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DESCRIPTION : Creators of beautiful Handmade Wedding Invitations. Personalised Stationery to suit all celebrations. Inexpensive quality handmade wedding invites based in the UK.

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  • Your invitation is the perfect place to reflect the feel and formality of your wedding, giving guests a clue as to what's to come (and what they should

    wear!). As long as all the relevant info is there, it's up to you how it's displayed.


  • Whyweneedweddingstationery?

    Wedding stationery is one of the most important aspects of your big day. From save the date

    cards to give your guests a taste of what they can expect from your celebrations, to matching

    RSVP reply cards, order of service, wedding breakfast menus or place cards. At Bride &

    Groom, we pride ourselves on taking care of all your wedding stationery needs.

  • HomemadeWeddingInvitationsAretheyaffordable?


  • Handmadeweddinginvitations&stationerycantheybeadaptedtosuitourcolourscheme?

    All of our designs can be changed to match your chosen colour scheme for your wedding day and are suited for

    all types of celebrations. All our handmade wedding invitations and stationery are beautifully embellished

    with sparkly diamants to compliment your colour scheme, to give your stationery an elegant, classic feel

    with a little bit of bling. A lot of time, care and effort goes into making your handmade wedding invites and stationery, with all the individual diamants being stuck

    on by hand.

  • Handmadeweddinginvites&stationeryWhatdesignstylesandthemesdoyouhave?

    Whether your wedding theme is butterflies, Hearts or florals we can cater to your individual needs. You can have any wording you choose on your

    Invitations, for ideas on formal and informal wording check out our wording help page. We

    want you to be amazingly happy with your purchase and service!

  • HandmadeweddinginvitationsWelovethem!Howdoweorder?

    Please go to our "Ordering" page for easy instructions on how to order your chosen

    handmade wedding invitations and Wedding Stationery, dont worry it is really simple! We are based in Wigan, UK, but

    we do offer worldwide shipping.

  • CascadeCollectionFoldedWeddingInvitationDay/Day&Evening/Evening

  • Butterflies&SwirlsCollectionWeddingFlatInvitationDay/Day&Evening/Evening


  • ButterflyOneCollectionWeddingFlatInvitationDay/Day&Evening/Evening


  • Flowers&ButterflyCollectionWeddingFlatInvitationDay/Day&Evening/Evening


  • BouquetCollectionFoldedWeddingInvitationDay/Day&Evening/Evening

  • ScrollHeartWeddingSavetheDateCards


    CONTACT ADDRESS First Impressions Handmade Wedding Stationery

    36 Holcroft DriveAbramWigan

    WN2 5YPCONTACT NO 01942 867722

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