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2015 Trends for Wedding Invitations

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1BY THE NUMBERSPersonalized Invitations Custom Designs Website & locally in our Design Studio16th Anniversary Fulfilled 72,000 (whoah!) orders since its inception We took a glance at orders from 2015 thus far to determine popularity and trends in color, printing, design elements, typography & customizationOLIVIERIntroduction Talk about IC and how long its been in business and how we follow trends through both the website and the studioIntroduce the trends well be discussing this evening, and mention how it may translate to other elements of wedding design from venue to florals, and details22015 TRENDSOrganic Design ElementsMap or Geo-Focused MotifsIntricate TypographyCurating is a talent in itself (Hooray Pinterest!)Creative NOT CraftyCustom DesignWedding Branding

JEN Restate the trends well be discussingCouples are more aware than ever of their options & are more trend conscious (hooray Pinterest!)Wedding invitations are about perfecting the first glance and setting the vibeTo do so, many are turning towards custom elementsDigital calligraphyA more crafted way for DIY or design oriented couples to create their wedding suite Creative NOT CraftyCustom Color matching Adding embellishments Pockets BandsSeals or TabsEnclosuresCustom Envelope LiningColored Envelopes

This all equates to the general idea of WEDDING BRANDING. Which is our personal favorite part. Its where the collaboration between vendors happen


Angel He PhotographyJEN This image is an Example of all trends we are witnessing. It reflects: Creative not crafty (looks crafted by does not look like you raided the isles at michaels)Map elementCustom designWedding brandingTypographyMonogram on the wax sealAlso introduces Pattern mixing through the map backer combined with the feather wrapped feather4



Plants (air plants and succulents)

We see this in Southern California.

Succulents are indigenous of Socal and we see it slowly trickling down

FlowersWoodTextures found in nature.

While not new trend, vintage inspired floral designs are still very popular5MAPPED OUT

OLIVIERTalk about clients who come to the studio wanting their invitation to reflect the destination to their guestsMention that we often design map inserts for welcome bags, and list things to doThe geo- map focused trend helps clients flush out the concept of a wedding weekend Its not just the day of its an experience in the locale they are celebrating in.

While not new, destination wedding still going strongCreative use of maps is a relatively new trend6TIP TOP TYPOGRAPHY

JEN Hand Drawn TypeLarge, embellished namesLayouts that resemble infographics or custom typesetting7WEDDING BRANDINGCompleting the suite with elements for the day-ofMenusProgramsPlace CardsThank You Notes

Favor TagsGames or Interactive ElementsCoastersTable Numbers

Catherine Ann PhotographyOLIVIER Wedding Branding & Summary of what it is

Look at your clients wedding invitations suite for inspiration during your consults.


JEN CURATION This couples planner commissioned an illustrator to hand paint their invitation suite.

For millennials, its a point of pride to source talent.

This is an example of a higher level of customization. Which leads us to the ultimate customization: WEDDING BRANDING


OLIVIER Wedding branding makes design elements Cohesive, but without redundancy no duplication of the same elements

This might translate to floral design and dcor in mixed varieties of blooms, mixed heights of centerpieces, or the addition of lounge furniture to standard cocktail elements. All elements telling a story, that is cohesive with the couples personality. 10

Shannon Kirsten Illustration, 2Birds Events, Oh Hello Events, Jessica Charles PhotographyJENFurther example of wedding branding. We were able to adapt the hand painted commission into: Programs, Menu Cards, Place Cards, Art Prints, and even implemented it on the couples photo booth image strip.11Shannon Kirsten Illustration

JENOne additional example from above. This shows the menu. The florals on the table were inspired by the painting. The rosemary on the napkin is a callback to the greenery used on the design12

JEN In summation, the trends we are seeing in typography, geo-centric motif, organic designs, and crafted invitation suites reflect a more personalized experience, greater attention to detail, and the cohesion between wedding design elements. The overarching trend in our industry is to well-thought out wedding brands.13