VBS 2012 BugZone: Transformed by Our Big God by Regular Baptist Press

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BugZone: Transformed by Our Big God challenges students to respond to God’s wonderful love with love, trust, and courageous obedience. The BugZone theme verse expresses the desires of a person whose life has been transformed by God to thank Him, call upon Him, and tell others about Him.

Text of VBS 2012 BugZone: Transformed by Our Big God by Regular Baptist Press

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  • Changed: Joshua

    Num. 13; 14; Deut. 31:68; Josh. 1:111; 3

    Gods presence and power give us

    courage and strength to obey Him.

    CraftMy Bug Jar

    DisCoVeR GoDs PoweR to tRANsfoRm liVes! BugZone: transformed by our Big God challenges students to respond to Gods wonderful love with love, trust, and courageous obedience. The BugZone theme verse expresses the desires of a person whose life has been transformed by God to thank Him, call upon Him, and tell others about Him.


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    O give thanks unto the Lord; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people (Psalm 105:1).

    Program Overviewday 1

  • Changed: Gideon

    Judges 6:17:23

    Changed: Naomi and Ruth

    The book of Ruth

    Changed: ZacchaeusLuke 19:110

    Changed: saul of tarsus

    Acts 9:125

    God can change us to be servants who are ready to

    do His will.

    Gods love for us gives us joy no matter what happens to us.

    Our obedience is evidence of

    Gods transforming power in us.

    Gods message of salvation should

    be shared with everyone.

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    Color Scratch

    CraftGlow Stick Firefly

    CraftBug Key Chain


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  • 7Directors Resources

    BugZone Directors Resource CD Set Set is made up of two CDs: a Directors Resource CD and a Decorating CD packed full of clip art and decorating ideas.

    RBP30702 (ISBN 978-1-60776-375-8)$24.99 (Can. $26.24)

    Directors Resource CD Directors Guide PowerPoint files to help with teacher training BugZone song sheets Transparency masters for the songs Templates to help print or photocopy information onto doorknob hangers, invitation flyers, nametags, and postcards Information on Operation India: Getting Good News to Kids PowerPoint files for the visual books, memory verses, and songs Template for Bug Bucks 10 coloring pages Catalog and order form . . . and more!

    Decorating CD Patterns, clip art, mural ideas, and expanded ideas for decorating Operation India poster and photos for display

    BugZone Directors Guide Planning the program Setting a time schedule Recruiting and training leaders Understanding staff characteristics and responsibilities Holding staff dedication and appreciation services Motivating desirable student behavior Teaching students with special needs and learning styles Games, snacks, contests, and skits Publicizing your BugZone program Reaching out to parents and families Decorating Awarding prizes and stocking your BugZone store Planning the closing program

    RBP30701 (ISBN 978-1-60776-374-1)$14.99 (Can. $15.74)

    Thank-you CardsUse these cards and envelopes to show you appreciate your teams efforts.

    Pkg. of 20RBP30704 (ISBN 978-1-60776-377-2)$6.99 (Can. $7.34)

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    BugZone Explorer PouchThis green pouch features the BugZone logo. Includes a clear pocket, hidden zippered pocket, pencil holder, and lanyard with safety breakaway feature. Will hold nametag. 5" x 6".

    Pkg. of 10RBP30740 (978-1-60776-424-3)$24.99 (Can. $26.24)

  • 8Teacher BooksIntroduce students to God and to how they can know and love Him. Comprehensive preparation Step-by-step plans Lively methods and teaching tips Leading a Child to Christ guide Student age characteristics Decorating tips

    Intensify teacher effectiveness Student participation in each story Integration of gospel throughout all of the lesson plans Attention-holding, fun ways to reinforce lessons Classroom control through motivating desirable behavior Student application of lessons

    KJV Teacher Books2s & 3s (includes games, crafts, and guided playtime)RBP30705 (ISBN 978-1-60776-379-6)Pre-Primary (ages 4 & 5 or 6 in kindergarten)RBP30708 (ISBN 978-1-60776-383-3) Primary (ages 68 or first and second grades)RBP30710 (ISBN 978-1-60776-387-1) middler (ages 810 or third and fourth grades)RBP30712 (ISBN 978-1-60776-391-8) Junior (ages 1012 or fifth and sixth grades)RBP30714 (ISBN 978-1-60776-395-6) Youth (ages 12 and older and grades 7 and above)RBP30716 (ISBN 978-1-60776-399-4)

    NKJV Teacher Books2s & 3s (includes games, crafts, and guided playtime)RBP30753 (ISBN 978-1-60776-380-2) Pre-Primary (ages 4 & 5 or 6 in kindergarten)RBP30755 (ISBN 978-1-60776-384-0) Primary (ages 68 or first and second grades)RBP30757 (ISBN 978-1-60776-388-8) middler (ages 810 or third and fourth grades)RBP30759 (ISBN 978-1-60776-392-5) Junior (ages 1012 or fifth and sixth grades)RBP30761 (ISBN 978-1-60776-396-3) Youth (ages 12 and older or grades 7 and above)RBP30763 (ISBN 978-1-60776-400-7)

    $5.99 (Can. $6.29)

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    Classroom Materials

    Adult Bible StudyThe Verdict: Famous Criminal Trials of the Bibleby Jay Lucas. Kids love investigating bugs. Adults can use this evange-listic Bible study to get in on an investigation of their own. This study can be done during VBS or can stand alone. Answer section included.

    KJV RBP30718 (ISBN 978-1-60776-403-8)NKJV RBP30765 (ISBN 978-1-60776-404-5)$4.99 (Can. $5.24)

  • 9BugZone Visual PacketColorful visuals help students picture obedient Joshua, brave Gideon, joyful Naomi and Ruth, transformed Zacchaeus, and powerful Pauland how they got that way! Order one packet for each classroom (2s & 3sJunior).

    Five 8-page booklets; one book per lesson Theme-related salvation posteruse all year! Extra-large 11" x 17" visual storybooks

    RBP30707 (ISBN 978-1-60776-378-9)$12.99 (Can. $13.64)

    Student Activity SheetsPersonalize student learning Reiterate lesson truths with age-appropriate coloring pages, crafts, activities, puzzles, or games Provide application ideas Let parents see what their children are learning One sticker sheet (for 2s & 3s and Pre-Primary) Two trading cards for each lesson (for Primary, Middler, and Junior) Card 1memory verse & scene Card 2lesson summary & Bible lesson picture

    KJV student Activity sheets and Youth exploration Handbook2s & 3s RBP30706 (ISBN 978-1-60776-381-9)Pre-Primary RBP30709 (ISBN 978-1-60776-385-7)Primary RBP30711 (ISBN 978-1-60776-389-5)middler RBP30713 (ISBN 978-1-60776-393-2)Junior RBP30715 (ISBN 978-1-60776-397-0)Youth RBP30717 (ISBN 978-1-60776-401-4)

    NKJV student Activity sheets and Youth exploration Handbook2s & 3s RBP30754 (ISBN 978-1-60776-382-6)Pre-Primary RBP30756 (ISBN 978-1-60776-386-4)Primary RBP30758 (ISBN 978-1-60776-390-1)middler RBP30760 (ISBN 978-1-60776-394-9)Junior RBP30762 (ISBN 978-1-60776-398-7)Youth RBP30764 (ISBN 978-1-60776-402-1)

    $2.99 (Can. $3.14)

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    Good News Bracelet KitShare the good news everywhere you go! This good news bracelet helps you carry the good news with you so you can tell it wherever you are!

    Pkg. of 20RBP3805 (978-1-59402-046-9)$12.99 (Can. $13.64)

    EvangeCubePresents the gospel of Jesus Christ. Uses several Bible translations in both English and Spanish.

    One Cube 2" x 2"8418 (UPC 4188777777) $7.99 (Can. $8.39)

    The Big Cube One 8" x 8" unassembled larger version of the EvangeCube.

    8421 (UPC 418877770A)$24.99 (Can. $26.24)

    EvangeBallUse the five colors of the Wordless Book to turn sports into fun evangelism and outreach opportunities. Pump included. Instruction sheet uses several Bible translations in both English and Spanish.

    Size 5 ball8429 $16.99 (Can. 17.84)

    Good News Beach BallAnother way to use touch, sight, and hearing to share the gospel!Multip