Barbara De La Harpe 2008

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Session A - H6-09

Text of Barbara De La Harpe 2008

  • 1. Assessing graduate attributes and theirstudents Alex Radloff, CQUBarbara de la Harpe, RMIT Helen Dalton, UNSW Jan Thomas, Murdoch Anne Lawson, CQU engaging academicstaff


  • Introduction
  • Quick quiz
  • Progress to date
  • What is valued?
  • Most significant factor

3. Quick Quiz True or False 4.

  • All universities have a list of graduate attributes
  • can you recite the list?
  • There is a link between graduate attributes and employability
  • can you provide evidence?
  • All universities are doing things to develop graduate attributes
  • can you give an example?

5. How fardo you think universities have got with ensuringgraduateshave well developed graduateattributes? 6. theoverall picturein Higher Education systems around the world is one ofpatchy implementation and uptake of graduate attribute initiatives Barrie, 2006, p. 218 7.

  • What do you think isthe mostsignificantfactorin ensuring graduate attributes are integrated into the curriculum?

8. Academics are experts in theirfieldof study 9. Assessmentis the litmus test 10. Assessment reveals what is reallyvalued 11. Elephantin the room 12. thebeliefsthat academic staff hold regarding graduate attributes has amajor impacton theirengagementin any institutional attempts toembedgraduate attributes in the curriculum especially when changes are initiated from the top down 13. 14. Gentle nudge 15. Big push 16.

  • What else is required?


  • Institutional commitment to good teaching
  • Supportive context
  • Leadership

and most importantly 18. 19. openhearts andminds