Phone Soap By: Marissa Rhodes & Bryson Urie. Cell Phones Group of BYU college students discovered some disturbing news about cell phones Cell phones have

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Phone Soap

Phone SoapBy: Marissa Rhodes &Bryson UrieCell PhonesGroup of BYU college students discovered some disturbing news about cell phonesCell phones have 18 times more harmful bacteria than the handle on a male public toiletResearchers have found on cell phones:FluStaph E. Coli MRSA1 in 6 phones have fecal matter on them

Their IdeaAfter hearing all those facts, the students wanted to do something about itding-dong momentWhile in the cancer lab at their university, they realized they had found the answer UV lights help to sterilize the equipment in the lab Phone SoapThese findings lead to the creation of phone soapA small box equipped with a UV-C light The light has a short wavelength that penetrates the cell wall of the bacteria which in turn kills it offThe light runs on a timer of 3-5 minutes and shuts off when cleanThere is also a charger in each box so that you can place it in the box at night and wake up to a clean charged phone


With the use of phone soap

Bacteria on phones vs. other surfaces

The ProductThe group has been in several contests with the phone soapRent a kiosk at the University mall to sell this product BYU bookstore now sells it

"You see something and you think it would be cool, then see if people are interested and kind of run with it," Monroe said. "Ideas come and go a lot, but this one kind of stuck."Questions