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  1. 1. Energy and theenvironment. Author: Silvia Garca.
  2. 2. The man is always looking for resources to provide energy. The most traditional ones are:Coal. Oil But both are dangerous for the environment. They pollute the atmosphere. Besides, they are non- renewable sources.
  3. 3. There are two other kinds: Hydro-electric energyNuclear energy Some experts and environmentalists do not approve them. Hydro-electric dams can alter the environment and the life in the rivers and lakes. Nuclear power stations are not safe and produce dangerous waste.
  4. 4. The renewable sources, also called clean energies, are the cheapest, safest and most convenient.
  5. 5. They are:Solar energy Wave energy
  6. 6. Wind energy They do not pollute the environment and arealways available. Most developed countries use them.


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