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This is my presentation given at TeachMeet Hull (Nov 2014) in Kingston-upon-Hull's Malet Lambert on EAL and mainstream teachers working together.


  • 1. EAL and ENGLISH:Partnership TeachingKamil Trzebiatowski(EAL Coordinator, Kingston-upon-Hull, England)TeachMeet Hull: November 10, 2014http://valuediversity-teacher.co.uk/

2. Frequent no-collaboration situationTogetherEAL and mainstream teachers?EAL Teacher Mainstream Teacher 3. What is (FULL) Partnership Teaching?TogetherEAL and mainstream teachersplan lessons/curriculum responsive to the needs ofall learners: monolingual, bilingual andmultilinguallead the lessons together both teachers deliverdifferent parts of the lessonEAL Teacher Mainstream Teacherresponsible for behaviour for learning of their classresponsible for AFLco-mark students work and assess them togetherfollow a Partnership Cycle routine: Developing the curriculum whilst developing themselves Short term-goals Experimenting Evaluating Disseminating results to the school 4. Partnership Teaching CycleSet GoalsExperimentReviewDisseminate EvaluatePartnership Teaching: Around since 1990s (from DfE Bourne & McPake, 1991) Described as: Curriculum developmentfor mono- and bilingualstudents A form of professionaldevelopment Most effective if schoolheads and SLTs recognizeits potential and back itup 5. In PracticeWhat adverbs will I use? What will they describe?Adverbs Actions (verbs) describedWhat similes will I use? Which things will I compare?First nounlikeSecond nounWhat metaphors will I use? Which things will I compare?First nounisSecond nounMake it alive make it into a story!Think of different senses: sight, hearing, smell, touchThink of your persons personality: what is this person like and how does he/she dothings?How does this person react to other people?WRITING FRAME CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONLook at the description of our character:AdjectivesAdverbsSimilesA caramel-coloured, gorilla of a man, with a face like a grizzly bear, bounces like Tigger intoTwickenham Academy every morning from his home in London. He proudly sportsdifferent, peculiar, bright socks, an upscale shirt (with a matching tie), and dark trousers.As he solemnly settles himself into his desk, the sun hits his glasses, causing him to squinthis dark eyes. A friend leisurely walks by with a morning greeting, resulting in a smile thatreveals his cheeky grin and pearly whites. His bellowing laughter booms across theclassrooms when students ask him what he will be enjoying for lunch. His jolly attitudecarries him all the way to lunch, down the high street, as if on a sugar rush.AdjectivesAdverbsSimilesMetaphorsWhat adjectives will I use? What will they describe?Adjectives Things / person or people described 6. Reap the rewards!EAL Teacher Mainstream (English) TeacherLiteracy strategy + uses EAL teachers linguistic expertise to themaximumHaving someone who specialises in language in the classroomElevates the status of EAL practitioners in schools: in theclassroom, EAL and mainstream teachers are seen by studentsas equalEAL teacher offers linguistic knowledge to students in detail feels this furthers their comprehensionGets students to reflect on the language they use andimproves their writingAnother teacher brings their passions and strengths helpfulto studentsPlanning together makes me understand the processesinvolved in English teaching better and improve my ownpracticeThought planning would be a challenge, but we plannedtogether fun and interesting lessons! benefits of two brains!Support of all students without singling out individual EALstudents social inclusion!Great to find another teachers methods and ideasGreat to have a specialist in the classroom to help studentsimprove their skills that will be key to their success in theirGCSEs 7. Ofsted: EAL Briefing for Section 5 Inspection9. Class/subject teachers should plan collaboratively withEAL support teachers or teaching assistants. There shouldbe a focus on both language and subject content in lessonplanning.Partnership Teachingcertainly fulfils this!(OFSTED, 2013) 8. References & More information Creese, A. (2005) Teacher Collaboration and Talk in MultilingualClassrooms. Multilingual Matters Ltd: Clevedon, Buffalo & Toronto Bourne, J. and McPake, J. (1991) Inservice pack for schools:Partnership Teaching. Available at:http://www.collaborativelearning.org/partnershipteaching.pdf[Accessed 1 November 2014] NALDIC (National Association for Language Development in theCurriculum): http://www.naldic.org.uk/eal-advocacy/eal-news-summary/140212 OFSTED (2013) English as an Additional Language. Briefing for section5 inspection. Crown: Manchester