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2. The monster has a life of its own Subject of plays, movies andtelevision shows, action figures,graphic novels, comic books,music, and is even featured on acereal box. Reinterpreted and retold across awide range of media and acrossgenerations. Adaptations often interpret thetale and reflect in some way theinterests of their own time period. What might account for theenduring appeal of the story? 3. 1831 FrankensteinFirst illustration of the creature 4. CreateSpace (2010) 5. Oxford Worlds Classics (2008) 6. Title page (1818 edition) 7. Gallery of Bernie Wrightsonsillustrated Frankenstein (1983) Gallery of Wrightsons illustrations 8. Film adaptationsEdison Studios(1910)Full-Length Movie 9. James Whales Frankenstein (1931) Directed by James Whale Boris Karloff as monster Colin Clive as Victor Moment of Creation 10. Kenneth Branaghs Frankenstein (1994) Produced by Francis FordCoppola Directed by Kenneth Branagh(who plays Victor) Robert De Niro as the monster Trailer 11. Mel BrookssYoung Frankenstein (1974) Peter Boyle as monster 12. Danny Boyles Frankenstein Frankenstein Official Trailer