Train the Trainer Course 1

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  • 7/29/2019 Train the Trainer Course 1


    Train The TrainerFETAC Level 6

  • 7/29/2019 Train the Trainer Course 1


    This Certificate in Train the Trainer course is FETAC accredited and participants have the

    opportunity to gain FETAC certification at Level 6.

    This course will provide you with an in depth practical and theoretical understanding of the

    role and function of training in the business environment. You will gain an invaluable insight

    into the knowledge, skills and attitudes that successful trainers need to design, deliver,assess and evaluate high quality training.

    As this course is FETAC accredited, you are required to complete an assignment and

    engage in skills demonstration. This assignment accounts for 50% of marks with the skills

    demonstration accounting for the remaining 50%. You will be given clear guidelines on how

    the assignment should be completed. The skills demonstration element will be completed

    and assessed during the course.



    During this module you will compare and contrast various concepts of training and education.

    You will be taken through a process of applying a coherent theoretical framework for training

    practice. The pre-requisites for effective communication in groups and group dynamics are

    addressed. Various principles and methodologies of adult learning will be explored looking atdifferent learning styles and learning outcomes.

    Theory of Training and Adult Learning

    This module outlines good practice in training and how to demonstrate good practice in a training

    environment. You are introduced to different training styles and conflict resolution techniques.

    The importance of establishing boundaries and how to deal with challenging attitudes and

    behaviours are essential attributes of the effective trainer. Part of this module will also identifypersonal training and development needs for you in your role as a training professional.

    The Role of the Trainer

  • 7/29/2019 Train the Trainer Course 1


    Training Needs Analysis and Programme Design

    Trainers delivering training in a business environment must be capable of identifying different

    job roles and associated behaviours. This module looks at the process of completing an

    effective training needs analysis, how to identify and analyse training requirements. The

    structure of programme design is addressed through establishing training objectives and

    how these can used to evaluate training effectiveness. A Training Needs Analysis is only

    effective if it is followed up by learning programmes that are relevant to the identified needsof the learner. This module provides a step by step framework taking you through the process

    in detail. Many training providers work with various certification bodies, this module also

    looks at how to ensure a programme conforms to these requirements.

    Preparing for Training Delivery

    Delivery and Assessment

    The success of any training session is largely due to preparation; this module looks at the

    planning process and how to apply training methods to ensure learning objectives are

    achieved. Trainers are often required to create exercises to enhance or consolidate learning;

    participants are guided through how to make these activities as effective as possible. This

    module also looks at the preparation of training tools, visuals aids etc.

    The presentation of the trainer and how they manage and interact with the training

    environment hugely contributes to how effective a training session is. During this module the

    key skills of establishing, promoting and maintaining a positive learning environment are

    discussed. Different training strategies are explored, how to demonstrate effective listening

    and feedback skills. During delivery trainers should be consciously monitoring and critiquing

    both trainers and learners achievement of the training objectives.

    Evaluation of Training

    In order to improve on any skill it is necessary to reflect on your existing skills and then work

    on improving them. Training evaluation is an important learning platform for the trainer.

    This module looks at the evaluation process, evaluating learner progress against the learning

    objectives and the training programme in its entirety. Methods of gathering input from learners

    during this process are described and opportunities for improvement in delivery are identified. T

    his process culminates in creating a programme improvement plan, providing participants with all t

    he tools for successful training evaluation.

  • 7/29/2019 Train the Trainer Course 1


    An understanding of different learning styles.

    An understanding of the functions and processes of training and learning.

    The ability to evaluate different approaches to learning.

    An appreciation of the importance of training on an individual, social and economic level.

    The ability to work effectively with a large range of learner groups.

    The ability to design, deliver and evaluate training programmes. The skills to deliver and implement appropriate assessment methods.

    What You Will Gain


    4 days (9.30am to 5.00pm)

    Presented as a two-day module, followed by a further two-day session

  • 7/29/2019 Train the Trainer Course 1


    Professional Development Ltd

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    We are Ireland's largest

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    Our head office is in

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    Professional Development

    Head Office

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    Dublin 15

    Dublin: 01 - 861 0700

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