Learning Design and Personal Learning Networks

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Presentation given at RMIT University for the Beyond Blackboard project. "What on earth are they doing?" 6 August 2014


<ul><li> MIXING LEARNING DESIGN AND PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORKS JOYCE SEITZINGER RMIT, AUGUST 14 </li> <li> #moodle? </li> <li> -JOI ITO I DONT THINK THAT EDUCATION IS ABOUT CENTRALIZED INSTRUCTION ANYMORE; RATHER, IT IS THE PROCESS [OF] ESTABLISHING ONESELF AS A NODE IN A BROAD NETWORK OF DISTRIBUTED CREATIVITY. </li> <li> WHAT IS A PLN? </li> <li> QUICK EXERCISE (3 mins) Personal Ins+tu+onal Resident Visitor </li> <li> QUICK EXERCISE (3 mins) </li> <li> Digital residency mapping h3p://tallblog.conted.ox.ac.uk/index.php/2012/11/19/vr-mapping-at-educause/ </li> <li> Inaras shuttle </li> <li> ENVIRONMENT NETWORK PERSONAL LEARNING PERSONAL LEARNING </li> <li> -ALEC COUROS </li> <li> about the tools </li> <li> about the people cc licensed ickr photo by shareski: h3p://ickr.com/photos/shareski/465487261/ </li> <li> A PLN FRAMEWORK </li> <li> COMMUNITIES INFORMATION STREAMS PERSONAL HUB COLLECTIONS PRESENCE CURATION </li> <li> BONSAI CONTAINMENT CONTEMPLATION GROWTH </li> <li> COMMUNITIES INFORMATION STREAMS PERSONAL HUB COLLECTIONS PRESENCE CURATION </li> <li> COMMUNITIES INFORMATION STREAMS PERSONAL HUB COLLECTIONS PRESENCE CURATION </li> <li> WE GRAZE ON INFORMATION - PEW RESEARCH </li> <li> Artefacts Discovery Selec+on Collec+on Sharing Social curation is: the discovery, selection, collection and sharing of digital artefacts by an individual for a social purpose such as learning, collaboration, identity expression or community participation. - Joyce Seitzinger </li> <li> Artefacts Discovery Selec+on Collec+on Sharing The social cura-on process </li> <li> COMMUNITIES INFORMATION STREAMS PERSONAL HUB COLLECTIONS PRESENCE CURATION </li> <li> VENN DIAGRAM Tools &amp; prac+ces students use to socialize Tools &amp; prac+ces students use to study ? </li> <li> People live their lives and learn across multiple settings, and this holds true not only across the span of our lives but also across and within the institutions and communities they inhabit even classrooms, for example. I take an approach that urges me to consider the significant overlap across these boundaries as people, tools, and practices travel through different and even contradictory contexts and activities. -KRIS GUTIERREZ </li> <li> If institutions of learning are going to help learners with the real challenges they face, [they] will have to shift their focus from imparting curriculum to supporting the negotiation of productive identitiesthrough landscapes of practices. -ETIENNE WENGER </li> <li> BOUNDED V OPEN ONLINE SPACES -CATHERINE CRONIN </li> <li> MORE DOCKING STATIONS </li> <li> DESIGNING FOR PLNS </li> <li> MIX IT UP IN YOUR LEARNING DESIGN </li> <li> Action mapping by Cathy Moore Goal DO A A A DO DO A A </li> <li> Action mapping by Cathy Moore Goal DO A A A DO DO A A i i i i i </li> <li> OTARA by Kate Hunt </li> <li> Example: participate in course Twitter stream </li> <li> Example: participate in course Twitter stream Goal: learn to communicate professionally in open information streams Actions: Set up a Twitter identity, Participate in course tweets Reflect on own performance Activities: Open a Twitter account Brand your Twitter account Analyse Twitter use by high end users Send first tweet to course hashtag Respond to weekly prompts/chat Pose questions in live events Information resources: Course hashtag Links to prominent, active Twitter users in field Resources on Twitter use, Links to tools for better Twitter experience </li> <li> Example: Create visual artefacts </li> <li> Example: Create visual artefacts Goal: learn to communicate visually and openly Actions: Create an infographic, Release it under a creative commons license Monitor impact Activities: Open an account on piktochart, Choose a topic, Find data you need, Create infographics, Choose and add creative commons license, Choose a publishing space Information resources: Creative commons, Help on piktochart, Resources on quality infographics, Guide on monitoring analytics </li> <li> Joyce Seitzinger @catspyjamasnz @academictribe joyceseitzinger@gmail.com academictribe.co BE A NODE IN MY NETWORK! </li> <li> Images Mixing Panel: cc license from h3ps://www.ickr.com/photos/sergiu_bacioiu/4370021957/ Moodleman: permission Julian Ridden Bonsai Tree: cc license by user ro https://www.ickr.com/photos/ro/5194829490/ Fire hydrant: cc licensed by Will Lion: h3p://ickr.com/photos/will-lion/2595497078/ Networked Teacher: cc license by Alec Couros: h3p://ickr.com/photos/courosa/2922421696/ Inaras shu3le: copyright h3p://www.reyshipworks.com/blueprints-and-cutaways/the-last-csts-reveal--serenity- architectural-cutaways/ </li> </ul>