Delivering powerful presentations

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  • 1. ChurchillBhutto Jobs Reagan Winfrey
  • 2. Definition and Types
  • 3. Presentation [noun]: The giving of something to someone, especially as part of a formal ceremony (Oxford Dictionaries, 2012)
  • 4. OR Demonstrations Informative Illustrated talks Instructional Public speeches Impromptu Arousing speeches Persuasive (Lundeburg, 2009) Decision-making (Whatley, n.d)There can be other classifications as well, basedon number of audience, presentation format etc.
  • 5. Powerful presentation skills
  • 6. For development of leadership qualities, speaking skill is the most important. (Abbasi, Azim & Siddiqi, 2011) [It is found that] Entrepreneurs communication skills and personal attributes directly influence investor decision making. (Clark, 2008)
  • 7. One of the essential skills of a strong leader is the ability to make effective presentations that will inspire others, present ideas, and persuade others to action. (Frmannsdttir and Whiting, 2011)
  • 8. For an individuals career: A pre-requisite for a career in business For managers: Helps them delegate projects to you For an organisation: Lets them see you as a manager and eventually as a leader
  • 9. Separating good from bad
  • 10. The goodThe bad
  • 11. (Frmannsdttirand Whiting,2011)
  • 12. Good vs. Great
  • 13. Audiences remember the presentation content in this order: Everything they see, the tone of the speakers voicethe text or content. (Frmannsdttir and Whiting, 2011)
  • 14. Material based skills Prepare Persona based skills Speech based skills Rehearse Interaction based skills Charisma Train & Learn
  • 15. Antonakis, Fenley & Liechti (2011) note that leadership training has significantly positive effects on leader charisma They also indicate that charismatic qualities increase ratings of individuals as leaders by their followers
  • 16. Managers vs. Leaders
  • 17. The manager gives attention to coordination and structure; the leader concentrates on community, the manager imitates; the leader innovates,. the manager performs tasks right; the leader executes the right tasks. (Abbasi, Azim & Siddiqi, 2011)
  • 18. Managers are responsible for delivering good presentations Leaders are accountable for delivering great presentations AND developing good presentation skills in their teams. Great leaders deliver memorable experiences AND encourage people to learn from them!
  • 19. Some food for thought
  • 20. Know your subject well Use humor Try the STAR approach S = Startle T = Tell a story A = Ask questions R = Recite a quote Speak TO your audience, not AT them Show passion Be eloquent Rehearse as much as time allows There will never be enough time. Work with whatever time you have
  • 21. Evolve your own presentation style Assess & meet your audiences expectations Dont dwell on your mistakes, learn from them Dont just give presentations, deliver experiences!
  • 22. "This is not the end...This is not even thebeginning of the end...But it is, perhaps,the end of the beginning!" (Churchill,1942)
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