The Mauryan Empire

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The Mauryan Empire. Chandragupta Mauryan may have been born in Magadha. Killed unpopular Nanda king. Conquerors lands under the control of Seleucus I. Vast army is supported by high taxes. Life Within the Empire. Relied on an advisor named Kautilya. Arthasastra. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Mauryan Empire

  • The Mauryan EmpireChandragupta Mauryan may have been born in Magadha.Killed unpopular Nanda king.Conquerors lands under the control of Seleucus I.Vast army is supported by high taxes.

  • Life Within the EmpireRelied on an advisor named Kautilya.Arthasastra.Empire divided into four provinces that is ruled by a prince.Assess taxes and enforce laws.Megasthenes.

  • Asoka Brought the Mauryan Empire to its greatest heights.Wages war to expand the empire.Kalinga changes Asoka; converts to Buddhism.Edict of Asoka, diplomats/officials and road system becomes Asoka legacy.

  • Edict of Asoka Asoka Wheel

  • Period of TurmoilAfter the death of Asoka in 232 B.C., regional rulers challenge imperial government.Andhra Dynasty dominated central India.Northern India absorb refugees from Greeks, Persians and Central Asia.

  • Southern IndiaNot controlled by the Mauryan Empire.Three kingdoms reside in this region; often at war with one another.Tamil are the people and language they spoke.

  • Gupta Empire EstablishedAfter half a millennium of invasion and turmoil, a new leader emerges.Gain power though marriage, not conquest.Chandra Gupta becomes Great King of Kings.Samudra expands through conquest.

  • Daily Life in the Gupta EmpireMost Indians lived in small villages.Farmers, craftspeople, and merchants.Most families were patriarchal, except in the South.Taxed and had to give labor to the governments once a month.

  • Heights of the Gupta/ Decline Chandra Gupta II defeats Shakas and adds territory to the empire.Trade flourishes.Marriage and political alliances brings peace to the empire.Arts and science flourish.Gupta decline after Chandra Gupta II death thanks to the Hunas.

  • Hinduism and Buddhism ChangeThese were the two main faiths in India by 250 B.C.Both religions became increasingly removed from the people.After the Buddha died, followers developed different interpretations of his teachings.

  • Buddhism DividesMany Buddhist believe they could become Buddhas. Bodhisattvas.Mahayana Buddhism allowed salvation to all and popular worship.Theravada Buddhism- Orthodox teachings of Buddhism.What would the Buddha think?

  • Stupa Cave Temples

  • Hinduism RebirthBecame very complex.Becomes more monotheistic.One divine force; gods represent that force.Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are the most important gods.

  • Indian ArtsJust like Hinduism and Buddhism, Indian culture experiences change.Kalidasa writes Shakuntala.Southern India establishes writing academies.Traveling actors put on performances in southern India.

  • Shakuntala Indian Dance

  • Bollywood

  • Astronomy, Mathematics, and MedicineFrom Greek invaders, adapted western methods of keeping time.Astonmers proved that the earth was round.Zero and decimal system.Described many diseases.Preformed surgery.

  • Aryabhata

  • Spread of TradeRich in resources such as spices, diamonds, gold, and wood.Future invaders spread India's trade.Middlemen in India make use of the Silk Roads.Build trading stations along oasis.

  • Silk Roads

  • Sea Trade, East and WestTraders used coastal routes to bring goods from India to Rome.India would also open trade with Southeast Asia, China and Africa.Increase in trade lead to banking industry in India.Cultural diffusion among traders.



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