Using iPads For Effective Teaching and Learning

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Using iPads For Effective Teaching and Learning. Presented by: Jim Swan Horizon School Division #205. Information from this uberPD can be found at. "May I be excused?". Do your students feel this way?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Using iPads For Effective Teaching and Learning

Presented by:Jim SwanHorizon School Division #205Using iPads For Effective Teaching and Learning from this uberPD can be found atDo your students feel this way?"May I be excused?"

Larson, G. (2007). Far Side Cartoon. Retrieved from

Acknowledge Change

Old School Tools

21st Century Tools

Describe how you teach, what tools you use, and how you assess your students.The Socrative ApplicationStart at!Differentiate Your Teaching

Online LearningHybrid CoursesFlipped ClassroomsPaperless ClassroomsDigital MediaTechnology ToolsExplore Tools and Pedagogy

Advance Your Students

RememberUnderstandApplyAnalyzeEvaluateCreateBloom's Taxonomy for the Digital Age

Starr, E. (2011). Bloom's Taxonomy For a Digital Age. [Digital Edition]. StarrMatica Learning Systems.21st Century Fluencies

Information FluencySolution FluencyCreativity FluencyCollaboration FluencyMedia Fluency Meaningful Learning Opportunities

WikisBlogsWeb 2.0VideoSMARTBoardsMobile DevicesOnline Learning21st Century Alphabet Through Technology

Colleges, Universities and K-12 Schools around the world are adopting mobile devices for faculty and students.iPads on Campus

iTunes AccountRegistering iPadsWho will control application downloadsBulk purchasing of applications Managing Content

Infrastructure - Wireless Network iTunes AccountMobile CartsOrganized - Have a planApplication downloadManaging Devices

InteractiveCollaborativePortableEasy to useAccessibilityWhy iPads are a Hot Topic

Infusions perfect personal learning device!Voice OverLarge Text / ZoomWhite on BlackAudio CorrectionSpecial Education ApplicationsiPads for the Accessibility

The new iPad has even more features.iPads for the VideosYou TubeTeacher TubeiTunesUVodcastsMovies / TV

iTunesUPodcastsAudiobooksAudio AccessibilityiPads for the Audio

Digital booksTextbooksResourcesAudiobooksNook, Kindle, Google Books, iBooksiPads for the Books

90,000+ Applications for the iPad425,000+ Applications for the iPhone & iPod Touch12,500+ Educational ApplicationsWorthy ed applications iPads for the Applications

PagesKeynoteNumbersNotabilityQuickVoiceIdea SketchDropboxEvernoteGood ReaderMoodle, BlackboardApplications for Online LearningMendeleyReadabilityQrafterPrezi ViewerTourWristFlashcards*Khan AcademyDiscoveryTEDScience 360Applications for ConsumptionEducreationsShow MeBook CreatoriMovieGaragebandAnimotoPaperHelperPoppletApplications for CreationSocrativeTeam ViewerEdmodoJoin MeWhiteboardVoiceThreadMoodle, BlackboardApplications for CollaborationThe Aptivities!

Use the socrative appRoom # 49065

Recall what you have learned today about ADAPT and consider the following questions to reflect on ...

How do you plan to use the iPad in your role as an educator?How do you plan to use it with students?Socrative Reflection!Questions?


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