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Presentation for Kansas MACE conference March 2014 on using Wordpress and Credly to create a badging system

Text of Mace2014 badges

2. Not an expert! Work in progress Still learning 3. Digital Online representation of skill earned Can be awarded in Edmodo My Big CampusOpen Allows verification of skills and achievements Badge image file can have metadata attached 4. Mozilla Backpack Credly 5. Wordpress Blog (self-hosted) Credly Pro Account Allows hosting of badges created on Wordpress accountCredly Free Account Users earning badges 6. BadgeOS to create badges Open Badge Designer to create graphics Credly Login for Wordpress allows users to login with Credly account BadgeOS Badge Stack Add-on creates pages 7. Achievement Image Standards / Competencies Tasks Submissions 8. Upload to Wordpress Use graphic design tools to create Ideal size - 250 pixels by 250 pixelsWithin WordPress Open Badge Designer Plugin 9. Creating Image 10. Locating Attachment 11. Opening attached file 12. Update 13. Must login with CredlyUndesired member registrationsBadges Need collapse feature or each badge onseparate pageTasks Need tasks for each badge on separate page 14.