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1. 04/01/15 1Max Puigoriol 2. 04/01/15 2 NDEX Features club Presidency Evolution of uniform Evolution of the shield Anthem Stadium Latest news Bibliography 3. 04/01/15 3 Features club Club Atltico de Madrid is a Spanish football club from the city of Madrid. It was founded on 26 April 1903 and plays in the first division of the Spanish League football. On 26 April 1903, a group of students and locals Vizcaya decided to found a branch of the team Athletic Bilbao, which was called Athletic Club de Madrid. Both clubs could not face official matches to be considered the same club. The first president of the Athletic Club of Madrid was Enrique Allende, the same year he left office and was replaced by Eduardo de Acha. 4. 04/01/15 4 Presidency The current president of Club Atltico de Madrid Enrique Cerezo is a film producer who took office in 2003, after the resignation of Jess Gil. Julian Ruete and Vicente Caldern were the only two presidents have been elected on two separate occasions. Ruete served his first term between 1912 and 1919 and the second in 1920 and 1923. Calderon meanwhile served his first term between 1964 and 1980, and the second between 1982 and 1987 Jesus Gil Enrique Cerezo 5. 04/01/15 5 Evolution of the uniform Uniform began in 1903 6. 04/01/15 6 Evolution of the shield In the history of Club Atltico de Madrid have been different models shields and versions thereof. The shape of the current coat dates from 1947 and has a caudate shape or sharp at the tip. This blazon has a chopped composite field, which has in its upper division symbols of the Town and Court of Madrid and bottom club colors. 7. 04/01/15 7 Anthem l Atletico Madrid hymn was released in 1972, being the work of musicians Jos Aguilar Garcia Granados and Angel Curras, 53 replacing known as "Hymn of the Metropolitan . On the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the club in 2003, singer- songwriter Joaqun Sabina, renowned athletic supporter, composed a song called 'Grounds of a Feeling ", 54 considered the anthem of the centenary and officially used since 1972 by the Music is Pancho Varona. Different versions are recorded, which together with Sabina put their outstanding voice Atletico Madrid fans. 8. 04/01/15 8 Stadium Since 1966, Club Atltico de Madrid plays its home matches at the Vicente Calderon Stadium, located next to the Manzanares river in the Madrid district of Arganzuela. It is one of the five stages of Spain cataloged as "Estadio Category 4" by UEFA, which enables it to accommodate late competitions organized by it, like the Champions League or the UEFA European League. The stadium, owned by the club, has a capacity of 54,851 espectadores.66 was opened, the October 2, 1966 in a match against Valencia CF, which ended in a draw to one and the mattress goal was scored by Luis Aragons. At the time of his inauguration was the first stadium in Europe which had seats for all aforo. 9. 04/01/15 9 Latest news The fans were queuing to enter the Caldern from 10.00 and finished filling the bleachers enabled.It seemed that the game was played, but it was to see the return of Fernando Torres.If one happened this morning by the Vicente Calderon think it was because the game was played. Security measures were those of a meeting and the number of visitors was the same as any game they play Atletico at the Calderon. But no, blocked roads and pilgrimage of fans to the stadium were not for a party, but by seeing the presentation of Fernando Torres, the prodigal son of Atletico Madrid. 10. 04/01/15 10 Bibliography Wikipedia website: Official website of Atletico Madrid: Colchonero website: