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  • 2 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer

    TABLE OF CONTENTS The Digital Customer Revolution….……..

    Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer……………………………………

    #1: Be a Customer Like Me…………….

    #2: Go Beyond Multichannel to Omnichannel……………………………..

    #3: Tailor the Engagement to the Customer…………………………………

    Technology for Digital Engagement……..







  • 3 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer


    Digital communication has transformed how we create, distribute and consume information, with profound effects on every aspect of our lives. For businesses, this revolution requires an equal transformation in the customer engagement strategy in order to successfully attract and retain the digital customer.

  • 4 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer

    Digital customers accept that communications can take place in and across every channel. A self-service search can convert to a chat, pick up on mobile, and even concluded in an email.

    Today’s consumer not only works across channels, but they also work across devices, often operating more than one device simultaneously. Mobile has become a key engagement opportunity that today’s organization can’t ignore.

    Digital customers understand—and use—all of the channels available to them. And they expect companies to do exactly the same.

  • 5 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer


    Consumers have moved from tethered and tolerant to mobile and multitasking. This means they are constantly connected and increasingly impatient.

    How do you engage with the new digital customer? There are three key expectations that you need to address in order to successfully (and profitably) engage the digital customer.

  • 6 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer

    Be a “Customer Like Me” In the annual Edelman Trust survey, participants rated offering high quality goods and services and placing the customer ahead of profits as key elements for building trust and a good relationship.

    But the key element—rated as most important—is to listen to the customer’s needs. Customers want you to treat them as partners in the relationship and to “be like them”, responding quickly and appropriately to their needs.

  • 7 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer

    Go Beyond Multi-Channel to Omni-Channel It’s no longer a matter of which communication channel a customer wants to use. It’s a matter of how many channels are needed during the course of an engagement. Customers expect your business to provide multiple digital channels and to make sure a conversation flows seamlessly between them. This requires an omni-channel strategy that supports what is the natural tendency of the digital customer to use as many channels as they feel necessary to conduct a conversation.

  • 8 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer

    Tailor the Engagement to the Customer Tailoring the engagement to the customer requires understanding what customer engagement really is. Let’s start with what it isn’t:

    •  It’s not unidirectional—Both customers and companies can decide when to engage.

    •  It’s not consistently at the same level—You don’t have to engage all the time.

    •  It’s not determined by the amount of time or effort the customer puts into the engagement—Short, casual interactions can be just as valuable as lengthy ones.

  • 9 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer

    Quite simply, customer engagement is the ongoing interaction between company and customer, offered by the company, chosen by the customer. Tailoring the engagement recognizes that:

    •  Customers will self-select—By providing an array of products, services, tools, channels and consumable experiences, customers can sculpt the level of engagement they want—casual to intense, frequent to infrequent.

    •  Customers want to feel valued—Make the customer feel you understand their needs and that you take them seriously. When the customer engages, have the means to respond in a rapid, consistent and relevant way.

    •  There will be constraints—Budgets, labor, regulations, etc. need to be taken into account. You don’t have to delight the customer all the time: Engagements that listen to the customer, respond appropriately and make the customer feel like a partner in the process are good enough.

  • 10 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer


    Digital customers expect multiple channels to be available to them, and a solid omni-channel strategy is critical to successfully engaging with this new breed of customer. But there are three unique technologies that can really set your company apart when it comes to engaging with customers in the digital world.

  • 11 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer

    Live online chat is now essential. Digital customers love the immediacy, and it has proven a worthwhile investment as it can increase revenue while reducing costly calls to the contact center.

    Outbound notifications are a great way to engage, proactively providing information that customers have chosen to receive. They combine customer data and business rules with the customer’s chosen communication methods to deliver timely, relevant engagements.

    Proactive knowledge anticipates customer questions and displays relevant content within the context of an interaction, such as providing how-to instructions as a customer fills out an online form. The content is displayed as part of the process, eliminating the need for the customer to leave the screen.

  • 12 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer

    Implementing a digital customer engagement strategy does not mean doing away with your existing technology. In fact, digital engagement systems can effectively leverage current investments to enhance the engagement experience.

    Existing systems of record provide the data that can be used to analyze customer behavior and determine strategies for engagement. Systems of engagement then use these insights to tailor engagements to the customer.

  • 13 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer

    The digital customer presents unfamiliar challenges to every business, requiring extensive analysis and rethinking of the customer engagement strategy.

    By understanding the key expectations discussed here and using technology that effectively addresses these expectations, you can successfully engage with the digital customer to build profitable relationships for the long term.

  • 14 | Strategies for Engaging the Digital Customer

    This ebook from Moxie is based on the thought leadership of Paul Greenberg. Paul is President of The 56 Group, LLC, a consulting organization for cutting-edge CRM strategies, and author of CRM at the Speed of Light.

    Follow Paul on Twitter @pgreendbe

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