Great American Teach In - What is UX

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1. UsereXperienceDesignMike Gallers UX Designer Regions Bank 2. What is UX Design?2Designing experiences for people.Usually between a person and an object orcomputer system. 3. What is UX Design? Problem Solving Graphic/Visual Design Information Architecture Asking questions Designing for everyone (accessibility) User research UI Development Content strategy/content creation Usability Marketing Sales Sketching 3 4. Where is UX Design? Web sites Phone apps Tablet apps Stores Buildings Remote controls Car dashboards DVR menus everywhere!4 5. Why is UX Design important? If your goal is for people to have agood experience with your product,service, website, app then thatexperience needs design, research,and testing. NO ONE gets it rightthe first time (not even Apple)5 6. What do I need to learn and bepassionate about to be a UX Designer? People People People6More specifically: Cognitive Psychology Behavior Peoples desires and needs Peoples situations and emotions How to research How to ask the right questions How and why people use certain things (phones, laptops,tablets, ATM machines, car dashboards, TV menus, microwavedisplays, etc 7. 7What I have worked on 8. 8What I have worked on 9. 9What I have worked on 10. What is good (andbad) design? 11. 11Is this good design? 12. 12Is this good? 13. 13What about this? Good? Bad? Meh? The main task users have is to search for flights,and that form is hidden. 14. Huh? What is what now?If your buttons need instructions, they arent usefulbuttons.14Small dialogs and error messagesalso need design 15. 15Imagine if it was your job touse this every day. 16. Does your toilet have this many buttons?16 17. 17Even door handles need design! 18. 18Handles are for pulling, flatpanels are for pushing. 19. What are you supposed to do here?19 20. 20 Its pretty clear what the site is and what the sites designerwants you to do 21. 21What is the most important thingapple wants you to know about? 22. 22Apple then (1997) and now 23. 23Amazon - Then (1995ish) and now 24. 24Yahoo then (1994) and now 25. People have experiencesevery day with many things.Our job as UX Designers is tomake sure they are positiveexperiences.25 Mike Gallers UX Designer Regions Bank 26. 26What next? DESIGN!Your team will choose one of thefollowing problems to solve.Then design an app (eitherphone, tablet, or web) thatmeets the requirements theschool stated. 27. Problem 1:The school wants to allow kids to have more time toeat without increasing overall lunchtime.Request:The school wants a way for kids to order lunch aheadof time so that it can be waiting at their seat for them.27______________________________Problem 2:Kids dont always have time to browse in the libraryand sometimes dont even have much more than afew minutes to visit the media center.Request:The school needs a way to allow kids to search andcheck out books so they are ready to just swing byand pick up. 28. 28Design assignment:Sketch ideas for your app orwebsite. Use as many pages asyou need for the views you thinkare important.Think about the tasks you, thestudent will need to take toaccomplished the goals stated inthe requirements. 29. 29Sample Sketches: 30. 30Sample Sketches: