Cell Phones and Human Relationships Do cell phones really benefit us? Ashley Lorello.

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  • Cell Phones and Human Relationships Do cell phones really benefit us? Ashley Lorello
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  • History of Cellular Phones First actual cell phone-1973 First made available in 1984 First text message sent- December 3, 1992
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  • Texting 1:3 teens send more then 100 texts a day. 64% of teens have texted in class. Girls typically text more than boys.
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  • Pros of Cell Phones Helps us stay in touch. Texting is a quicker means to communication Newer phones have cameras, music and can receive emails. No need to memorize phone numbers.
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  • Cons to Cell Phones Talking less on the phone and are texting more. Most would rather send a text than call or meet up. Less patient with relationships. Family relationships. Evidence that cell phones can cause brain cancer
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  • Conclusions Cell phones have become essential to us Used for more then just phone calls BUT Hurting our interpersonal relationships Less face-to-face interactions We have yet to figure out a way to balance our relationships and cell phone use
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