9 Steps to Making Social Sell

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  • 1. By conducting audience research, weve increased social engagement by 290% CREATED BY Emily Harris Content Marketing Manager Rockhouse Partners 9 STEPS TO MAKING SOCIAL SELL Social media best practices to grow your audience and revenue.
  • 2. rockhousepartners.com #1SET YOUR GOALS Build Audience. Drive Engagement. Sell More Tickets. Weve grown client Facebook & Twitter databases by 100% year-over-year
  • 3. rockhousepartners.com #2COLLECT ACTIONABLE DATA Convert social followers into email subscribers & ticket buyers. 28% of our clients email database growth came organically through contesting and social promotion
  • 4. rockhousepartners.com By conducting audience research, you can increase social engagement by 290% #3KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Use data to know what content attracts and engages your fans.
  • 5. rockhousepartners.com Tweets with fewer than 100 characters create 95% more engagement #4KEEP IT SHORT & SWEET Be concise and compelling with your messaging & content.
  • 6. rockhousepartners.com Facebook posts with photos get 127% more engagement than posts without #5USE PHOTOS, VIDEOS, AND LINKS Capture your fans attention with visual media.
  • 7. rockhousepartners.com #6TAILOR YOUR CONTENT No social network is the same. Craft content unique to each channel. Rockhouse manages clients social pages reaching over 700,000 fans
  • 8. rockhousepartners.com #7CREATE SHAREABLE CONTENT Whats in a meme? More engagement for your brands page. Viral content can increase social reach by 165%
  • 9. rockhousepartners.com Fans who receive great customer service via social media are likely to spend an additional 21% #8MANAGE YOUR REPUTATION Use your networks for customer service and interact with fans directly.
  • 10. rockhousepartners.com For a first-time annual festival, we tracked 60% of online ticket sales through social media #9TRACK AND MEASURE Audience Growth. Follower Activity. Sales Conversions.
  • 11. Say hello. hello@rockhousepartners.com
  • 12. www.slideshare.net/etixworld