OS X Mavericks: The World’s Most Advanced Operating System for Educators

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A intro presentation to all the great things Mac OS X Mavericks can help educators enhance the teaching and learning in their classroom :-)


<ul><li> 1. The Worlds Most Advanced Operating System for EducatorsOS X Mavericks Martin CisnerosAcademic Technology Specialistmcisneros@sccoe.org</li></ul> <p> 2. Register for this Classbit.ly/BUSDsignin 3. Workshop Resources &amp; Presentation!bit.ly/OSXBUSD! ! 4. Martin Cisneros mcisneros@sccoe.org Academic Technology Specialist Instructional Technology &amp; Online Programs Santa Clara County Ofce of Education 5. Power of OS XWhat is OS X Mavericks?The Mac operating system is designed to be easy to use and engineered to take full advantage of the technologies built into every computer we make. So everything works just the way you expect it to. OS X also comes with powerful apps for browsing the web, sending messages, setting reminders, and so much more. And the apps work great with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, too. 6. Finder 7. Launchpad 8. Spotlight 9. System PreferencesMission ControlOverview of open windows 10. System PreferencesTrackpadPoint, click, swipe, zoom, scroll all your gestures:-) 11. Scroll, Swipe, Zoom 12. Pinch, Swipe, Launch 13. Click, Swipe, Zoom 14. System PreferencesSecurity &amp; PrivacyFileVault, Firewall, Privacy 15. System PreferencesDisplaysFileVault, Firewall, Privacy 16. System PreferencesiCloudMail, Notes, Safari, Keychain, Photos, Docs &amp; Data, Back to My Mac, Find My Mac 17. System PreferencesInternet AccountsSet up your accounts to use with Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, &amp; Social Media 18. System PreferencesNetworksSet up your connection to your wi hotspots or your other networks 19. System PreferencesUsers &amp; GroupsEnable multiple accounts or provide password to login :-) 20. System PreferencesApp StoreKeep you Apps up to date automatically! 21. System PreferencesDictation &amp; SpeechUse Dictation wherever you can type text! Even if youre ofine :-) 22. System PreferencesAccessibilityDisplay, Zoom, VoiceOver, Audio, Captions, Speakable Items and so much more! 23. Drop it like its hot!AirDropShare your les with your students, staff and colleagues! on the drop wirelessly :-) 24. AirPlayOS X Mavericks takes full advantage of every display connected to your Mac, giving you even more exibility to work the way you want. 25. OS X Mavericks AppsSimplify your Flow!These apps are built in to make your info life that much easier:-) 26. iBooks AuthorBuilding a book is as easy as dragging and dropping. 27. BLENDED/ONLINE TEACHING IS LIKE YOUR FIRST YEAR OF TEACHING 28. MARTIN RICARDO CISNEROS ACADEMIC TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST!E: mcisneros@sccoe.org Web: sccoe.org/edtech G+: google.com/+MartinCisneros@THETECHPROFE 29. What!? We can haz more time? 30. Add Your Signature to PDFs Open up a PDF!Click Edit button!Click Signature button!Sign you name on a piece of paper!Take Pic with Mac Camera!Move your signature to your desired PDF location:-) 31. Google VoiceUse technology that the majority of your sta and students have access to to 24/7 32. Google+ HangoutsConnect your sta, students, parents together and allow your engaged conversations to be extended outside your school walls 33. Remind 101Go ahead, give them your phone number! You will be glad you did when you can connect with them straight to their cell phones without anyone knowing each others numbers:-) 34. ThinglinkMake your images interactive! 35. EdPuzzleMake any video your lesson 36. FeedlyCurate your digital sources and share them with your students :-) 37. InfuseLearning.comKnow the misconceptions of your students, teachers and community :-) </p>