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This is a Business Plan Model for Shipwreck Decks, an extreme-sport brand and provider of customized longboards.

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  • 1. SHIPWRECKED DECKS (SWD) Cruise OnBoard Christopher J. Conery Founder (514) 261-6399
  • 2. Christopher J. Conery Founder (514) 261-6399 Executive SummarySWD manufactures and distributes custom longboards (elongated skateboard, with largewheels and loose trucks, meant to simulate surng on tarmac) to customers in the GreaterToronto Area (GTA) and in Montreal; two urban Canadian cities with a high concentration ofconsumers within the target market. As a provider of extreme sport utilities, we strive formore than a quality product, we strive to integrate our band into extreme sport culture. Ourcompetitive edge is simple; our product becomes more than a longboard, rather a piece ofart that enhances the ride and lifestyle. How do we do this? It is our integrated productionmodel labeled TEACH: Technical Specications: customer chooses wood, wheels, trucks. Explanation: Customer graphically, orally, or textually explains vision. Art: artwork for grip tape and deck is processed in COREL DRAW by artist Creation: Outsourced products are processed through Laser Engraver Help: Customer support; not only for product, but for lifestyle. Website helps customers nd: best spots to shred, fresh music, other riders, cultural news/events; and blog.This gives SWD a competitive edge in three ways: (1) customization, (2) unique deck art andtape designs, and (3) sustained interaction for a lifestyle brand.To continue, our product, rst and foremost, satises the thrill-seeking needs of ourcustomers. From their it satises transportation, leisurely, athletic/tness, and specic toSWD, creative, individual, and expressive needs of our clients. Our implementation plan,detailed in this document, requires start-up funds for production capital and supplies,promotion, and administration. Phase one focuses on market penetration; phase two,expansion of distribution channels, and three, increased product lines. 2
  • 3. Christopher J. Conery Founder (514) 261-6399 Table of ContentsExecutive Summary 21. Mission 42. Management Team 53. Consumer Profile - Market Segmentation 64. Environmental Analysis 8 A. Strengths 8 B. Weaknesses 8 C. Opportunities 9 D. Threats 95. Marketing Plan 10 A. Product 10 B. Distribution 11 C. Pricing 13 D. Promotion 136. Quantitative Analysis 147. Implementation Strategy 14I. Appendix A-1 16II. Appendix A-2 17III. Appendix B-1 18IV. Appendix B-2 20V. Appendix C-1 21VI. Appendix C-2 22ViI. Appendix D-1 24VIiI. Appendix D-2 25 3
  • 4. Christopher J. Conery Founder (514) 261-6399 1. MissionOur mission is to customize and distribute longboards to our target market segments andcreate a network through which the SWD brand be embedded into extreme sport culture. Todedicate ourselves to the SWD standard, SIQ [sik], working towards extended customerservice, innovation, and quality product. We have set three initiatives through which our mission can be accomplished. In orderbecome embedded into extreme sport culture, SWD must maintain a (1) position sellingmore than a product through added utility in service. There are two measures forachievement; (A) establish TEACH customization method, and (B) implement extendedcustomer loyalty program through HELP portal (online customer service feature of TEACH). The second initiative involves (2) implementing strategic supply infrastructure by: (A)establish industrial supplier and increase buying power, and (B) invest in capital for productcustomization; acquire laser engraver. This initiative leads towards delivering quality,consistent, and fully customized longboards. Third, (3) raise awareness and create customer base to begin distribution. To preparethe market for a March 2012 entry date, we will use social medias, Facebook and Twitter to(A) raise pre-season awareness, (B) direct interest towards, and (C)conduct ongoing market research for brand development/integration. Refer to appendix D-1 for more information on the status of each objective. 4
  • 5. Christopher J. Conery Founder (514) 261-6399 2. Management Team Christopher John Conery is the sole-proprietor of SWD; single ownership allowsconsistency, fast decision-making, and accountability. Conery is responsible for managingand coordinating different factors of production, marketing, and development, to worktowards company objectives. Christopher John Conery (June 17, 1992) is a young entrepreneur, student, andextreme sport goer. Conery previously founded DogPound (2005), a hot dog stand, Retro-Pops (2006), a candy manufacturer, Sawmill Valley Landscaping (2007), and KnockoutButtons (2009). Currently, Conery is a business undergraduate student in the DesautelsFaculty of Management at McGill University. Conery discovered his passion for the extremesport lifestyle in 2000, when he began mountain biking the biggest mountains in EasternCanada. His passion for extreme sports, and presence on the mountain led to asnowboarding obsession by the age of twelve. His conformation to board sports, led Coneryto skateboarding. Realizing the similarities between longboarding and snowboarding, hequickly abandoned the short-board, for the longboard. His passion for longboarding led tothe establishment of SWD in 2011, an idea that was born four years earlier in 2007. Conery is a dominantly right brain thinker. His intuition, creativity, and view of the bigpicture allow him to think on his toes, and come up with fresh innovative ways to connectSWD to the extreme lifestyle. He is able to come up with creative solutions to industry,company, and customer problems quickly. Conery is strong at connecting with customers,and corporate partners, which has created a strong network for SWD. He is majoring inmarketing and has innovative ideas for promoting his brand. His attention to detail ensuresthat nothing is overlooked in production and can confidently guarantee his products.Conerys confidence distracts his young age; he is not intimidated by any situation, andlooks at them as opportunities. Time-management and organization skills are important forConerys ability to ba