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  • 1. Super Demo 2013

2. Up NexttheCourseForum UVA 3. Course Reviews,for Students, by Students 85% of Uva Students are users 6,000 of them visited last week Thats more than half of all rising undergrads 25,000 reviews posted since 2006 We built the next generation of the site From the ground up Introducing 4. Up Next BLUE George Mason 5. Mayo 6. SolutionWhat We NeedProblem 7. Problem:A Huge Problem 738,000,000 1/5 of the World 3,400,000 8. Solution:Drink Blue 9. 1 for 1 Supports NGOsand local cities Saves Lives 10. Operations:Low OverheadOutsourced Bottling and DistributionJust in Time orderingNo need for office spaceMarketing ExpensesSalaries 11. What We Need:Why I am the person for the Job Need $10,000 Marketing expenses Show support for product Encourages Retail Buyers 12. Why I am the person for the JobCreated several businesses prior to Blue Helped 500 clients open brokerage accountsFrom concept to first sale in 6 months Generated member of the Clinton GlobalBecame a 3,000 newsletter subscribersInitiative 13. Gary White, CEO of andNed Breslin of Water for People whoact as an Advisory board for BlueBrands LLC We have an investor in LA who hasgiven us as companywebsite. Currently speaking with PresidentClinton to become the exclusive waterprovider for the Clinton Foundation 14. Lets Hydrate the World Together 15. Up Next WalkBack UVA 16. The safety utility for your night. 17. Substitutes? 18. Timeline1) Release Android application [May 2013 July 2013]2) Develop Analytics platform [June 2013 August 2013]3) Raise seed round of $250,000 [June 2013]4) Expand sales team & engineers [April 2013 June 2013]5) Pilot at Penn State, VCU, NYU [June 2013 August 2013]6) Onboard students at UVa [August 2013 - January 2014]7) Closed beta with law enforcement agency [January 2014] 19. Ashutoshashutosh@eemelabs.comDuylamduylam@eemelabs.comThe guyswho got yourback. 20. Up Next Foodio UVA 21. Up NextSeamus Hooban Mary Washington 22. Campus To Go Andy Leonard, NickKent, Seamus Hooban 23. Up Next LearnShark UVA 24. $22.5BTRANSFORMATION OFENTERPRISEPeer to Peer LearningWorkplace goes social$14.5BSaaS spendBring your own device Education goes digital Web enters enterprise 200020052010 2015 25. 39% of new hires will not complete their firstproject milestone on time (Saba Software) 26. This is highly relevant for Software/IT Consulting Sales teams 27. $10 per user per month 28. ProgressLaunched product in Fall 2012Based on customer feedback, launched newversion Spring 2013 Acceleprise Class 2 29. Clients 30. CEO, former health ITconsultant for FortuneVP of Product500sAward winning cancer researchMobile design/strategy for telematicscompaniesSr. Developer CTO CIOTriple Major UVA 2011 Masters in Robotics, Yale Runs infrastructureFormer PhD candidate at Georgia Does classified data mining Decade of federal IT experieTech in super computing and machine learning for DCfirm 31. Thank you! 32. Up NextFavelaExperience UVA 33. Were actually doing 34. Up NextSPONTA George Mason 35. The Problem Current location based social media, is notoptimally time accurate. no way of making confident yet spontaneousdecisions about entertainment options. The delay between when news worthy eventsoccur, and when news breaks is too large 36. Solution Sponta offers an alternative to star- basedrating system. The interface is based on a temperature map.Hot or high traffic areas are color coded red. 37. Value Proposition Early on, targeted marketing for entertainmentvenues, restaurants, and concerts/festivals. After building a user base, API stream will beleased to news agencies and other mediainstitutions. Customer Segment: young, professionals inurban areas, with money and free time. 38. ContactFollow @SpontaDC on Twitter!Check!Email at: 39. Up Next garmiUVA 40. garmiWarmth for the Body. Warmth for the Soul. 41. Why Garmi? The Problem U.S. takes in 60,000-80,000refugees a year 42. Escape Oppression?Find Work? The difficulties dont stop when they arrive here. Language/cultural/education barriers all can preventfinding a job, let alone a decently paying one. 43. The Product Garmi is a reusable, comforting therapeutic for relief ofyour aches and pains or for soft warmth on chilly days. 44. The Product All natural components Chamomile or lavender for relaxation 45. The Product Reusable. 1:30 minutes in the microwave = 25 minutes ofwarmth. No cords. Optional straps for maximized placement 46. Well So What? Market Exists. CVS, Bed, Bath, & Beyond Garmi differentiation. fair trade, organicmaterials, customization. Test market with sororities, fraternities, club teams 47. Trial and Error Pre-sells: 30 total prototypes to beta customers who weare using for product feedback and redesign $375 gross revenue used to test designs $1.50/unit material cost 10,000 Villages has requested a meeting to demo ourprototype 48. What We Need Brand and product design support Pre-orders! 49. Up Next 15 min break. 50. Up Next LoveThatFit Charlottesville 51. Up Next UAGVCU 52. UniverseAssureJosiah Ickes & John Holloman VCU 53. Up NextRNDeer UVA 54. By David Paxton, Jessica Morningstar,Matt Bogrand and Mattia Flabiano 55. What is a Nurse Residency Program? Transition from classroom tofull-time RN position Mentorship, lectures &hands-on learning 6-18 months long 56. Tedious Research Process for Students 57. Broken RN Program Application Process The info is very hard to find! Had an application13% that was lost It feels sifting through the like I have no direction23% Missed deadlineswebsites is extremelyfrustrating! Each hospital doesfinding differently! Had trouble things50%contact informationUVA nursing student Were unsure of90% deadlines HR is not always on the same page! 58. Frustrations: Hospitals System errors Internal application systems cannot handle volume Labor-intensive process Shut down application after 100-200 applicants (1 day) Overspending Expenses too high on IT teams and recruiters 59. The RNDeer SolutionLocated at: 60. RNDeer Offers Many Features CommonApplicationHospitalProgramProfilesDescriptionsHR Contact Job PostingsInfo DeadlineAlerts 61. Students Love It!@RNDeer awesome idea,awesome awesome! If youre anew grad looking for a jobheres the place to look!You are a gem! I will definitelyuse this when I begin looking atjobs this next year. Clean, userfriendly. 97% of 4th year UVA students said they would have used RNDeer this year! 62. Up NextDrinkUp Virginia Tech 63. Drew Stegmaier, K. Alnajar 64. Up Next SoundingBoard VCU 65. VCU 66. Up Next MIX UVA 67. w l l pr ovi de consum sieraf f or dabl e packages of f ashi onabl e eyewear i n avar i et y of col or s 68. Young professionals & college students 21 M Customers$4.2 B MarketWe will sell a package of 3 Frames, 1 LensPrice$150COGS 60Marketing Cost per pkg 50Profit$40Margin % 27% Lenses Frame MarketingCost = $30Cost = $10Cost = $50 69. We have generated target customer profiles from extensiveinterviews and focus groups, in order to guide brand design M eal Fem eal Age 22-28 Age 22-28 Young pr of essi onal Young pr of essi onal I nt er est s i n ar t , or ent er i ngdesi gn, f ashi on, m cusi ar t /desi gn i ndust r i es 70. W have m l i zed a ski l l ed t eam f l exi bl e eobi,suppl i er s, and exper i enced advi sor s The Team 3 D gner sesi3 Engi neer s 2 Vi deogr apher s1 W Deb evel operThe Suppl i er sThe A sor s dvi Spencer I ngr am, C t St ander ,ol I an Ayer s,M ci Br acco,ar HackC l l evi Eyewear Exper t Ef f ect uat i on PR Exper t Exper tCabel l H r i s,ar M k G ahamar r , Br uceBr adl eyBr andi ng Pr of essi onal Fer r i s,Ki pp,Exper tFr am D gner e esi Pr oductSt ar t up Ops D gnesiExper t Exper t 71. W have pr oduced over 20 pr ot ot ypes and ar e r eadyet o l aunch an I ndi gogo cr ow undi ng cam gn dfpaiRough M ockup w t h i Ear l y Phot o Mockupsm ni -Legos and cheapi f r ames Al pha Pr ot ot ypeW abl e Pr ot ot ype ear 72. Next St eps & Ti m i neelApr i l Launch I ndi egogoExecut e PR cam gn w t h pr of essi onal PR consul t ant paiiFi nal i ze suppl i er r el at i onshi psMay Fi nal i ze pr oduct specs Fi nal i ze Packagi ngG aduat i on and t i m of f reJuneVi si t suppl i er f aci l i t i esBui l d out websi t ef or or der sBr i ng on m e desi gn and pr ogr am i ng t al entormJul yFi nal i ze and r evi ew al l manuf act ur i ng or der s f r omsuppl i er sAugustExpl or e r et ai l sel l i ng opt i onsD i ver pr oduct elFi nal i ze f al lcol l ect i on desi gnsBegi n onl i ne m ket i ng cam gn ar pai 73. Up NextQuadCode UVA 74. Up NextTJs Library UVA 75. What We Do 76. - 2 weeks shipping time- Commissions: 15% + $3/sale- Complicated payment holds- Trust (buyer and seller) 77. Shop by ClassesBuy from FriendsInstant PaymentOn Grounds 78. Our Vision 79. ThanksPaul Bozzay, Andrew Kouri, Michael Paris 80. Up Next PhoodE Charlottesville 81. where passion meets profit Alexandra Becker 82. where passion meets (914) 484-0359