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Vanille Magazine 2015

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  • Vanille Chokolat & Pimienta Magazine

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    Pie Special Sweet treats of crispy dough and fillings that delight the soul, ideal for this time.

    page 40

    Seasonal Colors and flavors of the season

  • Editorial Content and Photography: Vanessa Hernndez English edition: Omar Gonzalez

    Enjoy our recipes,

    share them with your friends and let us

    know how did it go!


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    [email protected]

  • The days go by and everything

    around us is changing, the colors

    of nature are stained orange and

    red, heat attenuates their

    presence and gives way to the

    winter cold breezes.

    The time is adjusting, the days are

    not as long, the sun sets earlier, it

    seems that nature forces us to go

    home to cover up with blankets,

    drink hot chocolate or a glass of

    wine while watching television or

    talk with our families.

    Vanessa Hernndez Editor


    [email protected]

    So lets switch to low gear, breathe deep and fill with the smells and

    flavors of this time of year, the days of the cakes and pies have

    arrived, hot soups that comfort the body and soul, this is a time to

    get everything ready for the holidays and family gatherings.

    Change of Season



  • Contributors

    Vanessa Hernndez

    Blog writer, amateur photographer and self-taught cook, loves cakes and pastries. Since childhood she likes to cook and innovate in the kitchen. Born in Venezuela and for the last three years living in Mexico with her husband and two rabbits. She is dedicated 100% to her blog and business Chokolat & Pimienta Ptisserie.

    Joanna Tham Chic & Gorgeous Treats

    Food enthusiast & blog writer. Joanna is an IT consultant by day and is deeply passionate about baking and cooking. Most

    weekends, she enjoys role playing pretending to be a pastry chef. In her blog, she loves to share her thoughts on baking or cooking with beautiful photographs that makes us drool.

    Hilmar Arvalo Mis recetas favoritas

    Born and raised in Venezuela, she has been living in Taiwan for over twenty years. She is the happy mother of three boys and a girl, a lawyer, a writer, a translator, a teacher, a baker, she has an eternal passion for doughs and desserts. She loves nature, sports, jogging, cycling, rock climbing, photography, collecting books, especially bakery books, and to share everything that comes out of her kitchen and her blog .


  • Mara Isabel Crdenas Bienmesabes

    She has a mayor in psychology and she is dedicated

    to audiovisual production, has developed her passion for

    photography, pastry and baking, with those she has

    shaped her personal project, were she has been making

    creative pastry, bringing a personal touch in all of her

    creations. She was born in Venezuela and currently lives in


    Omar Gonzalez

    Our official translator for the English edition. Computer

    Engineer, IT consultant and illustrator, loves to draw and is

    obsessed with pixels. Currently he is creating a video

    game called Sol!rise.


    Lola Gonzlez La Alacena de Paterna

    Blog Writer for La Alacena de Paterna shared with Jos

    Maria Ferrara. The mother of two girls, She loves

    decoration and photography, She has always liked

    cooking, especially baking, She loves developing her

    creativity, in her spare time she likes to bake delicious

    cakes and share with her family.

    Celine Genevois Chez Celine

    Born in France, Shes 35 and lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Owns Chez Celine, a French Pastry Bakery. The pastry is a passion for her, she thinks about this all the time, imagining new

    recipes and ideas. What she likes most is the love that is given to people through cooking, for her, Nurturing someone say "I love you." Also loves to eat, and She defines herself as a "gourmande" since childhood and loves anything sweet!

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    20 Pan de muertos

    22 Quick recipe Red Pears

    24 Soup Special

    26 Tomato Soup

    28 Pumpkin cream

    30 Lentil Soup

    32 Ciabatta

    34 Roasted Chicken

    36 Brownies

    38 Chokolaticas

    40 Pie and Tart Special

    42 Basic Pie dough

    43 Apple pie

    44 Pumpkin Pie

    46 Mousse Chocolat tart

    48 Crostata

    50 Passion Fruit Tart

    52 Bourbon Vanilla cream custard Pears tart

    54 Coconut-Choco-Baileys tart

    56 Special Christmas desserts

    58 Sugar cookies

    60 Chocolat truffle

    62 Red Velvet Cupcakes

    64 Moonpies

    66 Kugelhopf

    68 Fruit cake

    70 Chistmas Triffle

    72 Pan de Jamon

    78 The next morning

    80 Oat and amaranth Muffins

    82 Waffles

    3 Editorial

    4 Contributors

    8 Books

    10 Fall - Winter

    12 Paulina Abascal

    16 Chez Celine

    18 Da de Muertos

    76 Simple ideas for Christmas

    84 Cinnamon

    86 Mujeres Construyendo

  • Booksyou need to have this season!

  • Pie it Forward Gesine Bullock-Prado

    . Ed. Stewart, Tabori & Chang

    Pie has always been a popular cookbook topic,

    yet in Pie It Forward, baker, confectioner, and

    pastry master Gesine Bullock-Prado unveils an

    entirely new frontier of pies, redefining what can

    be done with a piecrust and pastry shell. Expect

    lattice and cutouts with an entirely modern twist.

    Bullock-Prado presents her recipes with a voice

    that removes the intimidation factor and inspires

    readers to break out of the double-crust

    straitjacket and try her signature creationsand to laugh out loud along the way.

    Dulces Besos Paulina Abascal. Ed. LAROUSSE

    The famous pastry chef Paulina Abascal

    presents in her fourth book, simple, easy, short

    and friendly recipes, designed in a way that

    allows anyone to make her recipes at home.

    This book is accompanied by cookware to

    immediately implement their content of 40

    recipes and techniques for working


    Pies & Tarts Martha Stewart Ed. Clarkson Pot ter Filled with seasonal fruit, piled high with billowy meringue, or topped

    with buttery streusel, pies and tarts are comforting and foolproof.

    In Martha Stewarts New Pies and Tarts, the editors of Martha Stewart Living include 150 recipes: Some are savory, some are sweet; some are

    simple enough for a weeknight, while others are fancy enough for

    special events.

    Throughout, readers will find plenty of fillings and crusts, basics, and

    techniques for creating flavors and textures for every taste.


  • Fall - Winter

    Fruits, spices, flavors and aromas typical of this

    time of the year, where everything becomes

    more leisurely

  • Season colors and flavors

    Coconut Tangerine Datil




    Tomato Beetroot

    Cinnamon Orange

    Eating fruits and vegetables of the season helps you get all of their nutrients 11

  • Paulina Abascal 12

  • Paulina Abascal Dulces Besos

    Reconocida chef Pastelera Mexicana

    Embajadora de la pastelera mexicana en todo el mundo

    By: Vanessa Hernndez

    The renowned Mexican chef Paulina

    Abascal, inspired by her love for the

    pastries, she started baking when she was

    just seven years old. With eighteen-year of

    career in the Pastries business, she is

    recognized internationally for her strong

    presence in the media, four books with

    multiple editions, and two international

    awards. Paulina studied hotel

    management in Mexico and took a course

    in pastry and chocolate specialization in

    LeNotre, Paris.

    The Chef Abascal answered some

    questions that let us know a little bit more

    about that entrepreneurial woman, behind

    her creations.

    Which is your first memory of your

    beginnings in pastry?

    With my grandmother, at her kitchen,

    baking a Rosca de Reyes when I was 7

    years old.

    How do you define Paulina Abascal?

    Passionate about Life, hard worker,

    persevering, sensitive, caring and a big


    Where does the inspiration for your sweet

    deserts come from?

    From the everyday life, from finding the

    Special in the ordinary.

    On her shop she offers personalized services to transform your events into a big dream. On her shop youll find a big variety of cakes, cookies, chocolates, and her line of cooking tools, chef clothing and all of her recipe books.



  • What does it feel like being a at the

    vanguard and a innovative in Pastry and to

    have worldwide recognition for your

    spectacular creations?

    I feel very lucky to be able to do what i love

    the most in life