Software/Hardware Roadmap Dave Edstrom Chief Technology Officer

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Dave Edstrom Chief Technology Officer


Memex Automation Continued Innovation!

2Dick Morley: Father of the PLCManufacturings Biggest ChallengeMr. Morley, what is the biggest challenge that you see in manufacturing?"Automatic machining and the emerging numerical control started in 1948 and we have not seen a lot of change since. Dave Edstrom, CTO of Memex Automation, and I are working together to utilize Memex's products to solve a major problem which is to make the CNC system automation compatible. Increasing the utilization of both legacy and new assets is critical to a modern company and MERLIN will make that happen."

The global leaders in addressing solving The Last Meter Connection Challenge!Connecting ANYTHING on the shop floor!Leaders in Focas, OPC and connectivity!Award winning software platform for connectivity!

THE Manufacturing Connectivity Platform

For any Fanuc Controller with Serial I/O LinkA quick and easy way to find and monitor signals from your machineThe Ax760MTC is a fully configurable MTConnect hardware adapter that allows you to communicate with your CNC as never before!Enhance your oldest legacy controllers to todays communications functionality, and its simple to install with webserver based configuration.Passive listening, non-intrusive installation

Ax760-MTCFits to any Fanuc controller with I/O linkWorks with any Fanuc ladder configurationCan be configured to monitor output signals that are being transmitted on the proprietary Fanuc I/O link BusCan configure and monitor any digital input or output signalMTConnect Compliant V1.2. Field upgradeable to newer releasesPlug into Fanuc I/O link bus and passively detect data on both the X and Y addresses from 0.0 to 127.7 as well as 16 additional digital inputsWebserver contains an applet to configure/monitor the Fanuc I/O link PMC address to MTConnect tagsDEMONSTRATED LIVE AT IMTS 2014!

Ax760-MTCFeaturesBuilding upon Memex Automations Award Winning MERLIN platform!Shows utilization in easy to understand formatsWeb based and designed for massive scalablityUpgrade from ALL previous versions of MERLIN Lite!State of the art user interfaceUnparalleled ability to customize dashboards, reports, alerts, emails, See a live preview here in our booth NOW!

3.0 Lite

3.0 LiteComplete OEE packageDelivers unparalleled connectivity, monitoring and management of factory assets!Upgrade from ALL previous versions of MERLIN and MERLIN Lite!Elegant extensible architecture provides seamless platform for future capabilities!Workflow ManagerFinancial OEETotal Production Predictive Maintenance Virtual Lean Consultant More to come!

Technology Preview3.0 Enterprise Edition

3.0 Enterprise Edition

3.0 Enterprise Edition

3.0 Enterprise Edition

Technology Preview

3.0 Enterprise EditionWorkflow ManagerA customizable workflow manager with a graphical user interfaceA mechanism to route and coordinate information flow to extend MERLINs capabilitiesFoundation for future MERLIN Workflow Partner integration A plug-in to MERLIN 3.0 Enterprise Edition

Virtual Lean ConsultantFor the first time, you will have a lean consultant that is always looking at YOUR data and making productivity improvement suggestionsYou will do more with less resourcesCombined with MERLIN Financial OEE will provide the perfect consultant because their recommendations can be quantified in both OEE terms and ROI termsA plug-in to MERLIN 3.0 Enterprise Edition

OEE = Availability Performance Efficiency Quality RateFOEE = ratio of Current Profits (IFO) at Current OEE relative to Theoretical Profits at World Class

Shop FloorFinancialsMT/OPFinancial Overall Equipment EffectivenessMTCMESFinancial OEEShop APIProd/WOERP/Assets

16WHAT WILL FINANCIAL OEE PROVIDE?FinancialsShop FloorMT/OPMTCMES/MOMSFinancial OEE ERPProd/WOERP/AssetsFor the first time, you will know the why and where of profit and loss within your shop/plantYou will make more profit with the same resourcesYou will now know the financial cause and effect of future continuous improvement initiativesA plug-in to MERLIN 3.0 Enterprise Edition

17 Total Production Predictive Maintenance (TPPM)TPPM is a new next-generation data-driven class of end to end manufacturing maintenanceProactive and predictive based on detailed analyticsIncorporating the measurable components of 5S and the 8 Pillars of TPM Built with Financial OEE as key foundation so all aspects of maintenance can be quantified in ROITPPM will provide easy to understand and act upon information to the right person at the right time in the right contextA plug-in to MERLIN 3.0 Enterprise Edition

Product SW and HW RoadmapCompany ConfidentialSept Nov Dec Jan June Dec Jan 2015 2016 Announce EOL PlansFat Clientv. 225Ax760MTCAnnounceEOL PlansV 215 andEarlierEOL Fat Clientv. 225MERLIN 3.0 LITEMERLIN3.0 EE

EOL Fat ClientV 215 and earlierMERLIN 3.0 Infrastructure ScalingFinancial OEEVirtualLean ConsultantWorkflowManagerTotalProductionPredictive MaintenanceMTC-1BoardInvestigate DNCNew Feature Request Date:Submitted by:Customer(s) who requested this:Feature Request Description:SW:HW:Specific ROI: What customers and what is the $$ value of the opportunity that are you committing will be closed and in what timeframe if we have this feature?

Technology PreviewSummary

AX760-MTCMERLIN 3.0 LiteMERLIN 3.0 Enterprise EditionWorkflow ManagerFinancial Overall Equipment EffectivenessTotal Production Predictive Maintenance (TPPM)Virtual Lean Consultant