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  • Kathy Douglas-Evans Community Education Class Coordinator and Washougal School District Facility Use Coordinator kathy.douglas@washougalsd.org

    “Schools and Community Succeeding Together” -------------------------------------------------------------

    Washougal Community Education & Recreation

    4855 Evergreen Way, Washougal, WA 98671 Phone: 360-954-3040 FAX: 360-835-7776 Website: www.washougal.k12.wa.us/wcer

    Winter 2015 Classes

    Offi ce Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Closed Holidays

    Early Release Wednesdays

    LEGO Club Grades 1-5 Put your engineering imagination to the test! Learn to build and explore a new topic

    every week . . from zipline pulleys, to sturdy bridges, to balloon powered cars, and pyra- mids. The possibili- ties are endless at LEGO Club!

    Wednesdays (5 weeks) Feb. 25-Mar. 25 Code: 2009-15 1:00-2:30 PM Fee: $45.00 Gause - Preschool Room 111 Nicole Mael, Carrie Hopkins

    Mad Science - Science of Machines Grades K-5 Educational and entertaining with hands-on activities and demonstrations that spark curiosity & instill an under- standing of what science is and how it affects the world. Classes include: Get Connected, Radical Robotics, Current Events, and Moving Motion. Hathaway and Cape students can ride the bus to Gause school. Parents must pick- up students promptly after class. Wednesdays Jan. 21-Feb. 11 Code: 2018-15 1:00-2:00 PM Fee: $65.00 Gause School - Library

    Youth Spanish Grades 2-5 Learn how to speak, and understand Spanish. Days, months, seasons, food, kinds of transportation, and more will be cov- ered through song, writing, reading, and other creative activities. Wednesdays Feb. 25-Mar. 25 Code: 2019-15 1:00 PM-2:00PM Fee: $40.00 Gause School - Library Saavedra Luz Dary, Instructor

    Parents Night Out Open Lego Labs

    4 Years to Grade 5 Attention: Lego Lovers . . . Kids, let your creative side rule with theme building contests and 10 minute “Build Off” challenges! Have fun at Lego building stations, building with Duplo Blocks, Giant Blocks, and a huge creative bulk Lego play area. PIZZA, too! Fridays 6:00PM-9:00PM First student $25.00, each add. sibling $15.00 Gause School - Cafeteria Nicole Mael, Carrie Hopkins Minecraft Jan. 23 Code: 2010-15 and/or Create a LEGO Game Board Feb. 20 Code: 2011-15 and/or Star Wars Mar. 20 Code: 2012-15

    Youth Enrichment Safe Sitter® Class A babysitting preparation course designed for students ages 11 to 14. Prepares students for the responsibili- ties of nurturing and protecting children. Learn about Babysit- ting as a Business, Success on the Job, Child Care Essentials, Safety for the Sitter, Injury Management, Preventing Prob- lem Behavior, Care of Choking Infant, and Care of Choking Child. Cllass introduces Pre- venting Injuries and Behavior Management. Includes the Safe-Sitter Manual. Monday Apr. 6 Code: 2029-15 9:00 AM-4:00 PM Fee: $70.00 Jemtegaard M.S. - Library Nicole Mael, Instructor

    Star Wars Camp 4 Years to Grade 5 Come you must for Jedi train- ing! The force is awakening and the dark side is near. Help us build your lightsaber, LEGO star fi ghter, droids, create a Princess Leia hair bun (girls) and much more! Learn the ways of the Jedi as you com- plete your training. Wear your Star Wars outfi t if you have one. Theme snacks are pro- vided to replenish your energy and mind. May the force be with you young Jedi! Monday Feb. 16 Code: 2013-15 12:00PM-3:00 PM Fee: $25.00 Gause School - Cafeteria Nicole Mael,Carri Hopkins

    Education SENG Model Highly Capable Parent Discussion Group SENG - Raising, Supporting, and Advocating for Your Gifted Child/Children. Do you wonder if you are doing what is best for your gifted child? Meet and talk with parents of gifted children and increase your awareness that gifted children and their families have special emotional needs. Participants can check out or purchase “A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children” textbook at class for $20.00. Mondays, No class April 6 Mar. 23-May 18 Code: 2028-15 6:30PM-8:00PM Fee: $5.00 WSD Admnistration Bldg. - Board Rm. Kathy Sloop, Instructor

    Math 911 : Help Your Child with Common Core Math Parents of K-5 students, gain a better understanding of the Common Core State Standards in math. Help your child to be successful with their adding, sub- tracting, multiplication, division, and fraction homework. Wednesdays Feb. 4-25 Code: 2053-15 6:00PM-7:30PM Fee: $5.00 Jemtegaard M.S. - Library Cheryl MacIntyre, Instructor



    Please use the Registration Form on Page 4. Thank you for your support!

  • Education, Cont. First Aid/CPR/AED Adult First Aid and CPR class meets OSHA and WISHA standards. The card is good for 2 years. Infant CPR is not included. AED training is now included. Charlene Dawson, Instructor Jemtegaard M.S. - Library 4:15-7:45 PM Fee: $35.00 Tuesday Jan. 20 Code: 2033-15 or Thursday Feb. 19 Code: 2034-15 or Monday Mar. 16 Code: 2035-15

    Health & Fitness Zumba Fitness Ages 16 to Adult Latin-inspired, dance fitness that incorporates Latin music and dance. Combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body to achieve a unique blended balance of car- dio and muscle-toning benefits. Buy a Punchcard at class. $20.00, 4 classes; $40.00, 8 classes + 1 FREE Tuesdays, 5:45-6:45 p.m. Thursdays, 5:45-6:45 p.m. Saturdays, 9:30-10:30 a.m. Gause School, Gym Rocio Wallace, Instructor

    RIPPED Ages 16 to Adult A “Plateau Proof Fitness Formula, One Stop Body Sys- tem” - Combines Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Diet. Lose pounds and inches, increase your metabolism, sculpt lean muscles, improve cardio vascu- lar performance, feel more energy and strength, and have fun doing it! • Bring a mat, a set of weights up to 5 lbs or a resistance band, a couple hand towels, and water. Saturdays 8:15AM-9:15AM Gause School - Gym Rocio Wallace, Instructor Jan. 3-31 Code: 2014-15 Fee: $25.00 and/or Feb. 7-28 Code: 2015-15 Fee: $20.00 and/or Mar. 7-28 Code: 2016-15 Fee: $20.00 and/or Apr. 4-25 Code: 2017-15 Fee: $20.00

    Yoga & Tai Chi/Qigong Adult Jill Mitchell’s Winter Classes are on hold at this time. Please call WCER, 360-954-3040, the week of January 12 for more information.

    Hobbies Wood Carving Adult No experience required. Learn new techniques and share resources. Materials needed will be discussed at class. Wednesdays Jan. 14-Apr. 1 Code: 2004-15 5:30-8:30 PM Fee: $25.00 Washougal H.S. - Woodshop Dave Cox, Instructor

    Home & Garden Make Raw Sauerkraut Adult Cabbage is the best starter vegetable to become familiar with fermenting. Each student makes their own and then comes back 3 weeks later to test the creation. Lacto fermentation is the old fash- ion way to add good bacteria (probiotics) to our guts. Fee includes jar, cabbage, and salt. Thursday Feb. 5 & 26 Code: 2052-15 6:30-8:30 PM Fee: $30.00 Location: 1227 B St., Washougal Pixie LaPlante, Instructor

    Take a Walk on the Wild Side Familes are welcome for one fee of $20.00. Bring your whole family and explore the super foods gro- ing around you disguised as weeds! Sample easy delicious wild recipes and learn the positive identification of many wild treasures. learn easy wild gardening tips! Location in Washougal to be announced. Saturday March 21 Code: 2052-15 10:00AM-12:00PM Fee: $20.00 Pixie LaPlante, Instructor


    Beginning Spanish Adult Would you like to be able to speak and understand Span- ish? Whether you want to learn Spanish for a job, for a trip, or so you can communicate with your neighbor - this is the class for you! No Tests - No Stress, just plain fun with your compa- ñeros de clase. Text available at class for $13.00. Thursdays Jan. 29-Mar. 19 Code: 2026-15 7:00-8:30 PM Fee: $70.00 Washougal H.S. - 127 Nelda Doody, Instructor

    Advanced Spanish Adult For students who have attended Beginning Spanish or by teacher recommendation. Tuesdays Jan. 27-Mar. 17 Code: 2027-15 7:00-8:30 PM Fee: $65.00 Washougal H.S. - 127 Nelda Doody, Instructor


    Ballroom Dance Ages 16 to Adult No partner needed. For new and returning students - Learn Ballroom Dance from the best. Dave Watson has trained many National Champions and studied under the finest instruc- tors and coaches available, including World Champions! The instructor is fully certified in all 5 styles of Ballroom Dancing and has taught for 38 years. Students will gain confidence and poise as they learn basic patterns, fundamental footwork, correct posture, and develop expression, style, and the importance of connecting with their partner. More patterns and dances will be added as students progress. Mondays, No class Feb. 16 Feb. 2-Mar. 23 Code: 2020-15 7:00-8:30 PM Fee: $70.00 Washougal H.S. - Commons Dave Watson, Instructor

    Combination Dance Classes Pay $5.00 fee for class and recital supplies to the instructor at the first class. For living room leapers, bed- room ballerinas, and front yard frolickers - Combination Dance Classes offer the perfect venue to harn