Communication Tools and Web 2.0 Resources Jack Emeleus

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  • Communication Tools and Web 2.0 Resources Jack Emeleus
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  • Websites (HTML) Wiki websites Bulletin Boards Email (including Lists) Chat Video Chat VOIP Skype etc SMS Syndication Blogs, Pod & Vod Cast Other tools mySpace, YouTube, Facebook Net Communication Tools
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  • Some considerations for choosing or evaluating an ICT for the classroom
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  • Is the ICT worth it? Motivation (Malone) Are ICTs still motivational as for Malone in the early 80s? The best inventions are often new applications of existing technologies Expanding the use of an ICT tool beyond the narrow extrinsically motivated focus of a child
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  • Is the ICT worth it? Theoretical paradigm (SC/CC?) Literacy aspects Is a blog what you think it is? Does RSS mean Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary? Can I use FTP to cook eggs? Will a Wiki bring good luck? Is an iPod a bit like a pea pod? What is a pea pod anyway?
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  • Is the ICT worth it? Frameworks Productive Pedagogies EYCG
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  • Is the ICT worth it? Will it make teaching easier? A legitimate question that teachers might be embarrassed to ask Sharing resources with other teachers Reducing administration Will I need support to implement it? Can I get the support if required?
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  • What are the risks? Nature of iCt is that new channels of communication are open Are the risks going to land you in trouble? (EPPR)EPPR Are the risks justifiable? Confer with a higher authority
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  • Other Considerations Cost Equity a whole lecture for this one! Potential long term benefits Innovations $$ (normally overlooked) Your own professional development If in doubt.always give it a try!
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  • Which CT are we talking about? The Web..Web 2.0
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  • Websites (CMS and Static) For teachers or students Can be great information sources If you are using someone elses there is usually no cost but also less motivation (teachers AND students) Generally difficult to use as almost live communication tools Great for keeping a big community up-to-date (eg )
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  • Websites - Static Web Server.html,.jpg,.gif files etc stored on server Final rendered file in Browser window Request to view website User Delivers HTML / images Costs: Server hosting, Domain Name (base of the URL) Benefits of static: cheap, simple (in server terms), quick from server Cons of static: hard to maintain, cant give multiple admins, need continual FTP access to update and build
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  • Websites - Dynamic (data driven) Costs: Server hosting incl. database, domain Name (base of the URL) Benefits of Dynamic: easy to update, separates content and formatting, decentralised management is an option, lots of pre-built packages, no need for Dreamweaver etc Cons of Dynamic: higher cost, initial set-up can be tricky, ongoing support? Web Server.asp/php,.jpg,.gif files etc stored on server Final rendered file in Browser window Request to view website User Delivers HTML file Database Server Render HTML
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  • Websites (CMS and Static) Use your own and youll need to Build Maintain Write / edit copy How do you give kids pages How do you maintain consistency, security, privacy,.
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  • Wiki Websites (the post-it note of the web) A completely different paradigm Content over formatting Requires some level of trust Needs daily supervision Wonderful medium for instant publications, journals, full class shared projects What would you use it for?
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  • Bulletin Boards / Forums Announcements page on LearnJCU Strictly controlled by the administrator BB is One-way communication, Forum is two way Excellent for senior schooling and VocEd situations where forms and messages from the convenor are a regular thing Blurred boundary BB, Blog & Forum
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  • Email Every child in an EQ or CES school has an email address. Probably every child in QLD Who doesnt have one? Uses: asynchronous communication with.. Parents individual and class lists Students individual and class groups Staff Professionals in fields List Servs (see text) how to find a good one
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  • Email Why use email in a class situation? Archive all communications Low-pressure literacy (not as formal as a letter, but still use a spell check!) Submission of written work Flattens the hierarchy (access to the top) Consider: changing nature of student/teacher relationship Example draft discourse
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  • Chat Synchronous communication Grammatical correctness v expression Global / Local / In class Management Issues: Security / Safety Time management (or lack of) One-One or Many-Many Low tech requirements
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  • Video Chat / Video Conferencing Synchronous communication Verbal, but with textual back-up Global / Local / In class Virtual classrooms Hardware requirements Mic / Speakers / Camera Bandwidth on connection Other uses web cams monitoring projects with time lapse.
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  • VOIP Why use a free phone Virtual classrooms In-school communication Long distance projects become affordable VOIP will be the standard telephone system within the next 2 years. Why not get your students familiar with the idea?
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  • SMS Excellent communication tool with parents. Requires some $$ so admin support would be necessary Administrative use most appropriate Commercial example:
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  • Syndication Different things, but use both to see the full power! Blog Web Log RSS Really Simple Syndication Blog Sample: POD Case: Interactive or Read Only Owner moderated Free & simple to set up Build on your school site or hosted
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  • Syndication - RSS Incorporating RSS Build into a website Use an online aggregator like Examples Custom feed: s&collection=abcnews&form=simple s&collection=abcnews&form=simple ervices/pid/1140 ervices/pid/1140 Desktop download - subscribe to homework?
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  • Syndication Pod Casting As with blogs/rss, but a pod cast utilises audio MP3s as hyperlinks on the web OR Use a Pod Casting aggregator like Doppler or Juice Start your own Pod Cast great for media studies, FTV, Radio. Utilise previously Pod-casted material
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  • Social Networking Online social networking fulfills the same function as hanging out for teenagers and they generally only communicate with people their own age teachers generally fulfill the role of the only older mentor modern kids are likely to getComparisons between schools and jails were mentioned. I appreciate schools duty of care and understand that there are pressure to protect their students but offering the education needed to avoid these problems seems a much smarter approach than the aforementioned head in sand model.
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  • Social Networking Next Week. Techniques for Animation and Video Purposes of Animation and Video Hooking up the media to the NEW mediaYouTube? mySpace?
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  • Questions? Internet Resources Optional Workshop Project


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