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Geospatial technologies


<ul><li> 1. The GoogleSpatial World:Making Classrooms a Spatial PlaceBob Kolvoord James Madison</li></ul> <p> 2. Why? Whatare the key questions we expect adults to be able to answer/ address in the 21st Century? What skills will be needed? Where do we teach them? 3. Spatial Thinking [The] ability to visualize and interpret location, distance, direction, relationships, movement and change over space (Sinton, 2009) Looking for geographic patterns, interpreting phenomena at different scales, answering the why things are where they are question 4. Support National Academies Reports Learning to Think Spatially: GIS as a Support System inthe K-12 Curriculum Geographic Information Science has significant but as yetunrealized potential for supporting spatial thinking across arange of subjects in the K-12 curriculum (pg. 8) Successful K-12 STEM Education: Identifying EffectiveApproaches in Science, Technology, Engineering, andMathematics Increase STEM literacy for all students, including those whodo not pursue STEM-related careers or additional study in theSTEM disciplines (pg. 5) 5. What are the GoogleSpatialTechnologies? Geobrowsers (i.e. Google Earth) GPS Remote Sensing GIS 6. Geobrowers Easy to use Ubiquitous? Provide a new vantage point on the world (the way in?) 7. GPS Hugegrowth in the automobile industry Lots of schools have handheld GPS units good opportunity to collect data (VGI or citizen science) Do GPS units make us locationally stupid? 8. Remote Sensing Eyes in the Sky Can be pictures or can be at wavelengths we cant perceive with our eyes GeoEye - Landsat - 9. Basic applications Google Maps Bing Maps Google Earth Google Earth lessons - Structured or unstructured, but mostly show and tell (relatively little analysis) 10. Web-based GIS applications National Atlas ArcGIS Online Google Mapmaker ESRI Business Analyst Online - Broadvariety of geographic data. The price is right, but flexibility and control are limited 11. More Web-based mappingapplications ESRI EdCommunity Collections ArcGIS Explorer Online 12. Going Further? Desktop GIS software ArcGIS ( - PC only MyWorld ( - Macor PC Freeware packages Whats possible? Geospatial Semester 13. $$$$$$$A($8.EE(8&gt;($.*+$Q*/,N&gt;/NC($/,$Q*/E&amp;&gt;/NC($/&gt;/$G(+7.,/EE9$)9$$$$$$A($8.,8E*($&gt;&gt;$7&gt;*(,&gt;73$*7&amp;,=$BC($;&amp;,*&gt;($&amp;,&gt;(+C/E7$&gt;.$ 1/8*E&gt;93$/,$G/+(,&gt;7$7+/J8$*($/++&amp;C($/&gt;$78.$)*7(73$8/+73$/,$:/ER(+7?$A($ PL""5D$&gt;.$/C.&amp;$;.+,&amp;,=$:/,&gt;($&gt;.$)($/)E($&gt;.$(&gt;(+;&amp;,($&gt;+/J8$/,$&gt;.$E(/C($+&amp;=$/O(+$&gt;$N;(7$1.+$8.;;*&gt;(+7$&gt;.$78$6LT"UD$.+$&gt;.$:/&amp;&gt;$ I+/J8$&gt;.$&gt;+/J8$1+.;$KLM"$&gt;.$KLM!$/,$1+.;$78$&amp;&gt;7$ /O(+,..,$&gt;+/J8?$I+/J8$&amp;7$*($&amp;,&gt;(+C/E$:/7$1+.;$KLM"$&gt;.$PL6"$7E&amp;=(7&gt;?$I+/J8$/&gt;$&gt;.$/EE$&gt;(+C/E$:/7$ &gt;$8..+&amp;,/N,=?$I.$PL"!$7&gt;$/&gt;$&gt;+/J8$&amp;,$&gt;$&gt;($7&gt;+((&gt;?$ -.)&amp;,7.,$%(8.,/+9$:/7$,/;($&amp;,$ ?$@/;(7$A?$-.)&amp;,7.,3$@+?3$ &gt;$4&amp;+=&amp;,&amp;/$+(7&amp;(,&gt;$&gt;.$+(8(&amp;C($I</p>