Diane's TeachMeet presentation (July 2014, HAMD)

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Saved with permission. Delivered by Diane Leedham at HAMD EAL TeachMeet, July 2014


  • 1. EAL Teach Meet 14.7.14 Inclusive planning for new to English EAL Learners in mainstream classes = young people who are learning your subject and developing fluency in English Diane Leedham : English, Literacy and EAL Consultant @dileed dleedham@waitrose.com or daleedham@gmail.com Powerpoint, linked resources and additional resources available via Dropbox

2. Key principles for supporting English language development Repetition Language focus Visuals Interaction Fun 3. Inclusive post it planning 4. What does the word mean? Describe: Word: Put the word in a sentence:What type of word is it? (noun, verb, adjective): Where do you hear it? (subject lesson, book, newspaper, TV etc): What are similar words? (similar meaning or sound) Picture / icon to show word First sound End sounds Break into syllables (how many beats) Word map Include collocations and idioms Post it 1 : Pre Teach key words and concepts 5. Include collocations and idioms Eg on cloud nine 6. eg Matching words to pictures eg Analysing a poem by Shakespeare eg sorting and categorising information with visual support Main lesson: Make the learning challenging by making it concrete 7. Post it 2 : use key visuals and graphic organisers alongside key words/phrases to convey information and ideas to support pupils to demonstrate thinking and ideas 8. Post it 3. Encourage collaboration and interaction Sequence and sort key visuals and information cards http://www.collaborativelearning.org 9. Irrelevant info Information identified which is not relevant 4 For further research and discussion 3 Potentially relevant points Info which relates to the question but isnt crucial 2 Zone of Relevance This material will be used in the answer. 1 Information gap and zone of relevance 10. Post it 4. Provide very structured support for writing Sentence builders Top and Tail Gap Fill Substitution table Jigsaw sequence Vocabulary builders Wordsearch Top and Tail Word cross Picture match Text builders Gap Fill Writing frame Sentence starters Word bank Jigsaw sequence Guided copying precedes independent writing. Use of L1 often useful 11. Post it 5. Support dialogue about learning with key visuals Traffic Lights Thumbs up/Thumbs down Emoticons Light bulbs and barriers Develop a consistent language but be alert for cultural differences! 12. Brilliant resources http://www.collaborativelearning.org Norah McWilliam Alice Washbourne Michael Swan 13. Coming Soon ...... http://ealnexus.s.ctidigital.com The EAL Nexus website will be going LIVE on 3 October 2014 In the meantime ...... sign up for the newsletter and updates http://us3.campaign- archive1.com/?u=fd8acd5b6139d0ac09895d051&id=2d595557b7&e=0099d5d036 Mailing address is ealnexus@britishcouncil.org Diane Leedham : English, Literacy and EAL Consultant @dileed dleedham@waitrose.com or daleedham@gmail.com