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SECTION C(20 marks)(Time suggested : 20 minutes)Question 4 (15 marks)Read the speech below.

Good morning teachers and friends. In conjunction with Be Healthy week, I am happy to be given the opportunity to share some tips about sleep with you. A good nights sleep helps your brain learn new things and promote good health. Not enough sleep can actually damage brain cells.

However, instead of telling you ways to enjoy a blissful sleep, I am going to talk about habits that can steal away your sleep.

Exercising late in the day is one of the habits to avoid. This is because exercise increases your bodys core temperature. When this happens, you will find it harder to fall sleep. It is best to exercise two hours before your bedtime.

Eating a lot at dinner is another habit. If you eat a large meal, it will take a longer time to digest the food. As a result, you will only fall asleep much later. Remember to eat more during lunch and less at dinner.

Leaving your bed in a mess is another sleep stealer. Research shows that sound sleep comes to those who make their bed. About 45 percent of people indicated that they sleep more soundly when they slept in beds that were made.

Using your laptop in bed can also chase away your slumber. Playing computer games and surfing the internet on your laptop are activities which stimulate the brain. Instead of winding down to prepare for sleep, you will be alert. The light emitted from the laptop can act like daylight. This will stop the production of the sleep hormone. To avoid this, switch off your electronic gadgets an hour before your bedtime.

This also means you should not do your homework or assignments that require the use of the computer in bed. Schedule to complete your homework or revise your studies earlier. Stop working at least an hour before you sleep.

Dear teachers and friends, I know that everyone is busy but we should make an effort to avoid these habits. If you do, you are helping yourself to get a healthier body and mind.

Thank you.

Read the speech carefully and answer the questions below.

a) Why is a good nights sleep beneficial for the brain?

___________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

b) Why does eating a large dinner make it harder for you to fall asleep?

________________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

c) From the speech, name two things you should do to get a good nights sleep?

i) ___________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

ii) ____________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

d) How can the light from a laptop delay sleep??

___________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word/phrase from the speech.


i) injure

ii) routine

iii) deeply

iv) relax

(4marks)f) Why should we stop exercising two hours before we sleep? Give two reasons.

i) ___________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

ii) ___________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

g) What can we gain by following the advice given in the speech?

_____________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

h) How can playing computer games and using the internet stimulate the brain?

______________________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark)

i) State two other suggestions to get a good nights sleep.

i) ______________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

ii) _______________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

Question 5 (5 marks)Read the poem below carefully. Then answer questions (a) (d).

Heir ConditioningGrand dad did you breathe before air cons were inventedwas it hard stayingalive without modern inventions?Grandma werent you flusteredas you fluttered with paper fans?Could you communicate beforefaxes and long distance callsbecame basic necessities?

Grandchild we livedbefore your age. Because of our ignorance,we did not knowpollution, stress, traffic jamsdestruction of forests, streams and hillswe feared God and naturenow nature fears you and money is your new God.

M SHANmughalingam

a) Who is asking the questions?

________________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

b) What does Grandchild think of life in his Grand dads world?

_______________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

c) What do you think Grand dad and Grandma are ignorant about?

_______________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

d) Who do you think lives in a better world, the grandparents or the grandchild? Give a reason for your answer.

_______________________________________________________________________ (2 marks)

SECTION D(40 marks)(Time suggested : 45 minutes)

Question 6 (30 marks)

You should spend 30 minutes on this question.

The picture below shows an incident of a hit-and-run accident you witnessedwhile you wewre coming back from your tuition class.based on the picture given, write a recount of the incident.

When writing about the incident, you should: describe what happened express what you felt give suggestions of what you think a driver of a hit-and-run accident should do write between 120 to 150 words


Question 7 (10 marks)

SHORT STORYRead the extract below. Then answer the questions that follow.

Dear Diary,Over and done with. Finished and forgotten.No, thats not true! Theres no question of forgetting. Just the opposite. Every minute of every hour, I mentally hug myself and give a silent shout of Whoopee! Yarroop! Hooray! Finally free! Alone at last!Even Dad noticed a change in me. Youre looking wonderful today, he said. Suddenly bright as a button!I feel terrific, I said. Can I have a chocolate milkshake?Have as many as you like.Just one, I said. Only one. Ones enough, isnt it? Who needs two? Theres only one Me..Too bad about Trish of course. Down the hatch! I said. The hatch went whoosh. Goodbye, Trish, I said. Happy memories, I dont think.But thats something I must remember from now on my name. It isnt Clo anymore. Now Im Trish.Trish, thats me.1. Who wrote the diary entry? __________________________________________________________________________ (2 marks)2. Why do you think Dad noticed a change in his daughter? __________________________________________________________________________ (2 marks)3. What has happened to Trish? __________________________________________________________________________ (2 marks)4. What do you think will happen from now on? ___________________________________________________________________________ (2marks)5. Do you like the ending of the story? Give a reason for your answer. __________________________________________________________________________ (2 marks)

_____________________________________________________________________________________Disediakan oleh,Disemak oleh,Disahkan oleh,

. (Cik Norita & Pn Rosy Goh)(Cik Ong Yuh Min)(Pn Rosnah bte Khamis)Guru BIKetua Panitia BIPenolong Kanan 1SMK Permas Jaya 3

,fl,.&t ,. English Ser /

SECTION D[40 marks]

fTime suggested: 45 minutes]

Question 6You should spend 30 minutes on this question.

The picture be low shows an incident of a hit-and-run accident you rrr,itnessed while you were coming back from yourtuition class.

Based on the picture given, write a recount of the incident.


When writing about the recount, you should:. describe what happened. express what you felt. give sugge stions of what you think a driver of a hit-and-run accident should do. r,vrite betrveen 120 to 150 words




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