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  • EmbroidererElisabet Sanchez

  • What is the office of embroidered? During the Middle Ages the embroidery sewing labored for the church. They sewed all tissues.

  • What tools were necessary for your job? The materials that they needed: textiles, linen, thread, needles, scissors, frame, magnifying glass and a design.

  • Tools

  • An ordinary day in my lifeEvery day I wake up very early. I started my work as an embroiderer.

  • What was my food? In that time the food was very simple. It basically consists of flour of wheat or barley, some vegetables that are boiled with water and very occasionally eat poultry meat.

  • What is my workplace? Usually I sew in my house, always in a site with light

  • My office consisted in sewing the tissue. Embroidery is very difficult and entertaining.

  • Throughout the day I did two tissues. All my clothes are for the church.

  • Working hours

    I worked from ten to sixteen hours a day ,it dependeng of the day. It isnt a hard job but its difficult.

  • This is a job done by women. The required materials are purchased in the sewing.

  • I started my job when i was 14 years old and still today I entertained with the job. I mostly enjoyed making pillows for my house.

  • The end!