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<p>Web 2.0 for communication</p> <p>Web 2.0 for communicationMurad Eldarov1.Email2.Social media3.Instant messaging4.Text messaging5.Blog prompts6.Video hosting and sharing Email</p> <p>Emailhas been around longer than the Internetearly inceptions date to the late 1960s using mainframe computers. Now, almost everyone has at least one email address. With more than 1.5 billion email users sending 183 million email messages a day, it would seem email has a secure role in online communication and collaboration, in spite of many new tools. Everyone needs to understand and use email. If you dont already, consider offering, classes on email for your patrons using these free email services:GmailYahoo! MailHotmail</p> <p> Social mediaFacebook Quickly becoming the number one social media website in America, Facebook allows you to connect to family, friends, and colleagues. If youre interested in creating your ownFacebook Fan Pagefor your organizationclick here.Twitter Can you communicate messages in 140 characters or less? Millions of Twitter users can and do every single day throughout the world. Twitter allows individuals to easily communicate and share ideas with anyone who chooses to join their network.</p> <p> Instant messagingGoogle TalkYahoo! MessengerAOL Instant Messenger (AIM)Are popular instant messaging services.</p> <p> Text messagingShort Message Service (SMS), commonly calledtext messaging, lets users send short messages of up to 160 characters via cell phone or other communication device. There is a basic cost involved depending on your provider for those who send and receive text messages.With 500 billion text messages being sent per year, it seems that text messaging is permeating our culture. Are you part of the revolution? </p> <p> Blog promptsCommunicate your thoughts on these tools in this communication tool--your blog!Describe how your library uses email. Has it improved productivity?Share your thoughts on online reference using some of the other Web 2.0 communication tools.Are you an active user of text messaging, IM, or other communication tools?Which OPAL or MINITEX Web conference (Webinar) did you attend? How was it? What do you think o this communication tool?</p> <p> Video hosting and sharingYouTube.com Its Googles and its the most popular place to find video online. Now allows for multiple file format uploads (HD, SD, 720p, 1080, etc). Is probably the best place to park your videos and then embed them back into your website or share them via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.Vimeo.com Allows for HD video content downloading. Might be useful for pool footage or releasing your own video to the media so they can use it in the highest resolution (similar to handing them a videotape).</p>