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Native. Web. Hybrid. Which is a better mobile app strategy ? Choose ONE- specific to the goals and priorities of your app; but the decisions dont just end there. Design, development and distribution expertise add killer edge to the success of your mobile app.


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    Which is a better mobile app strategy ?

    Choose ONE- specific to the goals and priorities of your app; but the decisions dont just end there. Design, development and distribution expertise add killer edge to the success of your mobile app.

  • Contents:

    - Making the correct choice

    - Knowing the dierence

    - Choosing the right App

    - Other considerations

    - The better mobile app strategy

    - About Clarice Technologies

  • Making the correct choice

    This is and has been the most discussed topic in the mobile technology world. Every company when deciding to make an App comes across the following hurdles:

    Q. Which App should be used Native or Web?

    Q. Why should Native be chosen over Web or vice versa?

    Q. Will my decision make a difference to the design, development and distribution of the App?

    Q. How do I get the App Store to approve my App instantaneously?

    Q. How do I make my App look appealing to my Target Audience?

    Q. Can this App be used on a smart phone as well as a tablet device?

    Q. Will the use of sub-standard resources create delivery and performance issues?

    Q. Is it worth spending the time and money to make an App with 3 difference source codes for 3 OSs?

    Knowing the answers to these questions is not just vital but business critical. An incorrect decision can completely mar the functionality and future of the App. Let us discuss how one can make the right decisions.

    An incorrect

    decision can

    completely mar the

    functionality and

    future of the App.

  • Knowing the dierence












    X a















    Code & Design Can have a single code base

    Requires multiple code base

    Single code base with wrappers for OS device

    One time cost across platforms

    Additional cost for every platform

    Between Web & Native apps

    Instatneous Subject to App store approval processSubject to App store approval process






    Limited APIs access by web browser

    All device APIs like GPS, Camera , address book

    All device APIs like GPS, Camera , address book

    Smart phone users with internet access

    All device APIs like GPS, Camera , address book

    All device APIs like GPS, Camera , address book

    Complete freedom App store rules App store rules

    Pricing Any pricing model with100%revenue captureFree or paid with app store capturing 30%

    Free or paid with app store capturing 30%

    Suitability Media content, Socialcollaborations, games

    High-bit-rate games, camera apps, multimedia processing

    App that can be worked with web frameworks

    Heuristic Great for new ideas IF performance matters Logical step of web app

    Limited by browser capabilities

    Device centric impressive experiences

    Limited by browser capabilitiesInteractions

  • Choosing the right App

    When to go for a Native App:

    - High requirements on performance and usability or lots of animations

    - App needs to access device-specific hardware and APIs

    - App targets only a certain (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc) set of users

    - You know you have solid skilled resources who know Objective-C and other native app programming languages (not using best practices will create problems such as crashes, memory, delivery and performance)

    When to go for a Web App:

    - Cross OS functionality (Android, iPhone, etc) with the same development time and cost. Build once deploy anywhere.

    - Faster time to market.

    - No time to find skilled native app development resources. Web development knowledge is enough.

    - Less knowledge of user base and what device they use.

    When to go for a Hybrid App:

    - Minimal device access to features like accelerometer, GPS, etc.

    - Write App once and run everywhere with least porting.

    - Web based App in a native shell provides the best of both worlds.

    - Fast development cycle yet feel of a native app.

    The tricky part is

    that there is no best

    choice. Its all about

    context, and that

    context is evolving

    at a very fast pace.

    - Fred Cavazza, Forbes.com

  • Other Considerations

    Design Expertise:

    User Experience plays an important role in the marketing of the App, whether it is Native, Web or Hybrid. It zeroes in on the target audience, makes personas, use cases and creates a design for the App that will most appeal to the users. Knowing and implementing what is important to the user is a huge lock in for the masses.

    Taking into consideration that not only will the App be used on a smart phone, but also on various sizes of tablet devices creates a whole new dimension to the design and functionality of the App. Form factors are the key factors to be brought to attention while choosing your design strategy.

    App Store Guidelines:

    Having the right experience in the mobile industry teaches one to follow every App store guidelines. Not only does it take time to get the approval from any App store, but you can miss your strategic entry into the market if you miss any of the essential guidelines. For E.g., all hybrid apps may not be approved by the Apple Store if only the HTML shell is wrapped with a native app. Redesigning, recoding and retesting the App will take away crucial time in the market where users could have been downloading your app. Hence it is important to get app store guidelines and implementing them right from the beginning.

    Decision Repercussions:

    Choosing one mobile App strategy based on someone elses choices or the trends in the industry is the worst thing one can do. Each strategy is App specific. One bill fits all does not work and one has to consider what is most important to the App before taking this decision.

    The best apps have

    exemplary user

    experiences where

    powerful, useful

    features are paired

    with beautiful and

    intuitive interfaces.

    - Lifehacker.com User Poll

  • The better mobile app strategy

    While some may conclude that the industry is moving towards Hybrid

    Apps, it is only wise to take that decision based on certain essential

    features of the App as discussed above. Not only do the design,

    development and delivery of the App depend on the right mobile app

    strategy but also overall business success. Getting the mobile app strategy

    right, deploying suitable people to design and develop the App and having

    a marketing edge are what decide the success of your App.

  • Capablity

    We are a one-stop shop for design & development of Native, Web and Hybrid mobile applications. The various horizontals that we have experience with, allows us to offer suggestions on when to use which app. Our depth of experience in the mobile technology development field enables us to provide app store guidelines, use various toolkits and design for multiple form factors.


    Clarice Technologies has helped design and engineer a broad range of world class mobile products like:

    Clarice Technologies

    Mobile Product Engineering Expertise

    Mobile User Experience Expertise

    Mobile Ecosystem Expertise

    - Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phone platforms

    - Android OS customization

    - Building cloud infrastructure for Mobile content & app delivery

    - Information Architecture

    - Interaction and Visual Design

    - HTML5/CSS, JQuery, JQTouch, Sencha touch

    - Total user experience for target audience

    - Mastery of iOS & Android marketplace nuances.

    - Partnering with ODMs and Tier 1 OEMs & Operators

    - Google partnership for Android OS development

    - Private Cloud infrastructure for Android device sync

    - The Tap n Tap UI system for Android Tablets, complete with built in applications

    - Multiple iPhone and iPad applications for the worlds top Graphics Software Company

    - Mobile social networking apps for a social networking startup (acquired by Google)

    - A Hybrid app for a world leader in lighting solutions that works on Desktop, iPad & Andrioid Tablets

    - Usability testing for a mobile content store for a world-leading mobile handset manufacturer

    - And several others like Mobile Security Product on Android, Ad-serving SDK for iPhone, Health planning apps for iPhone and more

    - Consumer and enterprise Web app using HTML5 for a large multinational chip manufacturing company

    - HTML5 Web app interfacing with hardware for controlling key parameters

    - A time bound Hybrid app using complex algorithms for swift movement of objects

    Shaping Ideas into Exemplary User Experience

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