How much time does it take to run a crowdfunding campaign?

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<ol><li> 1. CrowdFunding How much time do I need to run a CrowdFunding campaign? FAQ </li><li> 2. The amount of time you need to devote to your campaign will depend on the type of CrowdFunding you do </li><li> 3. For a Rewards based CrowdFunding campaign you need to set aside around 120 days for planning, promotion, engaging and following up with your supporters </li><li> 4. If you already have a crowd - great! If you still have to build your crowd then you will need to add on more time before launching your campaign </li><li> 5. Take the rst 60 days to set up and publicise your CrowdFunding campaign Your crowd needs to know about your campaign long before you launch </li><li> 6. The rst 60 days are the most important phase of your campaign Past project creators often say they wish they had spent more time planning the launch sequence of their campaigns </li><li> 7. Set aside another 30 days for the actual duration of the campaign You need to work hard during this phase to maintain interest throughout the course of the campaign </li><li> 8. Take the last 30 days to ensure that whatever you promised during the campaign is delivered to all of your supporters at the end of the campaign </li><li> 9. This means that for your campaign to be successful all of your time, eort and energy will have to be devoted to managing your campaign </li><li> 10. Managing a CrowdFunding campaign is pretty much a full time job It is best if you can get a team of people to work with you on your campaign. This way you can share some of the work with others </li><li> 11. Your supporters will also respond more favourably if they can see that you have a team backing you </li><li> 12. You and your team must be seen to be fully behind your project by answering all questions and providing frequent updates on your project </li><li> 13. Ultimately your supporters will want to get to know you personally They want to feel that you have the passion and enthusiasm to make your project work </li><li> 14. There are many more resources available to support your CrowdFunding eorts at </li><li> 15. CrowdFunding FOCUS </li></ol>


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