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1. Express Badges Screenshots of Prototype in Action March 26th, 2015 Ingo Dahn, University Koblenz-Landau [email protected] Knowledge Media Institute (IWM) 2. Background Need complete system for awarding Open Badges with no overhead Basis: Mozilla BadgeKit Tasks: Design, Request, Evaluate, Issue, Upload Badges Needed: Improved interface for learners, notification infrastructure Express Badge: Under development at IWM Koblenz-Landau Roadmap: Release for internal use in IWM: Summer 2015 Release for external use: Winter 2015/2016 3. Instructor Selects Badge Program 4. Instructor Adds Badge Details 5. Instructor Adds Badge Criteria 6. Designer Creates Graphics 7. Instructor Publishes Badge 8. Learner Views Available Badges 9. Learner Inspects Badge 10. Learner Applies for Badge 11. Learner Sees Status: Pending 12. Evaluator Sees Pending Application 13. Evaluator Accesses Evidence 14. Evaluator Evaluates Application 15. Evaluator Provides More Feedback and Awards Badge 16. Learner gets Review by Mail 17. Learner Claims Badge 18. Learner Pushes Badge to Backpack Server 19. Learner Accepts Badge 20. Learner Sends Badge to Backpack Server 21. Learners Badge is on Backpack Server! 22. Thanks to Marco Brack Philip Feuchtner