Using Google Docs. Objectives Google Docs overview Create G-mail accounts – DO NOT use personal accounts Google Doc Interface Spreadsheet/Form overview

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  • Using Google Docs

  • ObjectivesGoogle Docs overviewCreate G-mail accounts DO NOT use personal accountsGoogle Doc InterfaceSpreadsheet/Form overviewWord Processing OverviewSlideshow Overview

  • Resource pagesGo to and click on the Google Docs link on the left hand side.When using resources such as Google Docs, it is best to have some type of platform to host embedded materials like forms and weblinks

  • What are Google Docs?Put simply, Google Docs is an online file sharing and collaboration utility.Free to useRequires a G-Mail account to edit, develop, and collaborate but not to view.Allows for the development of word processing documents, spreadsheets, forms, and slideshows. Most materials can be exported into popular formats for offline use.

  • Create an G-mail AccountDo not use this for personal e-mails.Will also work for www.blogger.comYou may want to make it an easy address for students to remember.

  • G-Mail is a bit different than Outlook

  • Google Docs InterfaceChoose Documents from the header bar.

    Basic Interface Setup

  • Basic HeadersWord ProcessingWYSIWYG (wissywig)What You See Is What You Get

    Note the Share and Save buttons

  • Spreadsheet Header

    Presentation Header

  • Upload DocumentsFind the Upload button

    - It is just like attaching an e-mail file.- You can also e-mail documents right to Google Docs

  • Sharing DocumentsFrom this point you can

    Get a web link for a document E-mail the web link.Attach the documents to an E-Mail

    Invite other users to collaborate/share

  • Making a FormFrom SpreadsheetDevelop a spreadsheetColumns should have form headingsAfter you save the document you can choose create formFrom Form in the new heading, from this point you can.Choose question typesRearrange questionsChoose themesReview responses