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Frankens tein Made by - Tom, Tim, Victor, Tony, Wilson, Daniel

Storyboard frankenstein

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University English 2 -Storyboard

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  • 1.Frankenstein
    Made by - Tom, Tim, Victor, Tony, Wilson, Daniel

2. Scene #1.
#1. The Captain Robert Walton's ship was sailing across the glacier.
When night come, there was a storm. They rescued a man who had a broken sledge, whose name was Victor Frankenstein.
3. I need these for my study..
Scene #2.
#2. What he wanted to do was discover the secrets of life. So he studied about life and death. For his study, he stole the pieces of human body.
4. Im innocent! Who did gave this false charge to me?
#3. The monster which was made by Victor murdered Victor's brother during he stayed with his friend. The police had arrested a young woman, Justine who was like a sister to Victor.
Scene #3.
5. Scene #4.
Stop!!! Stop it!!
#4. Victor met his creature in a mountain.
People shouted loudly and they threw stones to him.
6. Scene #5.
This was why they hate me
#5. The monster helped a family in the village secretly and saw his own face in the river. He showed his existence to the family, but they tried to hurt him.
7. Scene #6.
My goodwill is of no use!Now I hate everybody
#6. The monster got angry and sad, and it started to hate his creator. He went to Geneva, and murdered Victor's brother.
8. Scene #7.
#7. He asked his creator to make another woman monster for him. Victor Frankenstein tried to make it, but failed. He gave a warning to Victor for his creator's wedding and started to kill many people including Victor's friend.
9. Scene #8.
I love Victor. I want to marry him.
#8. Victor worried about his love, Elizabeth. She wrote a letter to Victor that she loved him, and they decided to marry.
10. #9. After the wedding ceremony, Victor and Elizabeth left for their honeymoon. They stayed at a hotel at the night. Suddenly, he heard a scream. And he saw that Elizabeth lay on the bed.
Scene #9.
11. Scene #10.
#10. Frankenstein decided to kill his creature. He went to the cold land of the north to chase the monster. When he almost held the monster, the storm disturbed him. His sledge was broken. Many hours later, the ship saw him who was dead. Then the monster visits the ship. Captain Walton talk with him. The monster decides his own death. He goes to north, across the glacier.
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