Steps to Basic Cake Making

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  • 7/31/2019 Steps to Basic Cake Making


    Steps to Basic Cake Making

    So you want to bake a basic cake?

    Well, all you have to do is follow every step with love and care and your cake will be ready in notime. Do not expect your cake to be a smooth and even mass of sweet tasting bread the first time

    around. You become better with practice. And every time you make it you will discover

    something new. So go easy on yourself while you bake that simple cake.

    Things that you will need:

    A baking pan An oven Cake Flour (Maida)2 and a half cup flour Sugar 1 cup sugar Unsalted butter 2 tablespoons of butter Salt Baking powder 2 teaspoons Vanilla flavour drops A blender A spatula Bowls, jars and measures Some salt

    The Process :

    Smear the baking pan with butter. Do it just right. You can use a brush to smear the butterinside the pan. Not too less and not too much.

    Now sprinkle some flour on it and dust the excess of. Your baking pan is ready. Let it set. Pour the cake flour in a bowl. Sieve the flour before you use it so that you do not have

    any bulbs of flour that are hard to mix and blend. Ensure you have smooth flowing flour

    without any flour bulbs.
  • 7/31/2019 Steps to Basic Cake Making


    Now take the butter in a bowl and keep adding sugar as you whisk it. Start whisking witha spatula or use a blender. Keep adding butter and sugar and keep whisking until it allblends together. Keep whisking until it turns very fluffy.

    You can add some drops of vanilla flavour to the butter sugar mix. Drop a pinch of salt in it.

    Take the sieved flour in a big bowl and add the sugar and butter mixture. Mix it togetherwith a spatula. You can add the flour little by little so that you do not have any lumps.

    Keep mixing it until you have a smooth mixture that looks fluffy.

    Add the baking powder now and blend it in the mixture. Do not overuse baking powder.Overusing baking powder can alter the taste of your cake.

    Pour this mix now in the pan you smeared with butter and sprinkled with flour. Pour andshake it so that the cake mix settles well in the pan. Once you have poured the cake mixflatten the top using a spatula. Give it a shake.

    Now put it in the oven at 375oF If you have your knife coming out clean then your cake is baked. Avoid over baking the

    cake, it will harden it.

    Once the baking time is over and you have checked your cake, remove it from the oven.Wear a pair of thick gloves to remove it. Keep it on the table and let it set.

    Your basic cake is ready and you can decorate or frost your cake in a number of ways.

    Archive for Black Forest Cakes

    How to Make a Black Forest Cake

    Does making a Black Forest cake seem like a taskto you? Well preparing a Black Forest Cake isnt as difficult as it looks like. A Black Forest cakeis easy to make with the right instructions and a little care. If you want your Black Forest cake to

    turn out like a dream then keep reading.

    Things you will need

    Baking Flour (Maida) Baking Soda
  • 7/31/2019 Steps to Basic Cake Making


    A baking pan Salt to taste Cherries Cookies Butter Sugar Condensed Milk (Sweet) Whipped Cream (Fresh) A plain chocolate bar Cocoa powder A knife A few bowls A baking oven A spatula A foil covered cardboard Mint leaves Aerated Cola

    How to prepare a Black Forest Cake

    Smear melted butter in a baking pan with the help of a brush. Now powder some cookies andlay it over the buttered bottom. Dust flour on the sides of the baking pan. Set this aside

    Now take a bowl. Sieve the baking flour into the bowl. Ensure there are no lumps in the flower.Now take add butter, sugar and condensed milk to the flour. Blend it. While you are blending it

    add baking soda, cocoa powder and salt in this mixture. Now blend it well. Blend it with care so

    that there are no air pockets in the mix.

    Now add aerated cola to this batter and mix it well. Just make sure the mix does not becomewatery it has to thick dough like, brownish batter.

    After this mix is ready, lay this batter slowly into the baking pan smeared with butter and withthe layer of cookie. Shake the baking pan and tap it lightly over the table so that the batter sits flat. Smoothen out the fine lines with a Spatula. Put the baking pan in the oven at 350F and bake for 45 minutes. If you see the cake rising, pierce it with a knife and check if the knife comes out clean. This

    means the cake is ready.

    Once the cake is baked remove it out and let it cool. Let it cool for at least 30 minutes. Then slicethe cake horizontally. Never try to do this when the cake is hot or you will have the cake

    breaking into crumbs.

    When you turn the baking pan over the top covered with crushed cookie layer will be the lastone.

    Lay this layer on a cardboard covered with foil paper first. Now take the cream and whip it. Whip it till is light and fluffy. Now frost the cake. Spread cream

    and crushed cherry on the cake and start making layers of cake and cream.

    Now frost the cake with whipped cream and top it with cherries and mint. Now scrape the chocolate bar and dress it all over the cake.

  • 7/31/2019 Steps to Basic Cake Making


    A good black forest cake tastes good if it is light and spongy. So go easy on the baking soda, less

    sugar and a loving hand. So the next time you want to celebrate a special birthday bake a specialblack forest yourself!

    Archive for BrowniesHow to Make Brownies

    Once you have learned basic cake making then making brownies

    should not take you very long. Brownies are a quick to eat light dessert that goes well with tea,

    coffee or soft drinks. Serve it the way your guests like it. A nice brown brownie can be made

    easily with some easy baking tips and help. Heres some of it to help you prepare brownies.

    Things you will need

    Baking Flour Baking Soda Cocoa Powder Sugar Prune puree Resins Chocolate chips Butter Salt A stand or board A knife A bowl A blender A spatula A baking pan or brownie moulds
  • 7/31/2019 Steps to Basic Cake Making


    Butter paperProcess of making yummy brownies

    Decide what shape of brownies do you want? If you want square pieces then use a baking panor if you like round ones use a mould.

    Suppose you decide to use a mould then smear the mould with some butter. Cut out butterpaper and put it in the mould. Keep it aside and let it settle.

    Now start preparing the batter for the brownie. Sieve the baking flour in a bowl and add cocoapowder, sugar and butter cream to it. Start blending it all together.

    Make a mix of sugar and butter separately. Add sugar and butter alternatively and whisk it tillthe mix turns fluffy. Keep it aside.

    Now make a prune puree. Grind the prune with honey in a mixer-grinder. Pour in a pan andleave it on low flame to simmer till it becomes thick. Make sure you dont burn the puree

    making it bitter. Use gentle simmering to get a thick puree and keep stirring till it starts


    Now remove it off the flame and let it cool a bit. Wait till it becomes warm. Now add the butter-sugar mix and the prune puree to the flour batter you made. Blend it all

    together and while you blend it add some baking soda. Keep it just proportionate, not too much.

    Now drop some chocolate chips in the mix. Mix it with a spatula. Now pour this brownie batter in the moulds or a baking pan smeared with butter and flour. Tap

    it gently making sure the batter settles down with no air pockets.

    Put it in an oven at 350 F for 30 minutes. Check if it is done by piercing a knife. If the knife comesout clean the brownies are done. If not bake it for another 5-10 minutes. When it is out piping

    hot sprinkle some chocolate chips or sugar on top.

    Once done remove it from the oven and let it cool off. Allow it at least 30 minutes to cool down.Now with the help if a spatula empty the moulds or the baking pan on a tray. Cut the brownie in

    the baking pan into small square pieces. Line them up in a tray.

    Wasnt this whole process fun?

    Now that you know how to make your own brownies go ahead and have some fun. Serve your

    guests, sell them to your clients or best eat them yourselves and give yourself a treat!

    Archive for Cake Decorating

  • 7/31/2019 Steps to Basic Cake Making


    Cake Decorations to Serve Your Imagination

    A cake can really stand for an occasion if it is decoratedaccording to the theme. Decorating a cake requires creative skills and support from decorating

    items that can make your life easier. So if you have learnt to bake a cake the next step isobviously learning to decorate it. So heres how to decorate a cake and make it as beautiful as itis tasty.

    Use the frosting creativelyOnce you have frosted the cake you can use the same frosting creatively. You can use a spatula

    to tap on the fresh frosting and