"Ask Avanade" for Avanade by Waggener Edstrom - Digital/live event integration

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Ask Avanade CASE STUDY DETAILS: Results: 35 sales leads with a seven-figure pipeline value. With only two weeks to develop and execute the campaign, Studio D UK was challenged to drive leads for Avanade at the Gartner CRM summit with an integrated campaign. The #askavanade was invented, a digital platform pushed in-person at the event. The opportunity was created for event attendees to ‘ask Avanade’ questions about CRM, its business, technology, and frankly, anything else. Armed with flip cams and video production capabilities, the three-strong WE team on-the-ground solicited questions, captured emails, and produced video responses from five Avanade spokespeople at its stand. “#askavanade delivered the fastest ROI from marketing spend this year.” Pamela Maynard, GM, UK & Ireland, Avanade

Text of "Ask Avanade" for Avanade by Waggener Edstrom - Digital/live event integration

  • 1.#ASKAVANADEJon Silk, Head of Digital UK, Waggener Edstrom

2. a) THE BRIEF 3. Help us make moremoney from#GartnerCRM. 4. Help us make moremoney from#GartnerCRM.1. Were a PR agency but theyre not asking us for PR!2. Were going to be measured on leads and sales!3. The entire campaign is going to last three days! #worriedface 5. b) RESPONSE 6. You know the OldSpice guy?Lets do that. 7. You know the Old Spice guy? Lets do that.1. Were a B2B company! Are you mental?2. We dont have Twitter or YouTube channels!3. Weve never done video like this before!#panic 8. c) EXECUTION 9. TRAINING_ +SURVEY_ +INFLUENCERS_ +MISSION CONTROL_ +MONITORING_ +SALES_ = {WINNING} 10. d) RESULTS 11. e) CONCLUSIONS 12. PR still drove the story.This wouldnt have worked without a relevantstory with real statistics that was audienceappropriate.#smug 13. The people made it work.The Avanade spokespeople were natural oncamera. Your spokespeople need to becomfortable being flipped.#happy 14. The loop had to be closed.Its no good providing sales leads if the brandcant close the sale. Processes need to beplugged in.#cashmoney 15. #THANKSJon Silk, Head of Digital UK, Waggener Edstrom (Find me by searching for PR Geek)