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A Primer on FOAMed for the UC community and any all else who want to read

Text of FOAMed Lecture

  • 1. FOAMedJeffery Hill, MD@_drjeffy@UCMorningReportSeptember 10, 2014

2. Some Definitions A Bit on Learning Theory What is FOAM? #FOAMed The Twitter Blogs Integrating social media into residency curriculum 3. BlogAbility to comment on articles = pseudo discussion board 4. Twitter "Microblogging platform" # @UCMorningReport 5. PodcastAudio (or video) recordingSometimes embedded in blog posts 6. RSS Feed/ReaderPulls site content intoa single app foreasier viewing 7. A Couple of PotentiallyHelpful Learning Theories... 8. Andragogy - CHARACTERISTICSMalcolm Knowles1. Are Independent and Self-Directing2. Have Accumulated Experience3. Value Learning that Integrates withthe Demands of their Life4. Are Interested in Immediate,Problem-Centered Approaches5. Motivated by an Internal Drive toLearnADULTS 9. 3. Adults Value Learning that Integrateswith the Demands of their Life 10. Theory of MarginLOAD POWER 11. NO MARGINLOAD POWER 12. MARGIN FOR LEARNINGLOAD POWER 13. 2. Adults have Accumulated ExperienceAdults are Interested in Immediate, Problem-Centered Approaches 14. Constructivism 15. Learning is a process of constructing meaning;it is how people make sense of their experience.1 16. Knowledge is constructed when individualsengage socially in talk and activity aboutshared problems or tasks.1 17. Shared PracticeANDCollective IntelligenceCommunity of Practice 18. Community of Practice 19. Community of Practice 20. Community of Practice 21. Community of Practice 22. FreeOpenAccessMeducation2012Dublin, Ireland 23. & 200+ More 24. The Twitter 25. What has the Twitter Donefor you Lately? 26. What has the Twitter Donefor you Lately? 27. What else cool is going on onTwitter? 28. What else cool is going on onTwitter? 29. Twitter at its Best 30. Twitter at its BestNETWORKINGGLOBAL EM WATERCOOLERCURRATED RSS FEED 31. Twitter at its Worst 32. How/Where to Get Started 33. How/Where to Get Started 34. Blogs 35. TRUST, BUTVERIFY- Reagan 36. How to Find the Good Stuff 37. 38. Individualized Interactive Instruction 39. ULTURE 40. ULTUREResidents Attendings Mid-Levels Medical Students NursesCommunity of Practice

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