Public Funding for Startups

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Englischsprachige Prsentation von Michael Schulte auf der TechMeetup Veranstaltung am 27. August 2013. Er stellte den allgemeinen Frderprozess sowie verschiedene Frderprogramme vor. This is an presentation from Michael Schulte, held at the TechMeetup Event on August 27th, 2013. He described the general process of public funding and a few public funding programmes as well.


  • 1. Public Funding for Startups Michael Schulte Senior Consultant frderbar GmbH

2. 3 Public funding experts for IT, Internet and Industry 4.0 Team of experienced Senior Consultants Office in Berlin, working with public funding programmes anywhere in Germany Full service approach: Our clients have no time to deal with public funding frderbar Public Funding Consultancy 3. 4 Success Success rate 100% Winning around 15,000,000 annually for our clients 4. 5 References 5. 6 All programmes support projects, not companies Individual projects and projects for cooperation Programmes dont usually fund 100% of the costs company has to invest its own money in the project Costs of the company that are not included in the project Project Funding 6. 7 Public funding is for those who have already acquired some financing Leverage of VC Example: Financing of a Company 750,000 600,000 50,000 30,000 VC R&D funding Revenues Founders' Money 7. 8 Pre-Seed Exist Pro FIT-Frhphase (Berlin) R&D IBB Pro FIT (Berlin) FuE Brandenburg, FuE Sachsen ZIM (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) Staffing/Employment Innovationsassistent (in many Federal States available) Overview of Some Relevant Programmes 8. 9 Pre-seed programme for new technology companies without access to VC financing Pro FIT Frhphase Preparation for an R&D project 50% grant 50% loan Max. 200k Angel investment Early Stage 1 Early Stage 2 Growth Company infrastructure 100% loan Max. 500k VC financing R&D project (Anchor project) Usually Pro FIT R&D project Anchor project is a condition for Frhphase! 9. 10 R&D Programme Pro FIT of Investitionsbank Berlin R&D Programme Pro FIT 10. 11 SME with business premises in Berlin Development of new technologies for a new or an existing product Project based on work done by permanent employees of the company, plus additional costs Pro FIT finances three stages of the innovation process Research Development Setup of production, market introduction General Conditions 11. 12 Grants Subsidised loans Conditions Grants: Research, up to 400,000 EUR, up to 70 % of the costs Loans: Development and market introduction, up to 3m EUR, up to 80 % Lent term up to 8 years Types of funding 12. 13 Amount of securities for Pro FIT loans Depends on the amount of the loan Significant shareholders provide securities No securities Financial investors Shareholders who hold less than 10% per person or less than 25% of the shares altogether Investments reduce the need for securities Securities 13. 14 Time Frame for Pro FIT Application Prepare documents Submit documents Project outline phase Meeting with technical expert Application phase Decision grant committee First tranches Apr MayOctSep Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar First feedback Final decision Recommendation to submit application 14. 15 Programme Innovationsassistent of Investitionsbank Berlin Innovation Assistant 15. 16 Hire a person who graduated from university less than 2 years ago Permanent contract or min. 24 months or permanent Project IBB gives a grant for the first-year salary Max. 20,000 EUR Max. 50% Do not sign contract before submitting the application Innovation Assistant 16. 17 Vielen Dank fr Ihre Aufmerksamkeit! Michael Schulte Senior Consultant frderbar GmbH Die Frdermittelmanufaktur Pascalstrae 10, 10587 Berlin Telefon: +49 30 726 13 23 26 Telefax: +49 30 726 13 23 23 Mobil: +49 172 620 58 51 17. 18 Example: Pro FIT Project Costs Project- related expenses Not project related expenses Salaries of permanent employees Example costs Capital the company needs until break even 80 % of project 20 % of project Pro FIT loan Pro FIT grant Seed investor Financing Revenues Management External costs Market introduction


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