologiesCommunismFascismNazism

  • Disappointment with VersaillesGermany was horrified by the harsh measuresItaly had hoped to gain more landJapan was angry because the Allies did not recognize its claims to ChinaRussia was angry because it lost land to Poland and the newly independent countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

  • European EconomiesThe end of the war decreased a demand for goods.British and French trade had decreased.Tariffs discouraged worldwide tradeUnemployment and debt were widespread.France was war torn farmland and factories were destroyedBoth countries were heavily in debt to the U.S.

  • The Great Depression The U.S. would soon sink into the depression.Overproduction of manufactured goodsLess demand for raw materialsThe stock market crashBanks and businesses closed

  • Rise of FascismFascism is rule by a dictatorial government that is ultra-nationalistic.Characteristics include:Strong militaryCensorship Use of terror and violenceRule by dictatorStrict disciplineState control of the economy

  • Rise of Nazism in GermanyThe new Democratic government, known as the Weimer Republic, seemed incapable of meeting the peoples needs.In Germany the unemployment rate was high.Inflation rate was skyrocketing.$35 billion in reparations could not be paidPeople looked to a strong leader for drastic change.

  • Rise of Nazi IdealsIn 1921 Adolf Hitler gained control of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi party)Nationalistic, anti-Semitic, anti-communist, Anti-intellectual1923 Hitler was imprisoned following a failed coup detat (Beer Hall Putsch)Hitler realized he must take control using legal means.Wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) while imprisoned describing his ambition for power.Jews are inferiorGerman people belong to Aryan raceLebensraum (living space) in the West

  • The Situation in 1929Germany relied on American money under the Dawes Plan to be able to pay for the Reparations.When the American Stock Market crash on Wall Street, the USA stopped lending money to Germany.The German economy went into recession.By January 1933, unemployment had reached 6,000,000 or 30% of the population.The Weimar Government couldnt do anything to help the unemployed.

  • Germany 1933By 1930s the Nazi party was the largest party in the Reichstag (German Parliament)1933 Hitler appointed ChancellorHitler was soon elected Fuhrer on the promise to give the German people Bread & Jobs.He began to set up a totalitarian state he called the Third Reich

  • Hitler the DemagogueHitler was known for his power to mesmerize a crowd with his speeches.He blamed the Treaty of Versailles and the Jews for Germanys problems.

    It was a huge hall and everyone was waiting for Hitler to arrive... I must say it was an electrifying atmosphere. Even before 1933 everybody was waiting for him as if he was a savior. Then he went to the podium. I remember it all went quiet, and he started to speak in his serious voice. Calm, slow, and then he got more and more enthusiastic. I must admit, I can't remember exactly what he actually said. But my impression afterwards was: this is a man who does not want anything for himself, but only thinks about how he can help the German people.

  • Hitlers Economic PoliciesPublic works projects were begun to put people back to work.The Autobahn highway was built.Support for business and industry.

  • Impact of Hitlers Policies on Unemployment



























  • Mr. PopularityIn 1938 Adolph Hitler is named Time magazines man of the year.

  • Nazi PropagandaBooks and Artwriters, and composers persuaded or forced to produce works in praise of HitlerBooks written by Jews, Communists, etc. were banned and many destroyed in public book burning in 1933Jazz music banned because of its black origins

  • 'The seed of peace, not dragon's teeth'

  • 'Europe's Victory is Your Prosperity',

  • One People, One Nation, One Leader!

  • Long Live Germany

  • Eternal Jew

  • Nazi PropagandaRallies and Olympic GamesAnnual rally at Nuremburg1936 Olympic Games at Berlin, used as propaganda to showcase the Aryan race and German development.American Jesse Owens stole the show.

  • Nazi GermanyLocal rallies and fund raising led by the Hitler Youth and local party organizationsPosters used to promote Nazi ideals

  • Role of PropagandaThe Pressall non Nazi newspapers and magazines were taken over or closedall content was strictly controlledRadioAll stations under state control. Cheap mass produced radios sold. Sets installed in cafes and factories. All Hitlers speeches broadcast.JosephGoebbels

  • The Use of TerrorThe SS (Brown shirts)an elite group of committed Nazischarged with internal securityguarded concentration campshunted political enemiescommanded by Heinrich Himmler -Gestapo

  • Persecution of the Jews1934 - Jews banned from public places, parks, swimming pools etc.Jews excluded from Government jobsJews forced to wear yellow badges on their clothing.

  • Persecution of the Jews1935 - The Nuremburg Laws 1 - The Reich Law on citizenship - only those of German blood can be citizens, and have the right to vote.2 - Law for the protection of German Blood and Honour - forbids marriage or sexual relations between Jews and German citizens

  • Military RearmamentHitler began to rebuild his army.Thousands worked in munitions factories.German army increased to 500,000 men.Germany stopped paying reparations.The League of Nations did nothing to stop him.

  • Spanish Civil WarSpanish Civil War broke out in 1936.Socialists/Communists supported by the U.S.S.R.Nationalists - Fascist General Francisco Franco supported by Germany and Italy Test run for the German war machine.

  • Persecution of the JewsNovember 1938 Kristallnacht (night of broken glass)A campaign is started which last 3 days and targets Jewish shops, homes and synagogues. 90 killed 20,000 arrested and sent to concentration camps

  • Persecution of the Jews 1938-39Forbidden to own radios and to buy cakes and chocolateJewish children excluded form schools and UniversitiesThe professional activity of Jews is banned or restricted - includes vets, doctors, dentists, accountants, teachers and nursesJews no longer allowed to run businesses and shops

  • Persecution of the Jews

    Jews were gathered up into ghettos before being deported from Germany. Special SS groups formed to deal with the Jews.

  • The Use of TerrorConcentration Campsrun by the SS to detain enemies of the statePrisoners, Jews, Gypsies, political enemies By 1939 six camps were operating.

  • Hitlers AggressionMarch 1936 - German troops reoccupy the Rhineland in violation of the Treaty of Versailles.Germany signed anti-Comintern Pact with Italy and Japan forming the Axis Powers.France and England did nothing.

  • Anschluss - Hitler Annexes AustriaMarch 1938 Hitler sent troops into Austria proclaiming it part of Germany.France and England did nothing.

  • AppeasementSept. 1938 Hitler demanded the Sudetenland (border region where 3 million Germans lived), part of democratic Czechoslovakia.British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain met with Hitler at Munich to discuss.Chamberlain gave Hitler the Sudetenland.This became known as the Munich Agreement peace in our time.Appeasement ( making concessions to an aggressor in order to maintain peace ) only encouraged Hitler.

  • The Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression PactAugust 1939 - Hitler and Stalin promised not to attack one another in the event of war.They also agreed to spheres of influence in Eastern Europe. Secret item Division of Polish land

  • Germany Invades Poland!!September 1, 1939 the Germans unleash Blitzkrieg, or lightning war, on the Poles. The U.S.S.R. invades and occupies eastern Poland


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