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The Wake Magazine is a student-operated news, opinion, arts, and entertainment publication based out of the University of Minnesota


  • Volume 14, Issue 1 | sePT 29 - oCT 12Drama, Debate, and Date Rape Drug Detection PG. 12

    Featured Students: The Seamstress and the Baker PG. 13Q&A: Joey Verskotzi PG. 16

  • Executive DirectorKelcie McKenney

    Head DesignerKate Johnston

    Graphic DesignersAmanda Gentle, Kayla Lutteke, Erin Slayton

    Web ManagerSam Gordon

    Public Relations/Advertising ManagerJordyn DiOrio

    PhotographersEmily Mongan, Christina Collins, Emily Dueker

    IllustratorsLizzie Goncharova, Peter Mariutto, Max Smith, Abigail Lynn Rommel, Cera Nelson

    Contributing WritersErik Newland, Haley McCullum, Madison Bloomquist, Loreena St. Dennis, Kirsten Erickson, Kevin Beckman, Jonathan Tvedt, Kristen Wangsness, Aidan Hutt, Lillian Noonan, Olivia Riley, Aron Wolde, Cayla Cavey, Eathan Lauer, Emily Dueker, Sara Glesne, Russell Barnes, Abigail Lynn Rommel, Niqq Helgeson, Cera Skylar, Shawnna Stennes, Lianna Matt, Sam Schaust

    LETTER FROM THE EDITORAnother year, another Wake.Its here. My third year at the University of Minnesota. My third year at The Wake Magazine.

    Since I began as a freelance writer, Ive seen The Wake change styles, voices, and characters. But one thing has stayed the same our purpose.

    Our purpose, in my mind, is to give students a place to practice and perfect their chosen skills in a friendly and fun, yet vigorous environment filled with people who all want each other to succeed.

    The Wake simply cannot exist without the student need to find niches, to create, to thrive. And as far as Im concernedthose same needs wouldnt have homes, or be able to exist, without places like The Wake.

    Its not holding the 24-page issue in my hands, but the little, overlooked moments I experience that make the significance of our purpose so apparent:

    The employees at the print shop expressing how much they are impressed by our redesign

    The glow on a writers face when they pick up their first story

    Gaining over 200 likes on our Facebook page over the summer

    Piloting our Intern Program and having a surge of interest immediately

    Sitting around our new conference table with an amazing team of editors bouncing the craziest, smartest, weirdest ideas off of each other

    Rebooting The Wake Warriors, our street team

    Theres no doubt in my mind that more instances like these will continue, and I cannot wait for each one to fill my heart and mind with pride and bliss.

    The specialist of thanks to this amazing group of people I have the pleasure of working with. You all impress me every day.

    Grace BirnstengelEditor-in-chief


    Editor-in-ChiefGrace Birnstengel

    Managing EditorLauren Cutshall

    Cities EditorEmily Mongan

    Voices EditorKayla McCombs

    Sound & Vision EditorsAlex Nelson, Sam Schaust

    Public Relations/Advertising Assistant Jennifer Burns

    Social Media ManagerAbby Richardson

    Finance ManagerBen Larwa

    DistributorsRyan Condron, Chris Roebber

    Production InternKirsten Erickson

    Art DirectorsLizzie Goncharova, Max Smith

    Copy EditorsSara Glesne,Lindsey Pastrorek

    Editorial InternsLianna Matt, Shawna Stennes

    Faculty AdvisorShayla Thiel-Stern

    Pitch Perfect Planning PG. 4

    Land O Sports, Er, Lakes PG. 6

    The NFL: A Game of Ignorance PG. 11

    Drama, Debate, and Date Rape Protection PG. 12

    The Seamstress & The Baker PG. 13

    Q&A: Joey Verskotzi PG. 16

    Music & Fashion Collide at New York Fashion Week PG. 18

    The Twin Cities: Unscripted PG. 19


    2014 The Wake Student Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

    Established in 2002, The Wake is a fortnightly independent magazine and registered student organization produced by and for students at the University of Minnesota.

    The Wake Student Magazine126 Coffman Memorial Union300 Washington Avenue SEMinneapolis, MN 55455

    The Wake was founded by Chrin Ruen & James DeLong.

    Disclaimer: The purpose of The Wake is to provide a forum in which students can voice their opinions. Opinions expressed in the magazine are not representative of the publication or universityas a whole. To join the conversation email




  • By Kayla McCombs

    The success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign continues to impress; according to the ALS Association, over $114 million have been raised through the challenge alone. Despite some criticism, the spread of awareness and the unprecedented amount of money raised speak

    volumes about the role of social media in philanthropy. In fact, it wouldnt be much of a surprise if more

    charitable organizations decided to get creative with their social media campaigns. In honor of this summers chilly trend, here are three completely plausible future challenges.

    1) The Puppy Breath Challenge: Let any pooch lick your face for ten seconds without stopping for air, and/or donate to your local Humane Society.

    2) The Belieber Challenge: Record yourself dancing to a Justin Bieber song, and/or donate to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation or a similar organization to help fund music education.

    3.) The Cereal-for-a-Day Challenge: Eat only cereal for a whole day, post pictures or videos of the experience, and/or donate to an anti-hunger organization such as Meals on Wheels, Action Against Hunger, or Feed the Children.


    By Alex Nelson

    Lets face it; fall is essentially a myth at this point. One second were blasting the AC, and the next, were grasping at the last traces of temperatures in the low 50s. Luckily, husband-and-wife indie pop outfit Tennis offer a discography of warm, surf-inspired tunes to comfortably usher you into this post-fall, pre-winter zone of unwelcome obscurity. Read up on the history of the 3-year-old band and youll find that the music was born after the couple sold their belongings and embarked on a seven-month sailing expedition. As a result, their song-writing and poetic lyricism reveal an affinity for nature that blooms into realization within each song. To producetheir new album, Ritual in Repeat, the couple employed Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, who took their simple, summery pop songs and baked them for 20 minutes at 350 until they turned a crispy golden-brownperfect for fall listening. In the world that Tennis exists in, the air is dry and cold, the leaves still turn pretty colors and crunch beneath your feet, and you can carry that pumkin-spice latte around without your fingers freezing up. Leave Best Coast at the beach and let Tennis keep you cozy through the cold.

    By Emily Mongan

    Even when the majority of students are away soaking up the rays and relishing in a few months free from academia, life goes on at the U of M. Here are a few of the biggest campus news items you may have missed this summer, so take a few seconds and brush up on your current events you can thank us later.

    The Viking invasion: The Vikes have taken over TCF Bank Stadium while their new stadium is being built, so expect a sea of purple and gold to take over basically all of campus on game days.

    Why is it that in a bar or club setting, a multitude of boys think it is okay or even desirable to simply grab my butt without asking? Im here to enjoy myself, have a few drinks, and maybe dance with my girls, but without a complete intrusion of personal space. Um, excuse me; I am not here for your viewing or grabbing pleasure. Now dont even start with not all men, because the number of times I get my cheek grabbed or an unwanted hand up my shirt is insane in the course of those few hours I dabble in night life. What miscommunication happened in the raising of boys to make them think women want to be groped unannounced? Im sick of my body being treated like an all-you-can-touch buffet. Learn some respect and keep your hands to yourself. This butt is dancing without you.

    For all you cyclists who think you are invincible, I have news for you. Youre not. Dont get me wrong, Im really happy youre helping save Mother Earth for all of us with your green ways of life. But Im never going to see a cleaner Earth if I get run down by a biker on the sidewalk, or plowed down by a biker who is adamant about not using the bike lane. If youre going to be on the sidewalk, walk your bike. At the very least, you could give me a kind On your left! before you whiz past. And if you plan to be on the street with all of the other vehicles, take your headphones out of your ears. Being able to hear car horns generally plays a large role in not getting hit by them. Bikers have rules too. Get to know them.



    Breathe easy: Smoking, tobacco use and e-cigarettes are now prohibited on all areas of campus. With the ban, the U joins more than 1,000 universities across the U.S. that ban smoking, including four of the five University of Minnesota campuses.

    Rolling right along: The light rail is up and running, so hop on for rides between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul. Fares are the same as Metro Transit buses, and can be paid for with a U-Pass.

    4 | sEPT 29 - OCT 12

    ANNOyED WITh sOMEThING? Send your 10 to 150-word rant to and yours might be in our next issue!



    pitch pERfEct plAnninGThe process of landing big-name homecoming performers

    By Erik newland

    Ever wonder how the indie-rock band Walk the Moon and rapper Iggy Azalea were chosen to perform at the Homecoming Concert? The process of bringing big name artists to play at the University of Minnesota is a much longer one than you would expect. For eight months, beginning in January and going all the way up to the day of the concert, the Student Unions and Activities planning committee is hard at work surveying students, making budgets and calling agents.

    According to Senior Ashley Herink, the marketing specialist coordinator at SUA and one of the six students in charge of planning Homecoming and Spring Jam, the committee makes a list of a few hundred artists based on student surveys done both on social media and in person. Any artist can be entered in the survey, and topping this list is solely a matter of popularitynot genre, costs, or availability. Many artists who earned the popular vote in the survey are not available due to the concert taking place on a non-flexible date, and the most popular artists often

    cost more than the committee is willing to pay. The committee makes sure that admission stays well under $100 a person, capping student tickets at $50 in order to keep prices affordable for students.

    Once availability and costs are determined and the list of artists has been narrowed down, the chair members of SUA along with the planning committee make a decision based not only on the original survey numbers, but on how popular the act is.

    It all depends too on if the artist is relevant, said Nathan Waldvogel, SUAs marketing manager.

    Students have the opportunity to take part in the artist decision by answering a second survey sent by SUA to 10 percent of the university partway through the selection process, this time concerning a shortened list of artists that SUA could realistically get for the concert. Herink says that some people neglect to answer the questions, so they miss out on a lot of voices.

    The administrative part of the planning process is done by the coordinators and chairpersons at SUA. These time-consuming student jobs involve continuous calls to artist managers, agents, and others in order to find the perfect fit for the budget and the venue.

    The final choice involves picking artists from separate genres in order to appeal to more students. According to Waldvogel, the process takes into account not only what artist youd like to see but what genre kind of balancing that, too.

    Waldvogel also said that in choosing artists they are aiming for representing most of the population. By choosing an indie rock band to perform before a rap artist, the Planning Committee can ensure the tickets are worth buying for those who arent fans of either Iggy or Walk the Moon.

    Not a fan of this years Homecoming performers? Next year when the concert is planned, keep in mind that you do have a say in who the performers will be. Keep an eye out for SUA surveys, and take the chance to vote for your favorite artists! And if you really want to take part in the process, you can get a job with SUA and take part in this long and complicated process. lizziE GOnchAROvA

    WEBSitE WOESSUA website issues complicated ticket saleThere are a lot of moving parts involved in Homecoming, and its no surprise that there are occasional problems. If you were one of the many students logged onto the Student Unions and Activities website to buy Homecoming tickets at 9 pm on September 9, you most likely noticed the website was plagued by problems. The website for purchasing was overloaded, and prevented many students from getting tickets. By the time the problems let up, most of the general admission seats were taken.

    U of M senior Haley Egle was able to get tickets but the problem didnt end there.

    I didnt receive my email conformation for the tickets, which really worried me, Egle said. Apparently, the email went to everyones spam folder.

    David Litin, another student whose ticket buying was thrown off by the website glitches, was more irritated by the issue.

    SUA failed. They shouldve prepared for this much better, Litin said. Seriously, you get an artist who is making #1 hits around the world, youre bound to get a lot of people going.

    SUA did acknowledge the issue, but the extent of their apology was a tweet on September 9 saying Gophers, we are so sorry you all are struggling with the website. We are working our hardest to get it back up and running ASAP! There was never a more formal apology, which might say that SUA did not realize the extent of the problem or the amount of trouble it caused students.


    the donation will help sponsor intercollegiate Gopher athletics and events.

    The remaining money, a bit less than $4 million (or about 16 percent of the original donation), will fund various colleges and events within the U. The Carlson school will receive $2.5 million to establish an endowed Chair in Marketing, which gives money for salary and research, and will be awarded to professor Kathleen Vohs. The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) will be given $1 million to assist with student scholarships and programming. $375,000 of the Land O Lakes donation will go to University-wide programs such as Welcome Week programming and an annual agricultural symposium. Finally, $87,500 will go to support programming in the College of Science and Engineering. Land O Lakes Inc. will bestow the $25,000,000 donation to the U between 2015 and 2024.

    6 | SEpt 29 - Oct 12

    lAnd O SpORtS, ER, lAKESUnivERSity REcEivES lAndMARK dOnAtiOn fROM lAnd O lAKESBy Olivia Riley

    Land O Lakes Inc. recently donated $25,000,000 to the University of Minnesota, making it the single largest donatio...