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Dave mckean artist project cole krasner

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Text of Dave mckean artist project cole krasner

  • 1.Dave McKean Macabre Artist A presentation by Cole Krasner

2. Vital Statistics

  • Mckean was born in Maidenhead, England on December 29, 1963
  • Male
  • English
  • He is now 47 years old

3. Personal Background

  • Went to an art university in the UK
  • Failed at giving comic to major industry leaders
  • Met Neil Gaiman and began to illustrate his books and comics
  • Broke off from Gaiman and began producing his own art, playing off of Gaimans darker style
  • After producing several art books and a graphic novel, he began working on film additionally
  • Has now a series of novels entitled Cages and has produced a feature film called MirrorMask
  • He plans to have more art an a new film to be called Luna out soon

4. Key Historical Events

  • The creation of the home computer and photoshop in McKeans life cause him to want to show the world that pictures that had color schemes or other effects could be done without the use of a computer

5. Influenceon the Art World

  • One of the first artists to combine various mediums such as having a combination of paint, chalk and pencil
  • Also came up with the idea of painting over photographs to create odd effects

6. Stylistic Traits

  • Uses shadow to push the eye towards the focus of the image
  • Paints over images he has already made to create a feeling of layering or depth
  • Often uses a black and white or sepia tone in his pictures to make things seem old fashioned or creepier than they would normally be
  • Uses a common theme of warping human bodies
  • Often uses frames or other wall around the picture to push us out of the pictures world

7. Art Example: Moth

  • He paints over his previous image
  • containing an arm to create the
  • layered effect of the moths
  • Uses sepia to make the picture more
  • Mysterious
  • The frame separates the observer
  • from the painting

8. Art Example: Coil

  • The separate layers make the face
  • pop out of the rest of the image
  • The frame, again, splits the picture
  • from us
  • The face shows the morphing of
  • people

9. Art Example: Stars The Face in the star shows morphing of the human body Uses darker tones in addition to black and white Lighter, repainted central design draws the eye 10. Original Art

  • Dark Flower
  • 2010, Cole Krasner

11. Conclusion

  • Doing this project, I have learned how difficult non-photoshopped art of McKeans style really is. Both the very realistic painting style and the restriction of color contribute to this difficulty, as they force you to think about light and shadow much more.


  • Any questions?