7 tips for Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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  1. 1. What is Crowdfunding? As an entrepreneur, crowdfunding can be a useful and crucial tool in determining the success of your startup. If youre looking for a way to grow your customer base, kick-start your marketing efforts, or reach out to people you know for funding assistance, crowdfunding provides a platform for supporters to rally around your startup company.
  2. 2. What should you do to run a successful crowdfunding campaign? Do Your Homework Share Your Story Give the People What They Want Build Your Reputation Market Your Startup Execute Flawlessly Get to Know Your Supporters
  3. 3. Do Your Homework Entrepreneurs are makersthey are people who make amazing things happen from nothing. A successful entrepreneur who wants to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign always does their research. Consider available platforms to use for launching your campaign and determine which platform best suits your business, products, services, etc. Set realistic goals based on your research so you dont have to struggle to fulfill promises or obligations.
  4. 4. Share Your Story Share your story somewhere in your pitch to make a connection with your customers and supporters and encourage people to get involved. Share some of the achievements youre most proud of. If you keep your message personal, supporters will feel a connection to you and your crowdfunding project.
  5. 5. Give the People What They Want You need to put yourself in the shoes of your potential supporters and customers. Reflect on what you would find most appealing about your startup and provide those things. Ask family and friends for opinions. Seek business advice from other entrepreneurs that you trust and give the people what you would want if you were them.
  6. 6. Build Your Reputation People will only support startups they know are legitimate and believe is run by someone they can trust. So, if your crowdfunding campaign is going to be successful, you need to make sure youve already put a credible reputation behind it. Give your supporters in-depth details about how things work, your ideas, and think about offering some kind of prototype or freebie for anyone who pledges their support.
  7. 7. Market Your Startup Market yourself and your startup by hosting your own marketing event by tying in to something else people relate to. Holidays, sporting events, seasonal things, and social media often generate the most excitement and emotional response from potential supporters. Find a way to elicit excitement from people about what youre doing and offering by using social eventsand social mediato your advantage.
  8. 8. Execute Flawlessly Once you have the ball rolling, dont stop paying attention to details. Everything else youve done up to this point will mean nothing without excellent execution of your crowdfunding campaign Strive for solid campaign construction by paying attention to details that involve things like written copy, pricing, graphics, update strategy, customer service, logos, design, prototypes, benefits, and more.
  9. 9. Get to Know Your Supporters Dont take anybodys money and run. Get involved with your supporters through social media, thank-you blurbs and emails, and updates. Always encourage your supporters to ask questions, leave comments, and converse with you about your startup.
  10. 10. Run a Successful Campaign! Like so many other things out there, the success of any entrepreneurs crowdfunding campaign comes down to preparation, execution, and the desire to succeed. Now go run your successful crowdfunding campaign!
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