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Update on the “Concertation Gaz” Process - · PDF fileUpdate on the “Concertation Gaz” process . 12 ... prorata Implementation of ... Public consultation on CRE deliberation

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Text of Update on the “Concertation Gaz” Process - · PDF fileUpdate on the...

  • Update on theConcertation Gaz Process

    Benot Pouzieux et Jean-Marc Brimont

  • AgendaAn effective and mature process

    The need to connect with the European process

    2010 achievements and upcoming challenges

    - 2 -

    Update on the Concertation Gaz process

  • AgendaAn effective and mature process

    The need to connect with the European process

    2010 achievements and upcoming challenges

    - 3 -

    Update on the Concertation Gaz process

  • Reminder of the essentials Objectives

    Share a common understandingBuild consensual solutionsProvide analyses and proposals to feed the regulators


    - 4 -

    A 2-level structureA steering committeeWorking groups

    All the stakeholders gatheredShippers, suppliers, consumers, regulator, operators,

    energy ministry Chaired by the 2 TSOs

    A common cooperative asset

  • An effective and mature processThe reference way to add or to improve

    transmission servicesHigh attendance and active contributions

    Diversity of positions expressed

    Connected infrastructures on-boarded when necessary

    - 5 -

    Concrete achievementsIn 2010, 5 regulators ruling based upon Concertation Gaz


    Regulators 2011 tariff consultation fed by inputs from Concertation gaz

    A shared practice of co-building every evolution

    A productive system

  • A new website since May 2010

    A clearer schedule

    Slides and minutes available quickly

    News Flash

    - 6 -

    Forum functionalities to post reactions or questions

    RSS flow for real-time updates

    A more interactive interface

  • AgendaAn effective and mature process

    The need to connect with the European process

    2010 achievements and upcoming challenges

    - 7 -

    Update on the Concertation Gaz process

  • A new framework

    Harmonisation process

    Priorities from the European Commission

    Framework guidelines (FG)

    Network codes (NC)

    Consultation windows

    ACER, ENTSOG, Commission

    - 8 -

    ENTSOG Commission ACER

    to interact with

  • Several interactions

    - 9 -

    Different topicsthird-party access data exchange and settlement capacity-allocation and congestion-management transparency balancing

    tFG 1 NC 1

    FG 2 NC 2

    FG 3 NC 3

    Different schedules

    to be taken into account

  • Why and how to connect to the European process?to share a common analysis of draft documentsto build a French input to fuel the harmonisationto include the harmonisation outcome in the

    specifications of the workings groupsto anticipate the harmonised rulesto prepare the implementation of the network codes

    - 10-

    A strengthened and renewed need of Concertation gaz

  • AgendaAn effective and mature process

    The need to connect with the European process

    2010 achievements and upcoming challenges

    - 11-

    Update on the Concertation Gaz process

  • 12

    The Concertation Gaz and its Working Groups

    Evolution of networks contractual structure

    Operational network code

    Capacity allocation


    Management of intraday flexibility

    Contractual scheme for downstream capacities


    IT System coordination

  • 13

    Evolution of the network contractual structure (1/2)

    Objective 1 : Improve the access to the Southern Zone

    July 2009 - CRE ruling:

    Merger of GRTgaz zones should be gradual towards 2015 horizon As technical conditions are met, a single market place should be created in 2011

    GRT/TIGF joint study under the supervision of the French Ministry :

    As of 2010, existing constraints could be eased by the joint model As of 2013, there should be no congestion at the GRTgaz/TIGF interface

    Southern Zone possible, based on the operational rule proposed byGRTgaz

    Evolution of market conditions at GRTgaz South/TIGF interfaces

    Mechanisms to improve conditions of access to the Southern market zone ( coupling, flow commitments )




    Public consultation on CRE decision in progress

  • 14

    Evolution in the network contractual structure (2/2)

    Objective 2 : Improve access to the L-gas perimeter

    Results of the GRTgaz preliminary study


    Merger of L and H perimeter feasible by 2013 Sharing of costs for provision of L gas required Coordination between Storengy and GRTgaz required

    Short term : basic conversion service can be set to zero as of 2011 Sharing of Swap contract costs required Nominations between perimeters maintained without change in balancing rules

    and the role of the balancing shipper Operational rule should be introduced

    Evolution of market terms at the North B/ North H interface

    Public consultation on CRE decision in progress

  • 15

    Operational Network Code

    Objective : Define the GRTgaz operational network code



    Definition of a rule regarding the distribution of available capacitiesbetween N/S Link and PITS Serene Sud (winter) / Sediane Littoral(summer)

    Feedback on the summer rule

    Definition of the form and content of the Network Code

    Topic prioritization and treatment: min. scenario in Obergailbach,conditions of availability of interruptible and backhaul capacities,definition of climatic capacities and availability of interruptible capacitiesat PITS

    Information on netting and rebound rules on Entry Points

  • 16

    Capacity Allocation

    Objective : Improvement of capacity allocation rules



    February 8th 2010 decision on the allocation of capacitywithin the framework of GDF Suezs commitments

    July 8th, 2010 :decision on rules to be applied onmulti-annual and annual capacities as of April 1st 2010

    GDFSuezs Commitments: GRTgaz procedure for the marketing of LT capacities at Taisnires and Obergailbach entry points

    Improvements of rules on N/S link: detailed study on 3 methods :need based, auctions, prorata

    Implementation of Framework Guidelines for CMP and CAM Continuation of the studies on auction-based allocation mechanisms

    CRE approved GRT proposal based on the WG results

  • 17


    Objective : Define the target balancing system for 2012-2013


    Prospects for June 2011

    September 30th 2010 CRE deliberation to decide on changes to gas transmission network balancing rules

    Stakeholders views on possible target system

    Definition of the main principles of GRTgaz target system in the framework of European guidelines :

    TSO resort mainly to the market to balance the system on a daily basis. Stronger incentives for shippers to balance their positions Enhanced quantity/quality of information on both the global position of the network and the individual imbalances

    CRE approved Target balancing-system principles proposed by the WG

    GRTgaz : Implementation plan for the target as of 2013 TIGF : Assessment and possible upgrades to the current system

  • 18

    Management of Intra-Day Flexibility

    Objectives: - Define market rules for intra-day flexibility management- Operational rules for electricity producers


    ProspectsPublic consultation on CRE deliberation in progress: access rules for customers with high flexibility needs

    Presentation of GRTgaz/TIGF joint study on the ability of gas infrastructures toprovide flexibility to the market

    Elaboration of the flexbility supply offer by TSOs

    Operational management of flexibility shortages

    Definition of operational rules : temporary procedure

    Based on CRE deliberation,possible work could be :

    Define the contractual structure of the flexibility offer Integrate operational terms into this structure

  • 19

    Contractual scheme for downstream capacities

    Objective : Simplify access to delivery capacity for end consumers

    Results Synthesis of market expectations for changes in the contractual scheme

    SWOT analysis : choice of a high-modularity scenario allowing :

    Gradual and customized access for new entrants

    Transfer of right of use for delivery capacities to a balancing shipper

    A stronger link between the TSO and the end consumer

    Positive feedback from market actors

  • 20

    Contractual scheme for downstream capacities

    Legal assessment of the scenario

    Flash consultation of all shippers

    April 2011 : final version of the draft contract

    October 2011 : implementation at the launch date of TRANS@ctions V1c


  • 21

    3CTG (Industrial Customers)

    Objective: Foster dialogue and partnership with end consumersand provide them with information on the GRTgaz offer

    Kick-off meeting in June to define the topics to be treated

    Load shedding


    Gas quality


    Connection Contract liability limits.



  • 22

    IT System Coordination

    Objective : Inform stakeholders of changes to the IT system

    Presentation of the Trans@ctions capacity booking portal

    Implementation process of the final version at the end of 2011



  • 23

    As a conclusion

    Major changes to the market structure are to be designed and implemented.

    Your implication within the process is essential to develop better market conditions for the ben

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