Do cell phones distract students from their education

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  • 1. By Adriana and Neyra
  • 2. Reasons why schools dont allow cell phones. How parents fell about schools not using cell phones. How students feel about schools not allowing cell phones. How cell phones affect grades Do cell phones affect our health? Ways to limit cell phone use. How students use their phone inappropriately. Dangers of cell phone predators. Our Opinions Bibligraphy
  • 3. Students may text in class. Students may text answers using their phone. If students leave their cell phones on during class and if they receive a call, the others will get distracted. Cell phones can be used to send rumors of the students during class and may be harmful to the students.
  • 4. Some boards and administrators prefer to "cave in" and change policies --- primarily to avoid parental pressures and school-community politics --- we still generally advise them not to do so. From an educational perspective, cell phones primary present another disruption to the educational environment on a day-to-day basis.( We're giving kids cell phones way too soon, way too young," one mother says. 809_Cell_Phone_Predators Many of the parents feel that students dont need cell phones, parents didnt have cell phones while they were young so why them.
  • 5. Sales 0% 0% Yes for schools allowing cell 15% phones No to cell phone use in school 85%
  • 6. Cellphones affect grades because a students may not focused as much as they need to be and may get many answers wrong. Students may get zeros if they are caught cheating during a test. Students may pass notes during class time which distracts them from learning.
  • 7. Yes cell phones do affect our health in many ways. Like when people text or talk late in night they are lacking sleep. Which is very bad for kids because in order to grow they need plenty of sleep. Cell phones transmits radiation waves that are very harmful. Cell phones, because of the radiation waves, may cause brain tumors and cancer.
  • 8. Parents may simply just take away their childs phone . Parents need to teach their children the responsibility of having a cell phone. If the student fails a paper or another subject, parents need to take away their cell phone until the student brings their grade back up.
  • 9. Students may send inappropriate jokes or pictures to their contacts. Students may prank call people and the penalty of that may be of getting a fine of up to $200. But if the victim feels threatened you will go to jail. Students may sell drugs or other stuff and those kind of felonies are very serious and they will lead up to going to jail.
  • 10. Another mother talks of a situation her daughters friend is having, "this guy got her phone number, doesn't know how, could have been through Facebook and it's kind of creepy. My daughter Candice told her he's a creepy guy." ell_Phone_Predators when your kids are in activities after school, speaking of predators, I like the fact they can have their phone to call you." ell_Phone_Predators Cell phone predators are getting smarter by the minute and it is very dangerous for everybody. Please Parents, take care of your children and if you are a victim, dont be afraid to speak up.
  • 11. Students may reach their parents immediately if there is some sort of accident. If a student misses a day of school, a classmate may pass their homework by texting. A cell phone is a great thing in the life of a busy student because they can track all their homework and stay in touch with their classmates
  • 12. My opinion is that cell phones have their ups and downs, if the parent teaches us the responsibilities and privileges of a cell phone, we will be more careful on the choices we make on how to use them.
  • 13. Cell Phone Predators cal/042809_Cell_Phone_Predators Cell Phones Pros and Cons Pros-and-Cons cell(ular) phone 9471998?query=Cell%20Phones&ct=null