Tempo – Funding for early-stage startups

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Tekes Tempo programme acts as a multiplier for Finlands early-stage startups looking to test their ideas on the market.


  • 1. Tekes Tempo Funding for early-stage startupsDMxx-2013

2. Starting up? We fund companies with significant potential that are creating new markets The best teams show commitment and an ability to learn from customers Private funding acts as a proof of concept and ensures the company has enough resources for fast growth 3. Leverage Tempo to quadruple your investors money We match the money invested by private investors to give startups more resources to test their product lean and rapidly Our funding instrument is a non-dilutive 100,000 grant 4. A basic example A company with four co-founders who have invested 25 000 in the company, and have begun working in the startup full time To speed up development, they receive over 25 000 of angel funding With this funding in place they run a 130 000 project to build the MVP with Tempo covering 75% of the costs. The project is split into two phases: Tempo1 and Tempo2 5. Its time to go fast To find out more, please visit our website http://www.tekes.fi/tempo