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Mark Alston-FollansbeeExecutive Director

Dear Supporters and FriendsThirty years ago a group of concerned neighbors and community leaders came together to see what they could do to address the increasingly visible problem of homelessness in Somerville. They formed the Somerville Homeless Coalition and opened a shelter with six beds.

Today, we serve over 2,000 people a year. And our work has shifted from providing emergency services to facilitating permanent solutions. Now, most of our clients are formerly homeless families or individuals who need supportive services to maintain their housing, or people at risk of becoming homeless who benefit from our prevention programs.

It has been a long journey. And like our clients, we wouldn’t have been able to make it without the assistance of you, our many friends and supporters. In addition to annual events hosted by Redbones, Johnny D’s, The Burren, and Dave’s Fresh Pasta, other businesses and individuals pitched in, too:

• More than 100 families collected and donated grocery stamps from Star Market and Shaw’s to provide 122 pots and pans for our clients who were moving out of shelter into their own housing, or who just needed a new piece of cookware.

• Businesses like Intuit in Cambridge and Velir in Davis Square conducted drives to collect back-to-school and household supplies.

• Google’s volunteer program, gCorps, provided dozens of hours of technical training and support to help our staff.

• This year’s 5K Road Race had the largest number of runners – 971 -- who raised the most funds in its 19 year-history, and set new course records.

• Many of our banking neighbors are generous financially and held food drives over the course of the year to help stock our food pantry, including Cambridge Savings Bank, Eastern Bank, Naveo Credit Union, Rockland Trust, and East Cambridge Savings brought gift bags for various holidays.

In this, our 30th Anniversary year, we are celebrating our beginnings and milestones, as well as charting the course ahead. Some of the results of our efforts are reflected here in our Annual Report. We hope you know that we could not do our work without your support.

Thank you.


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Tom WhitePresident

to provide homeless and near homeless individuals and families with individualized supportive services and tailored housing solutions with a goal of obtaining and maintaining affordable housing.

The mission of the Somerville Homeless Coalition is

Overall impact in 2014

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

- Maya Angelou2 3

Distribution of Services

Overall Agency Services Increase 7%

Prevention Services Increase 60%

Households served 1,258Representing






Rapid Re-housing

Case Management


Case ManagementPreventionSupportive HousingShelterRapid Re-housing



For all of our services related only to housing; does not include Project SOUP:


“The staff were really encouraging and supportive,” Josh says, with gratitude in his voice.“It was hard, I was responsible for the work I had to do, and they held me accountable, but it was positive and they helped me succeed.”

Choosing A New Direction

Josh was homeless for 15 years, couch surfing, or living on the streets, or in an institution. His struggles with mental health issues, substance abuse, financial

troubles, and challenging family dynamics eventually made him homeless.

“The Somerville Homeless Coalition gave me choices,” recounts Josh. He resided in the SHC shelter for a number of months back in 2009-2010, and

then left when he got tired of waiting for housing to open up. Not having any success on his own, he came back to the SHC Shelter in 2014. “ The staff were really

encouraging and supportive,” Josh says, with gratitude in his voice.“It was hard, I was responsible for the work I had to do, and they held me accountable, but it was positive

and they helped me succeed.”

He also received assistance from Mass. Rehab, which provided him with new tools to help him pursue his career in construction work.

Part of his support system included running with a group from Back on My Feet, an organization that uses running to help build

self-sufficiency in the lives of people experiencing

homelessness. By October, Josh was ready to run in

his first 5K, SHC’s Somerville Road Race.

In November, Josh finally moved into his

own apartment. He opted to stay with the

SHC supportive services program, which includes

two home visits a week and daily check-ins by

phone to help him stay accountable and on course for maintaining his housing.







Josh’s StoryGiven the traumatic effects of homelessness and the limited supply of safe

and affordable housing, it is more important than ever to help people who are already housed to maintain their housing rather than become homeless.

The Rapid Response Homeless Prevention Program provides targeted cash assistance to eligible households, to meet such needs as paying back rent, utility bills or emergency expenses. Grants range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. This assistance stabilizes the household, preventing eviction and homelessness. Additionally, case management is provided to address the root causes of their housing insecurity and to help prevent future housing crises.

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Josh meeting with his case manager, Shannon.

For people with physical or mental disabilities, or recovering from chronic homelessness, our Supportive

Housing Program plays a key role in preventing our clients from relapsing into homelessness.

$ $1,000 = No Eviction

$20,000 = Housing a family in an SHC apartment with supportive services for one year

$36,000 for the Commonwealth to shelter a homeless family for a year

Do the Math:


Total households served in 2014









Through the Supportive Housing Program, case workers make weekly visits to clients in their homes, providing regular, long-term support to help

them maintain their own housing. Related programs offer rental assistance for one or more years. Combined, this support results in a high percentage of clients

remaining housed for many years.

At an average cost of just under $1,000, the Rapid Response Homeless Prevention Program can prevent a

qualified household from becoming homeless.


Kristy’s Story“It’s hard enough to be homeless on your own, but it is overwhelming when you have children,” says Kristy, a single mother of two sons. Her journey into homelessness began about five years ago, when she was pregnant with her second child. She had to stop working and going to school when she was confined to bed for the final months of her pregnancy.

Her employment and education were further derailed when post-partum depression took its toll, followed by a diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer.

“It’s an optimistic atmosphere here, we get a lot of moral support from the staff,” explains Kristy.


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The Homeless Journey with Kids is heard all too often

among the guests at our shelters. Many men and women become homeless following a serious illness or accidental injury that incurred

excessive medical expenses. Domestic violence is a major reason women and their children find their way into our Family Shelter. Substance

abuse problems and mental health issues are also prevalent among the guests in our shelters.

“I never expected this to happen to me…”

It wasn’t long before she was behind in her rent and other bills, and had to move.

At the Somerville Homeless Coalition’s Family Shelter, Kristy and her boys found a safe and stable place to begin rebuilding their lives. “It’s an optimistic atmosphere here, we get a lot of moral support from the staff,” explains Kristy.

Her younger son especially enjoys the play time with the volunteers from Horizons for Homeless Children who visit a few times each week. And her older son attends the local school and plays on the baseball team.

While at the shelter, Kristy has been able to recover from her many struggles and focus on getting back on track.

With support and guidance from her case manager she has successfully applied for a housing voucher and is now searching for an apartment.

136 People served in SHC’s Shelters in 2014



children6 7


includingOur Shelters provide

care for about 30 people each night: the Adult Shelter has 12 beds for men and 4 beds for women, and the Family Shelter has room for five families. Both shelters are always at

capacity, with waiting lists.

Our Shelters allow guests to stay for weeks or months, until they get into a better permanent housing situation. This stability provides relief from the stress of sleeping on the streets and the opportunity to focus

on the work of getting housed.



Have Pots and Pans – Will Cook Food. Over 100 people in and around Somerville

collected over 12,000 stamps from Star Market and Shaw’s for their Cuisinart Cookware promotion. These stamps were redeemed for 122 pots and pans which were donated to Project SOUP

and the Somerville Homeless Coalition for their clients. Pictured here are the lead

organizers Marla Wessland, Alison Mitchell, Maren Chiu, and their children.

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total visits to Project SOUP in 2014 including:2,814

182 10,932643Home deliveries Meals served Bags distributed

Any homeless person in Somerville or Arlington can work with our staff. They focus on finding housing, applying for social security benefits and other income enhancements, and overcoming other barriers that have kept them from getting or maintaining their housing. Each person’s situation is unique, and usually complex. Some need to sign up for health insurance or select a primary care physician, others need job training or to complete their education. The one-on-one case management provides the support, guidance and encouragement that makes such a big difference in each client’s success.

354People in 2014

77 children

In 2014, SHC Case Managers served...

from 258 households containing

277 adults

TOTAL 48% of people moved into permanent housing

One-on-one case management provides the support, guidance and encouragement that makes such a big difference in each client’s success.






SoupThanks to the work of countless volunteers conducting food drives year-round, the Tufts Food Rescue project, Project Bread, the Greater Boston Food Bank, and local grocery stores, farmers markets and CSAs that donate food, our food pantry is well stocked.

Poverty, homelessness and hunger go hand in hand. SHC’s food pantry and meals program, Project SOUP (Share Our United Pantry), helps relieve hunger and, indirectly, can help to prevent homelessness.

By providing access to healthy food, including fresh vegetables, fruit and dairy products, we can help families focus their finances and energies on stabilizing their housing.



In New England, it’s important to keep warm in the winter. Thanks to countless individuals and groups who collect coats, scarves, hats and mittens and donate them to us, we are able to help homeless and at-risk children and adults bundle up. Pictured here, Malika MacDonald-Rushdan of ICNA Relief, delivering coats to staff at the SHC.

Education is an essential component of combatting poverty and breaking the cycle of homelessness. For families living in shelters, relying on food pantries, and/or on the verge of becoming homeless, obtaining basic school supplies can be a challenge. The folks at Intuit held a huge back-to-school drive, helping dozens of kids have the notebooks, pens, pencils, paper and other supplies they needed to help succeed in school -- thank you!

When someone is homeless, they’ve

often lost the most fundamental support systems: their family and community. “It takes a

Somervillage” declared Carla DeLellis, owner of

Johnny D’s, speaking about her belief in service to the community, when

she was honored at the Somerville Homeless

Coalition’s Annual Dinner. She represents one of

many business owners and individuals who partner with

us in our work to prevent and end homelessness.



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Nearly 1,000 runners participated in the 19th Annual Somerville 5K Road Race in October to support the programs and services of the Somerville Homeless Coalition. Ellenor and Mike Barish chose a most creative way to run the race in their wedding clothes if their friends helped them raise $1,000. When they surpassed that goal, they promised cake at the finish line if they reached $2,000, which they more than surpassed.

hours of service



The Somerville Road Runners’ annual Gobble Gobble Road Race on Thanksgiving donates over $20,000 each year for the Somerville Homeless Coalition’s food pantry program. Pictured here are SHC Executive Director Mark Alston-Follansbee and his wife Emily, volunteering for the race.

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In addition to government grants, the Somerville Homeless Coalition relies on the generous support of numerous individuals, businesses and foundations. You make it possible for us to offer quality, dedicated service to some of the neediest people in our community. We couldn’t do this work without your support -- thank you!



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Thanksgiving Turkeys with all the Fixin’s – thanks to Mayor Joe Curtatone, and the local Roche Brothers, Star Markets and Shaw’s, SHC’s food pantry, Project SOUP had enough turkeys for everyone who needed one for Thanksgiving. And Naveo Credit Union held their annual food drive in November, providing plenty of canned goods, stuffing, potatoes and other goodies for a complete feast.

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Maryanne Manfra, a Somerville Police Officer for over 20 years, shown here with Carla DeLellis, was honored at the Tina DeLellis Luncheon for the care and compassion she gives to the most vulnerable members of our community. Building relationships with homeless people on the streets, she offers a hand up and never turns away from people in need.

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Thanks to students at Tufts University, we are now able to provide T-passes to help some of our clients get to work and appointments. The Tisch School’s Experimental College class in Philanthropy selected SHC as one of 6 grant recipients. Funding for this pilot project, part of the Sobriety and Stabilization program serving formerly homeless youth who are 18-24 years of age, is the kind of assistance that makes a difference on the road home.


“It started with a simple knee surgery that went very badly,” George begins as he shares his story about how he became homeless. Another surgery became necessary, and he wasn’t able to work. He depleted his savings and his car was repossessed while waiting to recover. “All of a sudden I was broke and homeless. When I finally got a call to come to the shelter, I was scared,” George admits, “Never in my life did I ever expect to be in this position.”

He started working with a housing councilor. “The help and guidance that I received was amazing,” George continues. “My councilor has a vast knowledge of obtaining housing and worked very diligently on my behalf.” Together, they persisted through the lengthy process, completed many applications, made countless phone calls and sent numerous emails and faxes.

About seven months later, George found an apartment and was able to move out of the shelter. George declares, “I will be forever grateful for the help I received, as well as for their kindness and compassion. They turned a devastating situation into a positive result.”

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“All of a sudden I was broke and homeless. When I finally got a call to come to the shelter, I was scared...”

An unexpected detour

George’s Story

Donald and Katherine Zebrose Michaelann Zimmerman and Nathaniel Rabb Michael and Allison Zucca Norman and Naomi Zucker Sara Zucker Dan Zuiga Jory Zunenshine Gail and Hayward Zwerling

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(617) 623 -1111 www.shcinc.org @shcinc or find us on Facebook One Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144 Somerville Homeless Coalition


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