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Grammar exercises, Elementary - Intermediate students.

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  • 1. TIMESAVERACTIVITIES (ELEMENTARY)ContentsVerbs Cookery Crossword22Have You Got the Basketball?4 &5Past simple (regular verbs)Have gotStory Puzzle 23English Families 6, 7 & 8"""""""""""""" Past simple (regular verbs)Have gotYesterday at the Fair24 """""""""""""""Wild Animais in North America 9 Past simple (irregular verbs)Present simpleThe Hare and the Tortoise25""""""""""The Pet Game 10"""""""""""""""""""" Past Simple (irregular verbs)Present simple (negative) The Fishing Trip 26After School """"""""""""""""""""""11 Past simple (regular and irregular verbs)Present simpleEarthquake!27Getting to Know Someone 12Past simple / past continuousPresent simple (questions)Find Someone Who 28""""""""""""""""ln Britain 13 Present perfectShort answers: Yes, 1do / No, you dont Flags .29Get Fit! 14 Past participlesPresent simple / present continuous Around Australia30 & 31 Our World 15 Question tagsPresent SimpleThe Skiing Lesson """""""""""""""""32Bananas in Pyjamas 16 Confusing verbsImperatives Dont Make a Mistake 33When 1Grow Up17 MakeGoing toDo Me a Favour 34The Crystal Bali 18 """""""""""""""""""DoWillRules35The Future is in Your Hands19 Must/mustntWillEnglish Class Rules 36What Time...? 20Must/mustntPresent tense for future useDoes Mike have to Cook Dinner? 37The Marie Celeste 21Have toWas/wereLost at Sea """"""""""""""""""" 38 & 39Want / needT/MESAVER GRAMMAR ACT/VIT/ES@ MARY GLASGOWMAGAZINES, AN IMPRINT OF SCHOLASTIC INe

2. What Should 1 Do? 40 & 41 Word Chain64 & 65ShouldCompound nounsWorld of Animais Maze 42 & 43 Double or Nothing66Plural nounsCan: abilitySnap! 44 & 45 Adjectives and AdverbsHear / listen and watch / look at Around the World67. Time ExpressionsNationalitiesBirthdays 46California or Florida 68 & 69Future time expressions Comparative adjectivesWhat Do Vou Do...?47Good and Bad Habits 70 & 71When / whileAdverbs of frequencyTruth and Lies48 & 49 What Are They Doing?72AdverbsYet / alreadyQuestions Who Lives the Most Dangerously? 73Superlative adverbsFacts and Figures 50PrepostitionsHow much? / How many?Who is the Most Polite? "51Put Away the Shopping! 74 & 75Can I? Top / bottom / middle / right / leftWhat Would Vou Like...?A Class Trip76Do you like? / Would you like?52 Prepositions of placeMulti-word VerbsClass Survey53Who/whosePut Vour Clothes Away!77-ing Multi-word verbs Give in your Homework, Please 78Penpals 54 Multi-word verbs (school)Go + ing Help! 79Do Vou like...?55Multi-word verbsLove /Iike 1dont like / hate + ingWord OrderWhere Do People...?56Where questionsBeach Towel Mystery80 & 81 Friends 82A Strange Letter 57Be + ingConjunctions Articles 1 NounsClassrooms83 ButShopping for the Family58A / an ThereThese arent my things59 A Seaside Holiday84 & 85This / that / those / theseThere is / there areA Sleepover 60 & 61What Was There...?86 & 87A / some / any There is / there are and there was /Charlottes or Charles62 there weres or sChristmas Presents63 Answers 88Possessive pronouns( T/MESAVER GRAMMAR ACT/VIT/ES@ MARY GLASGOW MAGAZINES, AN IMPRINT OF SCHOLASTIC D INe 3. T/MESAVERGRAMMARACT/V/TifS Have got~Lk ~Have You Got The Basketball? How to play Rules. The game isfor 3 players..Look at your cards. Youve got to find more cards. Cut out the cards.from one of the sets.. Put the cardson the table and look at them .for 5 minutes. .Player 1 picks up a card from the pile.If Player 1 has got a pair of cards, he puts the pair. Mix the cardsup.. Theplayerstartwith 4 scards each. Put the other 8.face-up on the table.Player 1 has got, for example, the sofa card (acardsin a pile face-down on the table.Furniture card), Player 1 asks Player 2 or Player 3 for. Ask questionsand pick up cardsto find pairsfrom another Furniture card, for example, John, have youone of the sets: CIothes, Furniture, Sports, Transportor Food. The winner is the player with the the table card? Player 1 can only ask one player.If Player 2 or Player 3 has got the table card,pairs of cards. Player 1 takes the card and puts the pair of cards(the table card and the sofa card ) face-up on the .table. Then it is Player 2s turn.If Player 2 or Player 3 hasnt got the table card, theturn passes to Player 2.Clothes cards f , n h_n , , 1 1 ! , ! , 1 , l , 1 , l , , , , , , , , , , , , , 1 , l , , , , , , , 1 , l , 1 , l , , , , , , , 1 , l , 1 , l , 1 1 1 , l , , , 1 1 1 , l , 1 , l , 1 , l , 1 , l , 1 , l , ! , ! , 1 , l , , , , , , , : , : , , , , , : , l , , , , , , , . Jumperitrousers il :_~_JiLshirtnn_nn ! " l___n_nn n n_nj 1 L m glovesh n_n hn 1 JFurniture cardsf--_n nn__n_---____------------ ,---nn,, n---nnn n_--- , , , n_n h__n__n___---------------,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,r 1 ,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,.,., , , , ,,,., . ,,,, . . ,,,, . , ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,i bed il n__n__nnJ 1-__nn chairn_nn_n_nn nnJ l 1 Lnnnsofa nn_n__nn ! J 1 -n n table n n l JTlMESAVER GRAMMAR ACT/VIT/ES@ MARY GLASGOW MAGAZINES, AN IMPRINTOF SCHOLASTICINe. 4. ACT/VIT/ESHave got T/MESAVERRAMMAR G~LIi~Sports cards tennis racketskisbasketballfootballTransport cards ~~bicycle motorbike car busFood cards ~ .~ -"~; ;;;...1 .sandwich bananacrispschocolate( nMESAVER GRAMMAR ACT/VinESCI>MARY GLASGOW MAGAZINES. AN IMPRINT OF SCHOLASTICINe. D 5. ACT/VIT/ESHave gotT/MESAVERRAMMARG ~~~English FamiliesPlay this game in small groups.How to play English FamiliesRules. Cut out the cards.. Collecta complete familyby askingquestions,. Mixthe cards up.for example, Have you 90t MrSmith?. Put hecards in a pile face-downt . Ifanotherplayerhasgot that card,the player on the table.answers Yes, 1have, and gives the card to the.Eachplayerstarts with 4 cards. first player..Askquestions and collectsets of. Ifno playershavegot that card,the first Englishfamilycards.player takes the card at the top of the pileand its the next players turn.. When a player has got a full family set (the 1 1mother, father, sister and brother), the player1 1puts the set down and takes another turn.. Thewinneristhe playerwiththe most1English families! " ,1Mr SmithMrs Smith Sara Smith Sam Smith Mr Smith Mr SmithMr SmithMr SmithMrs SmithMrs Smith Mrs Smith Mrs SmithSara Smith Sara SmithSara SmithSara SmithSam SmithSam Smith Sam Smith Sam SmithMr VineMrs Vine Vicky VineVictor Vine Mr VineMr VineMr Vine Mr Vine Mrs Vine Mrs Vine Mrs VineMrs VineVicky Vine Vicky Vine Vicky VineVicky VineVictor VineVictor VineVictor Vine Victor VineTIMESAVER GRAMMAR ACT/VIT/ES@ MARY GLASGOW MAGAZINES, AN IMPRINT OF SCHOLASTIC INe. 6. ACT/VIT/ESHave gotT/MESAVER RAMMARG ~LJi)~ Mr Chapman Mrs ChapmanCherieChapmanCharles ChapmanMr ChapmanMr ChapmanMr ChapmanMr Chapman Mrs Chapman Mrs Chapman Mrs Chapman Mrs ChapmanCherie ChapmanCherie ChapmanCherie ChapmanCherie ChapmanCharles Chapman Charles Chapman Charles Chapman Charles Chapman Mr ShermanMrs ShermanShelly Sherman Sean Sherman Mr ShermanMr ShermanMr Sherman Mr Sherman Mrs Sherman Mrs Sherman Mrs ShermanMrs ShermanShelly ShermanShelly ShermanShelly Sherman Shelly ShermanSean ShermanSean ShermanSean Sherman Sean ShermanMr Hurst Mrs HurstHeather HurstHarryHurst Hurst Mr HurstMr HurstMr Hurst Mr Mrs HurstMrs Hurst Mrs Hurst Mrs Hurst Heather Hurst Heather Hurst Heather HurstHeather HurstHarry Hurst Harry Hurst Harry HurstHarry Hurst(TIMESAVER GRAMMAR ACnVITIES e MARY GLASGOW MAGAZINES, AN IMPRINT OF SCHOLASTICINe. D 7. ACT/V/TIESHave gotT/MESAVERRAMMARG~~ ~ r-_mmn__mnn__mn__n__n_m__n__n_m, : ,: ii ! ,i. , , : , :, i 1 ,~iiMr RichardsMr Richards Mrs RichardsMr Richards Rosa Richards Mr Richards i i Ricky RichardsMr Richardsii Mrs RichardsMrs RichardsMrs Richardsi Mrs Richards i Rosa Richards Rosa RichardsRosa Richardsi Rosa Richardsi Ricky RichardsRicky Richards Ricky RichardsLmmmm_nm___m___mmmm m___m__mnJ iL__nn_m__n_n Ricky nm__nRichardsn__n__mmJiMr Lawson Mrs Lawson Louise Lawsoni Liam Lawson i Mr LawsonMr Lawson MrLawsoniMr LawsoniMrs Lawson Mrs LawsonMrs Lawson iMrs Lawson ! Louise LawsonLouise Lawson Louise Lawson i, Louise Lawson iLiam LawsonLiam Lawson Liam LawsoniLiam Lawsonilm__nmmnn n__n_n___mn n_m__mJ , :Mr West1Mrs WestiiWendy West i !William West Mr West iMr West i i Mr West Mr West Mrs Westi Mrs West i iMrs Westi Mrs West WendyWendy West iWendyWest i i Wendy West iWest William WestWilliam West iWilliam West i !William Westi L_n_nn___mm_nn_n___m__nn_mn__mmmm_nJLn_n_n mmm n__nn__mmn_mnnmJL_-mn--n_n__n_nnm__nmmn___m_n J T/MESAVER GRAMMAR ACT/VIT/ES@ MARY GLASGOW MAGAZINES. AN IMPRINT OF SCHOLASTIC INe. 8. ACT/VIT/ESPresentTlMESAVER RAMMARGsimpleOOP Wild Animais in North America Complete the texts. Write the verbs using the correct form of the present simple. Match texts 1 - 3 with the pictures A - C.Example:A lot of wild animais ~IY-~ (live) in north America.0 Raccoons (1) ___mmm--mm (corne) from the forests of north America. The mother raccoon (2)mm-(have) four, five or six babies in spring. The babies (3) mm m-mm (not / can) see anything for about three.weeks. They (4) mm_m_m(stay) with their parents for the first year.The skunk also (5)m--mmmmm (/ive) in north America. The skunk (6) --m_mm--mm(have got) a bad smelland it (7)_mmmm_mm (use)the smell to fight other animais and people. The skunkssmell (8) --mmm__-(not / go away) easily or quickly! Skunks (9) --_mmm_m (eat) insects and other small animais.8 Coyotes (10) m_mm(look) like wolves, but they (11) __m--_mmmm (be) different. Wolves usually (12) mmmmm(stay) with other wolves, but coyotes (13)_mm--m--mm (not /ike) company: they (14)___m--mm(prefer)tobe alone. Coyotes (15)mmm_m--(be) intelligent. They (16Lm--m_m (eat)a lot of different animais, and their favourite food is rabbits. South Dakota (17) m--m mm-(be)the Coyote State! Did you know that? Match texts 1 - 3 with the pictures A - C.0 G C """-c;:-....:5~~ rf H1 _~~n~~~~o!~~:~~~~~~~~:~~~~~h!y~___------------------------------Yes, they do. You can only see them in Austra